Spanish and Latin American studies: Call numbers

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Spanish History                                                                     Call number
Basque nationalism 320.5409466
Catalán history 946.7
Catalán literature 849.9
Catalán nationalism 320.5409467
Cities in Latin America 307.76098
Cities in Mexico and Central America 307.760972
Columbus - his voyages 973.15 

Spanish and Latin American literature is shelved under special call numbers in the Library.  The country codes are listed below.  
Click here to watch a short prezi about understanding these call numbers.


Country                           Call number                         

 Iberian Peninsula  

 Call number

Argentina          A869.1 Cataluña 849.9
Bolivia B869.1 Spain  
Cuba C869.1  
Chile Ch869.1          Early period to 1369    860.1
Colombia Co869.1           1369-1516 860.2
Costa Rica Cos869.1           1516-1700 860.3
Dominican Republic D869.1           1700-1799 860.4
Ecuador E869.1           1800-1899 860.5
Guatemala G869.1           1900-1945 860.62
Honduras H869.1           1945-1999 860.64
Mexico M869.1            2000- 860.7
Nicaragua N869.1 Poetry collections 861
Paraguay P869.1 Drama collections 862
Panama Pa869.1 Fiction collections    863
Peru Pe869.1 History and criticism 869.09
Puerto Rico Pu869.1    
El Salvador S869.1    
Uruguay Ur869.1    
Venezuela Ve869.1    
Politics and Culture        
Cities in Latin America                                                              307.76098  
Cities in Mexico and Central America                                                              307.760972  
Encyclopedias and almanacs in Spanish                                                              035.1  
Economic development and growth - Latin America                                                              338.98  
Economic development and growth - Mexico and Central America                                                              338.972  
Latin America America - politics                                                              320.98  
Neoliberalism                                                              320.51  
Spanish colonies in South America                                                              325.346098  
Spanish nationalism                                                              320.540946  
Spanish Language                                                                                            Call number
Spanish idioms, synonyms and antonyms                                                    463.1
Spanish/English language dictionaries 463.2
Spanish language - grammar                468.2

DVDs / Videos

791.4372 is the shelf number for DVDs and videos of movies located in the Music and Multimedia collection on the ground floor of the Matheson library (Clayton) and on Level 3 at Caulfield library.

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