Bioethics: Journal articles

Resources for students of bioethics

Finding articles

Some journal articles are available in Search, for example:

Brudney, Daniel. "Are Alcoholics Less Deserving of Liver Transplants?" The Hastings Center Report 37, no. 1 (2007): 41-47.

Using databases to find articles

To search databases effectively, you need to put together a search strategy:

    • break up your essay topic into concepts or ideas
    • think of different words (keywords) to express these concepts (synonyms)
    • join the keywords using AND, OR

    For example:

    euthanasia OR end of life


    cultural difference* OR cultural stereotype*

    Access to databases is provided by Monash University Library for staff and students. You can access databases, through the library database page (opens a new window), from anywhere and anytime, using your Authcate login.

    Key databases for Bioethics

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    Five things to do with a database to get articles on your topic

    1. Search by Keyword

    2. Search by Subject

    3. Limit by date, language, etc

    4. Mark records you want to save

    5. Email or Export citations