Public Relations: Finding Journals

This guide provides Library resources for students and staff in Public Relations

What is a journal?

A forum where researchers and scholars first report their findings and ideas.  Journals are ongoing publications also referred to as serials, periodicals, magazines or newspapers.

Peer reviewed journals

Peer review is a formal process whereby any article submitted to a journal is sent to several established scholars in that field for review prior to publication.

To see if a journal is peer-reviewed check the Ulrich's website. 

Journal alerts

If there are key journals in your field of research, it might be useful to set up email Alerts for them.  When a new issue of the publication is released you will receive an email that contains a list of all the articles in that issue.

The easiest way to set up an Alert is find the journal title in SEARCH and link to the database, then look for an “Alert” option on the journal home page.  Alternatively, use databases such as Sage journals online, Cambridge journals online, ProQuest or Wiley online library to browse (eg. by topic) journals available for contents Alerts.

Journal title search

To check availability of journal titles in Search:

  1. select 'Advanced search'
  2. select 'in the title'... contains
  3. type journal title keywords
  4. in 'Material Type' select 'Journals'
  5. click 'Go'

Key journals

Journals contain more up-to-date and subject specific information than books. Many of the following Journals are available online as well as in paper.

Do an Advanced Search to find these titles and click on the Locations tab to find where these are held.

Key Public Relations journals:


Asia Pacific public relations journal

B & T

Business communications review

Choice: journal of the Australian Consumers Association

Corporate reputation review

Disaster prevention and management

Event management

Journal of business communication

Journal of corporate public relations

Journal of integrated communications

Journal of integrated marketing communications

Journal of public affairs

Journal of public relations research

Media international Australia