German Studies: Databases & Journals

Guide to German Studies information resources in the Monash University Library

Locating the sources

Once you have found relevant material in a database you will need to find the best way to access it.

If there is not a direct link, the check for full text button Check for full text buttonwill help identify whether the resource is available online or in paper. If the resource is not available from the Library there will be a link allowing you to request it from another library. (This is only available to staff and postgraduates)

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Key databases

Key Journals

Listed below is a selection of key journals for German studies. You can find more key journals under the tabs for Literature, History, Society and Politics and Film, Art & Music.

If the links below do not work, paste the title intoSearch.


Search Strategy

Hannah Hoch, Men and Machines, 1921. Image courtesy of the Bridgeman Education database.

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