Indonesian Studies: Bukan Rumpi Tapi Diskusi

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Session Timetable

Bukan Rumpi Tapi Diskusi 2017/2018 Program 

1. 21 September 2017, Chinese Indonesian beyond the stereotypes, discussant: Charles Coppel (Melbourne University). 

2. 16 November 2017, Re-discovery the educational philosophy of Ki Hadjar Dewantara, discussant: Ririn Yuniasih (PhD Candidate, Monash).

3. 18 January 2018, Indonesian society through the lenses of dangdut music, discussant: Edi Riyanto (Monash visiting scholar).

3. 26 April 2018, Getting to know Siauw Giok Tjhan: bicultural leader in emerging Indonesia, discussant: Siauw Tiong Djin (author). 

Some PowerPoint slides from previous BRTD are provided below: