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Search tips - Subject headings

To find items by subject in the library catalogue do an Advanced search. Select in subject from the first drop down menu and enter relevant terms. Alternatively, do a Basic search and refine by subject using the Topic facets on the left-hand side of the search results screen.


  • advertising
  • broadband communication systems
  • broadcast journalism
  • broadcasting
  • digital communications
  • digital media
  • intercultural communication
  • interviewing in journalism
  • journalism editing
  • journalistic ethics
  • mass media-audiences
  • mass media and culture
  • mass media and minorities-Australia
  • mass media and women
  • media studies
  • online journalism
  • photojournalism
  • popular culture
  • radio broadcasting
  • reporters and reporting
  • telecommunication
  • television broadcasting
  • war-press coverage

Subheadings or extensions, for example, countries, relevant century, type of publication (catalogs, exhibitions, bibliographies etc) can be applied to subject headings to narrow the search. For example:

  • Journalism-Australia

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