Holocaust and genocide studies: Primary sources

Introduction to the Monash University Library resources relevant to Holocaust and Genocide studies.

Primary source archives online

Primary Genocide sources in print

Primary Holocaust sources in print

Find primary sources using Search

Use Search to find some of the primary source materials held in the Monash University Library collection.

  • Go to Advanced Search.
  • Change the default any to in subject
  • Type in one of the following:
    • sources
    • diaries
    • correspondence
    • trials
    • pamphlets
    • manuscripts
    • "personal narratives"
  • In the next box type a keyword that describes your topic.
  • Change the Search Scope from All resources to Library Collections

Search will retrieve items in the Library collection that have been identified by the cataloguers as being primary source materials and given a Subject Heading as listed above.  You may need to try a number of searches. For example if you were looking for personal accounts of survivors of the Rwanda massacre, you could search as follows:


The asterisk retrieves all the words which start with Rwanda, ie: Rwanda and Rwandan. The quotation marks around "personal narratives" ensures that the two words are found as a phrase.

Then you could try a search for diaries:

Another search which is less specific but may possibly retrieve useful information is to use the broader term sources.

The search retrieves catalogue records with sources in the Subjects field.

These searches will only retrieve materials identified by the terms in the Subjects field. There may be other primary source materials in the Library collection which have not been identified in this way, and they may only be retrieved by a search on the keywords that describe your topic.

Rare Books Collection

The Rare Books Collection at Monash University Library contains an excellent collection of primary sources in both printed and manuscript form that can be viewed in the Rare Books Reading Room.

Use the Advanced Search function and refine your Search scope to the Rare Books Collection:

The Rare Books Collection and Reading Room is located in the Matheson Library and is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. For further enquiries, please come and speak to us in the Reading Room or call tel: +61 3 9905 5054.