Legal abbreviations: C-D

Legal abbreviations for Australian and international law reports, law journals, legal organisations, courts, etc.


Abbreviation Title
C California Reports (USA) 1850-
Command Papers, Second Series (UK C 1-9550) 1870-1899)
C & Arb Bds Conciliation and Arbitration Boards, Victoria
C & EEBLB Central and East European Business Law Bulletin
C & FL Credit and Finance Law
C & FLU Child and Family Law Update
C & J Crime and Justice Bulletin (NSW Attorney-General's Department)
C & M Crompton & Meeson's Exchequer Reports
C & P Carrington & Payne's Nisi Prius Reports 1823-1841
Craig & Phillips' Chancery Reports 1840-1841
C & S Bull Companies and Securities Bulletin
C & SL Rep Australian Corporations and Securities Law Reporter (CCH)
C & SLJ Company and Securities Law Journal 
C 2d California Supreme Court Reports, Second Series
C 3d California Supreme Court Reports, Third Series
C of IR Commissioner of Inland Revenue (NZ)
CA Court of Appeal Reports, by Johnston (NZ) 1867-1877
CAA Commonwealth Arbitration Awards and Determinations
Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal
Courts Administration Authority (SA)
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board Reports (USA) 1940-1984
Current Affairs Bulletin
Cab & El Cababe and Ellis's Queen's Bench Reports 1882-1885
CAC Corporate Affairs Commission (Various States; superseded by ASC)
Cadwalader Cadwalder's US District Court Reports (USA) 1858-1879 (District of Pennsylvania)
Cah Cahiers du Centre d'Etudes des Coutumes
Cai Cas Caines' Cases in Error (New York USA) 1796-1805
Cai R Caines' Reports (New York USA) 1803-1805
Cain Caine's New York Cases in Error (New York, USA) 1796-1805
CAJB Crime and Justice Bulletin
Cal California (USA)
Cal California Reports (USA) 1850-1934
Copyright Agency Limited
Cal 2d California Reports Second Series (USA) 1934-1969
Cal 3d California Reports Third Series (USA) 1970-1992
Cal 4th California Reports Fourth Series (USA) 1992-
Cal App California Appellate Reports (USA) 1905-1934
Cal App 2d California Appellate, Reports Second Series (USA) 1934-1969
Cal App 3d California Appellate Reports, Third Series (USA) 1969-1992
Cal App 4th California Appellate Reports, Fourth Series (USA) 1992-
Cal L California Lawyer
Cal Rptr California Reporter (USA) 1960-1992
Cal Rptr 2d California Reporter, Second Series (USA) 1992-
Cal W Int'l LJ California Western International Law Journal
Cald Caldwell's Reports (West Virginia USA) (25-36 W Va)
Committee of Australian Law Deans
Cald Mag Cas Caldecott's Magistrates' and Settlement Cases 1776-1785
Calif L Rev California Law Review
Calif LR California Law Review
Calif Reptr California Reporter
Calif WLR California Western Law Review
Call Call's Reports (Virginia USA) 1797-1825 (5-10 Va)
Canadian Association of Law Libraries
CALLN Canadian Association of Law Libraries Newsletter
CALS Customs Acts Legislation Service
Calth Calthrop's City of London Cases, King's Bench 1609-1618
Cam Cameron's Privy Council Decisions (Can) 1832-1929
Cam & Nor Cameron and Norwood's North Carolina Conference Reports (North Carolina USA) 1800-4 (1 NC)
Cam Cas Cameron's Supreme Court Cases (Can) 1880-1905
Cam LJ Cambridge Law Journal
Cam LR Cambrian Law Review
Cam Prac Cameron's Supreme Court Practice (Can) 1844
Cam SC Cameron's Supreme Court Cases (Can) 1880-1905
Camb LJ Cambridge Law Journal
Cambridge Student LRev Cambridge Student Law Review
Cambrian LR Cambrian Law Review
CAMLA Communications and Media Law Association
Camp Campbell's Nisi Prius Reports 1808-1816
Camp's Reports (North Dakota USA) (1 ND)
Campb Campbell's Reports (Nebraska USA) (27-58 Neb)
Campbell L Rev Campbell Law Review
Can Abr Canadian Abridgment 1823-
Can Am LJ Canadian American Law Journal
Can B Rev Canadian Bar Review
Can BAJ Canadian Bar Association Journal
Can Bar Rev Canadian Bar Review
Can BJ Canadian Bar Journal
Can BR Canadian Bar Review
Can Bus LJ Canadian Business Law Journal
Can CC Canadian Criminal Cases 1893-
Can CL Canadian Current Law
Can Com Cas Canadian Commercial Law Reports 1901-1903
Can Crim Cas Canadian Criminal Cases 1898-
Can Crim Cas (NS) Canadian Criminal Cases, New Series 1893-
Can Crim L Rev Canadian Criminal Law Review
Can Gaz Canada Gazette
Can Ins Canadian Insurance
Can Int TT Canadian International Trade Tribunal
Can J Admin L & Prac Canadian Journal of Administrative Law & Practice
Can J Fam L Canadian Journal of Family Law
Can J Ins L Canadian Journal of Insurance Law
Can J L & Soc'y Canadian Journal of Law and Society
Can J L Juris Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
Can J Women & L Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
Can JCC Canadian Journal of Criminology
Can JLI Canadian Journal of Life Insurance
