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Borrowing from the library

How many books can I borrow and for how long?

How do I renew my loans?

  • Sign in to Search and click My Loans.

How do I place a hold on a book?

  • Sign in to Search, locate the book record, then click Request.

Search tips

Basic search

  • type one or more terms, click Go, then limit results using the options on the left
  • Search looks for allof the words you type unless OR or NOT (Boolean operators) are placed between words and phrases
    • Boolean operators must be capitalised
    • use NOT to exclude unwanted terms eg fish NOT chips
    • enclose phrases in quotation marks eg "global warming"
    • use parentheses to group terms eg cosmology (Aztec OR Egyptian)
  • wildcard characters permit variant endings and spellings to be searched
    • use ? for a single character eg. wom?n retrieves woman, women, etc
    • use * for multiple characters eg. cultur* retrieves culture, cultural, and culturally

Advanced search

Offers options for precision searching and reducing the initial result set. Construct more complex searches. Parameters which can be set include:

  • Publication Date
  • Material Type
  • Language

Journal title search

To check availability of journal titles in Search:

  1. Select Advanced search
  2. Select in the title... contains
  3. Type journal title keywords
  4. In Material Type select Journals
  5. Click Go