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Key online journals

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
A forum for discussing and debating ethical, cultural and social issues arising in medicine, the health sciences and health care in general.

Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics
From the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics.

Monash Bioethics Review
Published by the Centre for Human Bioethics, Monash Bioethics Review is Australia's oldest peer reviewed bioethics journal.
Hastings Center Report
A nonpartisan research institution dedicated to bioethics and the public interest.

What is a journal?

Journals are ongoing publications also referred to as serials, periodicals, magazines or newspapers.

Some journals are peer-reviewed or 'refereed', this means articles published in these journals have been critically evaluated by specialists or experts within academic and / or industry fields.

Journals provide a forum where researchers and scholars first report their findings and ideas. Theories and ideas circulating in contemporary bioethics will often be discussed in journal articles.