Italian Studies: Google tips

A guide to information and information finding resources for Italian Studies

Productive academic research using Google

A wide range of academic quality documents and data can only be obtained from the Library databases.

Google searching can be a useful supplement to database research, and the following tips can help you to find freely available academic quality material online.

Information available via Google includes:

  • academic working papers
  • government reports
  • official statistical data (eg from the Australian Bureau of Statistics)
  • transcripts and recordings of radio and TV broadcasts


  • Search Google Scholar to focus specifically on academic books, working papers and journal articles.
  • Monash staff and students can customise Google Scholar to use the Monash University Check for full text links service.
  • Choose Advanced Search, or Advanced Scholar Search for greater flexibility in designing your search.
  • Develop and use a search strategy as you would when using a library database 
  • When searching for information from the Australian government, specify the domain: To limit to Australian university sites use

Image of Advanced Google search screen limited to

  • Identify organizations that are recognised authorities on your topic, and visit their websites.
  • When you find a useful site, check if it provides links to related sites. They will probably provide information of a similar quality.
  • Critically evaluate the quality of material found on the internet.
  • Save or print a page that you find useful - it may have changed or disappeared when you next search for it and a printout will include information you need for referencing (URL and date viewed).
  • Try other search engines in addition to Google. The database of each search engine can represent only a part of the total content of the web, so widen your search. Read search engines' online Help to be familiar with their features.

Example of a Google Advanced search

Topic: Find government information on the impact of climate change on rural communities in Victoria.

A possible search strategy is:

    victoria and climate change and (rural communities or rural towns)

  • except for the exact wording or phrase box, enter a phrase with quotation marks,

eg “rural towns”, “rural communities”

  • the search is limited to Australian government sites,
Google Advanced Search screen showing keywords entered for the above search







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