Atmospheric Sciences: Journals

A guide for finding materials for the study of Atmospheric Sciences

What is a journal?

Journals are ongoing publications, also referred to as serials or periodicals. Journals provide a forum where researchers and scholars first report their findings and ideas.

Most scholarly journals are 'peer-reviewed' or 'refereed'. This means articles published in these journals have been critically evaluated by specialists or experts within academic and / or industry fields.

Does Monash hold this journal?

In Search logo

  • select Advanced search
  • in the first dropdown box, select in the title
  • in the search box, type the journal name
  • for Material Type, select Journals
  • click Go

Click the Get it  tab for print versions information such as location/call number and availability. If only available in print, photocopies of articles may be requested. Contact the library for advice on locating the full text of any article.

Click the View Online tab (if available) to view information (ie date range information) for electronic version.

Usually the best way to discover journal articles published in your subject area is to search a relevant database. These quality databases index thousands of journals and provide a search engine for you to discover articles.

See also the tabs in this guide: 'Searching effectively', 'Academic sources' and 'Databases / Finding journal articles'.


Finding articles and journals

Known articles 

If you have the article details use CitationLinker. This will provide access to the electronic journals available at Monash University.

Journals held by Monash

Use Advanced search to find journals available at Monash.

Enter the first words of the title in exact order and select material type Journals as shown OR enter keywords, (without specifying that they must be in the title) and again select material type Journals

Sample journal title search

journal search example screen


Selected Atmosphere eCollections

The following publishers include a large number of journals relevant to the atmospheric sciences.

Table of Contents and current awareness

Stay up-to-date using regular update services.

Services include email delivery of Table of Contents of journals and many databases also provide alerts or TOC services.