Film and Screen Studies: Thesis writing

Selected resources for Film and Screen studies

Locating Monash theses

To search for Monash theses in the library catalogue, type your subject (or author / keywords etc) followed by monash then thesis within keyword search.


Locating non-Monash theses

To search for non-Monash theses, there are various online resources you can check:

How to obtain a thesis not held by Monash University

If you would like to obtain a copy of a thesis which isn't available through Monash University or online through the links above, there are several options available to you:

Ask the library to borrow a copy from another library

Ask the library to purchase a copy

Purchase a copy for yourself

Please note that document delivery and purchasing options are not available for undergraduates, offshore students, alumni, special borrower card holders and members of the community. 

Please note that not all theses are available for borrowing or purchase.

Mapping the process

To prepare for your Honours journey it’s best to use a staged map to guide you. This mind map details the steps you will need to take and poses questions that you may find beneficial to answer - just click on the topic that interests you to learn more.

This map may also be useful for those undertaking larger thesis writing projects.

Writing the thesis

Some books to help with the writing. Click on the subject headings of these links to get more resources on thesis writing.

Conference presentation/attendance

Are you thinking about presenting your research at a conference or maybe organising one for your faculty? Then find out how to get some funding from the MRGS to attend a conference or visit a learning skills adviser.