Atmospheric Sciences: Theses

A guide for finding materials for the study of Atmospheric Sciences

Honours theses

Honours theses are not held in the library. To access Honours theses enquire at the relevant University department.

See also Theses Library Guide.

Theses in the Monash University Research Repository

The Monash University Research Repository (formerly ARROW) contains a large number of PhD theses in full-text online. In the Publications column, scroll down to Theses.

Obtaining a copy of a thesis

The Document Delivery service assists Monash University students and staff to obtain theses from other institutions.  The service is generally restricted to Staff, Post Graduate and Honours students

Please contact Jennifer Kain with any queries

Writing your literature review or thesis

A literature review traditionally provides an historical overview of the theory and the research literature, with a special emphasis on the literature specific to the thesis topic.

A thesis is a lengthy research work written to prove a theory or proposition.

For more information the following links and references may be of interest.

Theses submitted at Monash

Monash theses

Doctoral and Masters theses from Monash University are available in Search.

      search by Author and/or Title

      or search by Keywords

      include the words thesis and Monash in your search

      limit your search Library collections

Theses are available in three formats, online, print and microfiche.

Honours theses are not generally held in the library. To access Honours theses enquire at the relevant University department.

Accessing Monash theses.

Online thesis

For theses completed since 2010, browse the Monash University Research Repository

For Monash theses submitted in or after December 2016, look in the Monash University Research Repository

Print and microfiche theses

Check location for the branch and conditions of access.

Access conditions

See the rights statement for individual thesis.

Embargo: Print and online copies may be under a 1 or 3 year embargo. Theses cannot be accessed by anyone during the embargo period.

If not embargoed a theses is subject to either

Partial embargo: print theses can be partially embargoed, meaning that they may be read at the branch library, but they may not be photocopied. Check at the branch library for more information.

Open access: Full text of an open access thesis can be directly accessed online

Restricted access: Full text of a restricted thesis is not available.

Finding theses

See also Theses Library Guide.

Finding theses in Search

To find a specific thesis in Search, type your subject (or author / keywords, etc) followed by thesis (if it is a Monash thesis you are looking for, include the word "monash").

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