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A guide to resources for students and staff in Behavioural studies

Behavioural Studies

Useful Library Links


This guide will introduce you to Behavioural Studies resources at Monash University Library.

These resources include the relationships between the individual and the social; human relationships; theories of personality, identity, self and others; explanations of criminal behaviours; individual development across the lifecourse; conflict and difference; the self in digital environments.


Librarians and Learning skills advisers

Librarians can help you with:

  • how and where to start researching your topic
  • effective use of databases and the internet
  • finding and evaluating information
  • using the Library's collections

Learning skills advisers assist students in improving their academic language and approaches to learning, including:

  • academic English
  • study methods and exam preparation
  • effective listening and note-taking
  • problem-solving and critical thinking
  • reading strategies
  • essay, report and thesis writing
  • writing for research projects
  • oral communication and presentation

Journal of Applied Behavioural Science

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