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Anthropology: ATS1203 - Magic, Science and Spirituality

Unit Resources


ATS1203 - Magic, Science & Spirituality

The resources below are to be used in addition to your prescribed reading and your thematic readings.

Use specifically anthropology resources for your Annotated Bibliography and essay.

Remember: You will need to look in Library Search AND more than one database to find a wide variety of resources to reference. 
Find multiple articles, books, and other resources to support your statements.

Books & eBooks

One of the main resources you will use for you research are books and ebooks. At Monash Uni Library we have +2 million books and +1 million ebooks.

Check out our Top Tips for Library Search and the Books & eBooks page above for more tips!

You can use the Library Search box below to access books, ebooks, and more.

Remember: Only a fraction of what the Library has online is in Search. Use the databases too!



  Advanced search | Sign in | A-Z ejournals | Databases


 Try Advanced Search!
It has multiple search boxes, AND, OR and NOT modifiers, and can be easier to use.




   Books vs eBooks  

Q: What the difference between using a books or using ebooks for my assignment? 

A: None! One is online, and the other is in your hand, but they're both great academic sources.

Did you know?

means the item is on the shelf in the Library

means the item is available online

Finding ethnographies can be a key way to get more information, or to focus your topic to one particular place, people, and/or issue. We have few tips to direct you in your search in the 
Finding ethnographies 
tab at the top of this Guide, but here are a few general books to start you off.


Databases & Journals

Our databases are full of thousands of searchable journal articles. What you can find on Library Search is only a small fraction of what's in the databases! 

You can find a larger list of relevant databases on the Anthropology and related pages of Databases by Subject.


The databases listed below have only strongly Anthropology content. You can find a larger list of relevant databases on the Anthropology page of Databases A-Z.

For more Indigenous content, see the Indigenous Cultures & Histories Library Guide. 

Open Access content:

Searching in a journal with a narrow topic - like international development - can be a great way to start preliminary research.

These and all other Monash University Library online journals can be found in 
eJournals A-Z and BrowZine.



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