Pharmacology: Journal articles and databases

This is a guide to information resources and searching skills for pharmacology staff and students.

Steps for effective database searching

What is the topic?

What are the key concepts?

Are there other ways to express these key concepts?

For each key concept, join its keywords with OR

Link each key concept set with AND

Evaluate the records retrieved, and modify search

Does Monash hold this journal?

In Search logo

  • select Advanced search
  • in the first dropdown box, select in the title
  • in the search box, type the journal name
  • for Material Type, select Journals
  • click Go

Click the Get it  tab for print versions information such as location/call number and availability.

Click the View Online tab (if available) to view information (ie date range information) for electronic version.


Database search tips/saved searches

Quick reference guides to assist when searching a number of databases and setting up saved searches. For more information see the individual database help sections.

Key databases




Database search strategy - online tutorial