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Medicine: Other access

Guide to information resources and services for Medicine, including basic and clinical sciences.

Access the resources you want from where you want - bookmarklet for Monash authentication

When you discover resources via a general search over the internet, typically you will be asked to pay a fee to access the full-text content. Use this bookmarklet to re-direct the web page to go through the Monash University Library which will then allow you to access the full-text. This may also help you get access from Email Alerts that you have set up.

To create the Monash ezproxy bookmarklet

Drag and drop the Access via Monash button below to your browser's bookmark bar

Access via Monash


Create the bookmarklet manually:

  1. Copy the script below to text editor such as Notepad
  2. Create a Bookmark or Favorite by bookmarking a web page. Locate the bookmark and open it for direct editing:
    • For Firefox etc edit 'Name' field: enter suitable text eg 'Access via Monash'; in 'Location' field; paste the Notepad script over the URL
    • For Internet Explorer, edit 'General' and 'Web Document' tabs

Access via Monash script


To use the Monash ezproxy bookmarklet

  1. Search and discover electronic resources such as journal articles.
  2. Click the Bookmark or Favorite you just created. This will bring you to the Monash University Library electronic resources access gateway where you will be asked to enter your Monash computer account details.
  3. Enter your Monash computer account details and you should be able to access full-text via the Library's subscription.


This bookmarklet and user instructions are adopted from the information made available via pages (now archived) prepared by Dr Russell Anderson from Monash School of Physics. 

Use the EzProxy bookmarklet generator

This online generator will create a bookmarklet for any EzProxy URL entered. The Monash EzProzy URL for this tool is:

This tool is developed by Phil Wolstenholm.


Although the Library subscribe to many electronic resources there will be cases where no full-text access is granted even via the Library's gateway. In these cases, please contact the Library for other access options.

Check for full text link in PubMed

Check for full text   in PubMed can be activated in two ways, by accessing PubMed through a special URL or by setting up My NCBI to access Check for full text.

Accessing PubMed through a special URL

  • Access this Monash University PubMed special URL (  
  • Do your search.
  • Click on the title to display the selected citation in abstract format. Check for full text button should now display at the top right of the abstract.

1. The PubMed link listed on the A-Z databases uses this special URL.
2. A user accessing PubMed through this special URL is not signed into personal My NCBI.

Setting up My NCBI to display Check for full text

*You only need to set this up once.
Register for a My NCBI account if you do not have one.)

  • Sign in to My NCBI. You may need to click on My NCBI (next to your username) again to display your My NCBI page.
  • Click on NCBI Site Preferences (top right).
  • Click on Outside Tool (under PubMed Preferences).
  • Click on M (A to Z list)
  • Click on the radio button next to Monash University Check for full text.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Save button.

If you wish to change the default search result display to abstract format, go to NCBI Site Preferences and under PubMed Preferences, click on Result Display settings and then the radio button next to Abstract (under default format) and then click on Save button.