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How to use new titles widgets

If you have submitted a request form to have a list setup, you would have received some code from the Information Systems team that look like the following:

<script src="//ltflau.librarything.com/forlibraries/widget.js?id=3488-3743793530" type="text/javascript"><...
<div class="ltfl_bookdisplay_widget" id="ltfl_widget_ult_640862257"></div>

To create a carousel with this code:

  1. Inside the box of your choice add a Media / Widget asset
  2. Copy and pasted the code you received in the Embed Code field.
  3. Insert the following (in highlight) into the code as indicating here:
    <script src="//ltflau.librarything.com/forlibraries/widget.js?id=3488-3743793530" type="text/javascript"></script><noscript>This page contains enriched content visible when JavaScript is enabled or by clicking <a href="http://ltflau.librarything.com/forlibraries/noscript.php?id=3488-3743793530&accessibility=1">here</a>.</noscript> <div class="ltfl_bookdisplay_widget" id="ltfl_widget_ult_640862257" style="height:200px !important;"></div>
  4. The height specified in the highlighted code can be adjusted according to the box size. Some suggested heights are:
  • Full width display: 200px
  • 3/4 width display: 200px
  • Half width display: 120px

Below are some examples of carousels for different subjects.

Note: The examples on this page are optimised for displaying in full width of the guide page. 

New Library resources

To reuse the above carousel as a widget, search for "new library resources multi-tab" (id# 26180181). This carousel is set at 280px height.

Communications and Media new titles

To reuse the above carousel as a widget, search for "new comms items" (id# 24916815)

Film and Screen Studies new titles

To use the above carousel as a widget, search for "new film titles" (id#24875241)

Law new titles

To use the above carousel as a widget, search for "law new titles carousel feed" (id#23792404). This carousel is set at 120px height.

Pharmacy new titles