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Asian Collections: Finding materials

A guide to the Asian Collections, its specialist collections and services

About the collection

Monash University Library’s Asian Studies Research Collection (ASRC) is one of the leading research facilities for Asian studies research in Australia.

Located in the Sir Louis Matheson Library on the Clayton campus of Monash University, the Collection consists of Asian language materials with collection strengths in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and China. It includes large microform and multimedia holdings and is complemented by extensive English-language resources relating to Asia, including substantial holdings on South Asia. There are also rich research resources in Dutch and French for the study of colonial Indonesia and Indochina.

The Asian Studies Research Collection is supported by specialist Asian studies librarians. Researchers have study and computer facilities.

The Collection grows through selection of resources by the Asian studies librarians, requests from academics and researchers involved in Asian studies at Monash and donations, in line with the library's collection development policy.

The Asian Studies Research Collection manages the Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education Collection (MCJLE) and is a member of the Asian Libraries in Melbourne (ALIM).

Where can I browse

The Asian Studies Research Collection is located on the lower ground floor in the Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus.

Finding materials in Search

To find resources in Search

  • by terms
  • by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters (e.g. 中文, 日本語, 한국어)
  • by Romanisation (Pinyin system for Chinese, Modified Hepburn romanisation system for Japanese, McCune-Reischauer romanisation system for Korean)

More information on using Search can be found in the Library Search Guide 

Tips for finding

You can search for books and other resources by using Search.
You can restrict your search to each language by using the language option in Advanced Search.


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