Biotechnology: Citing and referencing

Provides information and selected resources relevant to biotechnology



  • Passing off the ideas or words of another as your own
  • Passing off your own previously submitted work as original work

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. Refer to the Monash University Student Academic Integrity Policy.

Avoiding plagiarism:

  • Take note of where you find information
  • Acknowledge the work of others (including tables, images etc.)
  • Take the academic integrity tutorials

Remember: even if you paraphrase the author, you still need to provide a citation.


  • Software for managing citations
  • Integrates with common word processors.
  • Windows and Mac versions available.
  • Download from the EndNote Library Guide.

Learn how to use Endnote:

Styles and instructions


Demystifying citing and referencing tutorial

  • For an overview of citing and referencing look at the library tutorial  Demystifying citing and referencing, which includes examples of different types of references and styles.