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Monash University Library has +2 million books, and +1 million online ebooks in our collections. 

The best way to find books and ebooks is by using Library Search.

Finding an item in the Library

All items in Monash Library have Call Numbers to organise them on the shelf. You can find every item's call number in the Details tab when using Search. 

Staff at the Information Point can help you with any problems.

Some useful broad Call Numbers for Indigenous topics are:

301  Sociology general
302 Social interaction (eg. social control, socialization, social change, conflict, human ecology, population, migration)
305 Social stratification
306 Culture and institutions
307 Communities
361 Social problems/services
370 Educational sociology

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Books & eBooks


   Books vs eBooks  


What the difference between using a books or using ebooks for my assignment? 

Answer: None! One is online, and the other is in your hand, but they're both great academic sources.

Just like books, ebooks are academic sources, and great to use for your assignments and study. What you find on the shelves and what you find on the View It tab in Search are both books, you just read them in a different way. 

Monash University Library has +1 million ebooks, so you're likely to see a lot of them when you use Search. 

Finding books on Search


Search also finds journal articles, CDs, DVDs, and more, so to look just at books and ebooks, you need to use filters.

On the left side of the search results page, you will find Refine Results. Click 'Books' to see only books and ebooks.

Limit search by Date

Search by Date

One of the best ways to narrow a search is to change the Date

Unless you really want to find items from 1700 - or earlier! - onwards, either drag the bar or type in dates closer to the present to end up with fewer (and likely more relevant) results.


By limiting search crim* to 2000 - 2016:


The Elizabeth Eggleston Memorial Collection at MIC

The Monash Indigenous Studies Centre in the Menzies Building has a collection of books that is available for perusal. There is no borrowing from this collection.