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Japanese studies: Travellers to Japan

Guide to resources for students of Japanese language and culture

Key facts

Full name: Japan (日本)

Capital city: Tokyo (東京)

Government type: Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary government

Population: 127.07 million

Currency: Yen

GDP per capita(PPP): $32.600

Life expectancy:

  • 82.12 years (total population)
  • 78.8 years (men)
  • 85.62 years (women)

Ethnic composition (2000 data):

  • Japanese 98.5%
  • Others 1.5%

Major religion(2001 census):

  • Buddhism and Shintoism 84%
  • Christianity 1%
  • Others 15%

Country area: 377.835 sq km

Language: Japanese

Cited from "Japan country profile 2010" Business Source Premier


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