Occupational Therapy: OT assessment tools

a subject guide to assist students and staff with Occupational Therapy resources and information

Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools

Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools are held in the closed reserve collection in Peninsula campus library and are available for students to use for 3 hours in the library.  Staff may borrow these tools for negotiable periods of time.  

The closed reserve collection is located on the ground floor of the Peninsula campus library.  Ask at the Information Point with the details of the assessment tool you wish to use. 

Some popular assessment tools included in this collection:

COPM - Canadian Occupational Performance Measure

LOTCA - Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment

MVPT - Motor-free Visual Perception Test

OCAIRS - Occupational Circumstances Assessment Interview and Rating Scale

OSA - Occupational Self-Assessment


For a comprehensive printable PDF list of occupational therapy assessment tools available at the Peninsula Library click on the link below:

Sample assessment tool