Biotechnology: Finding journal articles

Provides information and selected resources relevant to biotechnology

Finding journal articles

Some individual journal articles may be found using Library Search, but for a thorough search for articles on your specific topic, perform your search in an appropriate Biotechnology database. These databases are designed to provide thorough, quality coverage in specific subject areas.

Some databases will provide links to the full text of articles, others will provide only the abstract or summary. In many cases you can link to the full text by clicking check for full text from the record. If the Library subscribes to the title you will be offered the full text.

You can access the databases, through the library database page, on or off campus, using your Authcate.

Google Scholar can also be a useful discovery tool, though caution should be used. If you use GS by linking from our database page and set the Scholar Preferences to search Monash, you can have the 'Check for full text' option to access our holdings.

Also see related tabs in this guide: 'Searching effectively', and 'Academic sources'.

Developing a search strategy

This video provides a brief overview of quick tips for effectively searching for material in databases:

Key databases

Databases provide access to the contents of journal articles, conference papers, theses, patents and other information sources. They form the basis of, or add greater depth to your research. Most of databases provide links to full text sources where the library holds a subscription.

Databases allow keyword searching of article titles, abstracts, and subject headings / descriptors.

Biology, genetics, immunology and biomedical databases

Mechanical engineering databases

Business and economics databases

Full-text journal collections

Full-text journal collections allow keyword searching of articles, abstracts, subject headings/descriptors, and the full-text of articles as well.