Management: Sports management

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Most Monash University libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. The most efficient way to locate material in the library is to use Search, however the following may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves for material specifically related to Sports management topics.

175 Sports ethics
338.43796 Sports economics
338.47796 Sports industry
790 Recreation policy (Government)
790.068 Recreation centres
796 Sports policy (Government)
796.06 Sporting organisations
796.068 Sports centres
796.069 Sports management
796.0698 Sports marketing

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Search using subject terms for an overview of the Library's holdings on a topic. Relevant subject terms may include:

  • Event* management
  • Event* planning
  • Sport* economics
  • Sport* administration
  • Sport* management
  • Sport* marketing
  • Sport* teams

The * (asterisk) is a truncation symbol that allows you to find variant forms of a word and will broaden your search.

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