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English Language Programs at Monash University

English Connect offers a set of extra-curricular language activities covering conversation, pronunciation and writing.

The activities are free, and provide a chance to meet other students and learn together in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information on the 2017 programs, please head to the English Connect page.

Ascent is an online course in Academic English for Monash students. There is no cost to enroll, and you can work through the ten modules at your own pace.

About this Library guide

This library guide directs students to web resources and books intended to develop English language skills. The guide has been developed in response to students from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds who seek suitable resources to maintain or improve their English language proficiency while studying at university. 

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is a website provided by the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC). The learning materials on the site are suitable for English language learners at intermediate level. On this site you will find quizzes, grammar, punctuation and pronunciation exercises, video clips and podcasts as well as downloadable audio files, video files and transcripts.

( For more English language learning sites, see the More Resources section of this Library Guide.)

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Australian Broadcasting Commission

A simplified or shortened version, usually of a book.

Culturally And Linguistically Diverse

English as a Second Language

International English Language Testing System

Massive Online Open Courseware

Non English Speaking Background