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Red Hmong

Red Hmong

Red Hmong-Sapa Vietnam  photography  Sue Little

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New** Tibetan eText Repository .   The eText repository is a collaborative effort between Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) and many publishers, authors and institutions to archive and make available  a large corpus of searchable Tibetan texts.

Cultural Survival

Cultural Survival works toward a world in which Indigenous Peoples speak their languages, live on their land, control their resources, maintain thriving cultures, and participate in broader society on equal footing with other peoples. We provide advocacy to amplify Indigenous voices around the world and provide support of their efforts to strengthen communities.

Cultural Survival Quarterly



Tip: strategies for finding ethnographies

Ethnology is the standard subject heading used by cataloguers to index ethnographies, so it is a good term to use when searching eg San ethnology

Social life is another useful term to use eg bali "social life"

For more detail select the Ethnographies tab from the top menu bar


This guide will introduce you to resources in the Monash University Library for Anthropoplogy, and provide assistance with essay writing and other academic learning skills. Anthropology is the study of human cultural diversity through space and time, and is very cross disciplinary in nature. Depending on your topic you may also need to refer to resources in these related pages.

Related pages: Asian Studies Research Collection; Southeast Asia, Sociology; Women's and gender studies; Politics and International relations

Librarians and Learning skills advisers

Librarians can help you with:

  • how and where to start researching your topic
  • effective use of databases and the internet
  • finding and evaluating information
  • using the Library's collections

Contact librarian: TBA (Matheson Library)

Learning skills advisers assist students in improving their academic language and approaches to learning, including:

  • academic English
  • study methods and exam preparation
  • effective listening and note-taking
  • problem-solving and critical thinking
  • reading strategies
  • essay, report and thesis writing
  • writing for research projects
  • oral communication and presentation

Learning skills Advisers: Matheson Library

Need definitions?

Rded hmong

Red Hmong-Sapa Vietnam  photo by Sue Little

Blackwell reference online
search over 300 reference works

Gale virtual reference library
search encyclopedias, almanacs and specialized reference sources

For more Anthropology dictionaries and encyclopedia see the Reference works tab at the top of this page

Streamed Television content

Mosaic Zoom

Informit EduTV  
Informit EduTV is an online TV streaming resource for Australian tertiary institutions. Informit EduTV makes it easy for lecturers and students to find and instantly watch relevant television content. 10,000 programs including documentaries, drama and series complemented with study guides and articles are accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ethnographic Video Online

Ethnographic video online

Contains classic and contemporary documentaries; previously unpublished footage from working anthropologists and ethnographers in the field; and select feature films online in streaming video. Includes footage from every continent and hundreds of unique cultures.