Can Lab Canadian Labour
Can LJ Canada Law Journal
Can LL Canadian Law Libraries
Can L Libr Rev Canadian Law Library Review
Can L Rev Canadian Law Review
Can L T Canadian Law Times
Can PR Canadian Patent Reporter
Can Ry Cas Canadian Railway and Transport Cases 1902-1966
Can S Ct Canada Supreme Court Reports 1923-
Can SCR Canada Supreme Court Reports 1876-1922
Can TF Canadian Tax Foundation Annual Report
Can TJ Canadian Tax Journal
Can TS Canada Treaty Series 1928-
Can US LJ Canada United States Law Journal
Can W Canadian Welfare
Can Y Int'l L Canadian Yearbook International Law 1963-
Canb LR Canberra Law Review (University of Canberra)
Cant LR Canterbury Law Review
Canta LR Canterbury Law Review 
CANZLLI Current Australian & New Zealand Legal Literature Index (LBC)
Cap Def J Capital Defense Journal
Cap Tax Capital Taxes
Cap U L Rev Capital University Law Review
Cape TR Cape Times Reports, Supreme Court, Cape of Good Hope (S Afr) 1891-1910
CAPLUS Centre for Asian and Pacific Law (University of Sydney)
CAR Commonwealth Arbitration Reports 1905-
Car & Kir Carrington and Kirwan's Nisi Prius Reports 1843-50
Car & M Carrington and Marshman's Nisi Prius Reports 1840-1842
Car & P Carrington & Payne's Nisi Prius Reports 1823-1841
CAR (Aust) Commonwealth Arbitration Reports 1905-
Car H & A Carrow Hamerton & Allen's Session Cases 1844-1851
Car L Rep Carolina Law Repository (North Carolina USA) 1813-1816 (4 NC)
Cardozo Arts & Ent LJ Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal
Cardozo J Int'l & Comp L Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law
Cardozo Stud L & Lit Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature
Cardozo Women's LJ Cardozo Women's Law Journal
Carey Manitoba Reports  by Carey (Can) 1875
Carib LR Caribbean Law Review
Carl Carleton's New Brunswick Reports (Can) 1895-1902
Carp Carpenter's Reports (California USA) (52, 53 Cal)
Carp Pat Cas Carpmael's Patent Cases 1602-1842
Carr & K Carrington & Kirwan's Nisi Prius Reports 1843-1850
Carr & M Carrington & Marshman's Nisi Prius Reports 1840-1842
Carswell BC Carswell British Columbia Cases
Carswell For Carswell Foreign
Carswell NS Carswell Nova Scotia Cases (Canada)
Cart Carter's Common Pleas Reports 1664-1676
Carter's Reports (Indiana USA) (1, 2 Ind
Cartwright's Cases on British North American Act (Can) 1868-1896
Carth Carthew's King's Bench Reports 1686-1701
Cartm Cartmell's Trade Mark Cases 1876-1892
Cary Cary's Chancery Reports 1557-1604
Cas in Ch Cases in Chancery 1660-1697
Cas Prac CP Cases of Practice, Common Pleas 1702-1727
Cas Prac KB Cases of Practice, King's Bench 1603-1774
Cas Sett Cases of Settlement and Removals 1710-1742
Cas Six Cir Cases on the Six Circuits (Ireland) 1841-1843
Cas t Finch Cases in Chancery tempore Finch 1673-1681
Cas t King Select Cases tempore King, Chancery 1724-1733
Cas t Talb Cases in Equity tempore Talbot 1733-1738
CASE Briefcase (NZ), (Available on Kiwinet)
Case JIL Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law
Case W Res L Rev Case Western Reserve Law Review
Casey Casey's Reports (Pennsylvania USA) (25-36 Pa t)
Cass Dig Cassell's Digest (Can) 1875-1893
CAT Competition Appeal Tribunal
Cates Cates Reports (Tennessee USA) 1902-1913 (109-127 Tenn)
Cath L The Catholic Lawyer
Cath U Am LR Catholic University of America Law Review
Catholic UL Rev Catholic University Law Review
CAUL Committee of Australian University Librarians
Caveat Caveat (Law Society of NSW)
Caveat (Victoria University Law Faculty Club, NZ)
Cay Is CA Cayman Islands Court of Appeal
CB Butterworths Conveyancing Bulletin (NZ)
Common Bench Reports by Manning, Granger & Scott, 1845-1856
CB (NS) Common Bench Reports by Manning Granger & Scott, New Series 1856-1865
CBLG China Business Law Guide (CCH)
CBLJ Corporate & Business Law Journal
Canadian Business Law Journal
CBPA Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration (Royal Institute of Public Administration Australia - ACT Division)
CBR Canadian Bankruptcy Reports 1920-1960
Canadian Bar Review
Consolidated By-Law Reference
CBR (3d) Canadian Bankruptcy Reports, Third Series 1991-
CBR (NS) Canadian Bankruptcy Reports, New Series 1960-1990
CBS Commercial By-Law System
CBSI Jour Charted Building Societies Institute Journal
CC County Council
County Court
Crown Cases
Crown Court
CC Ct Cas Central Criminal Court Cases 1834-1913
CC Trib Contract of Carriage Tribunal
CCA Consolidated Case Annotations (Brooker's, continued as NZ Law Digest)
Court of Criminal Appeal (NSW; Qld)
Cargo Claims Analysis
CCAMLR Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
CCAR Constitutional Centenary Annual Report 
CCC Canadian Criminal Cases 1898-
CCC (2d) Canadian Criminal Cases, Second Series 1971-1983
CCC(3d) Canadian Criminal Cases, Third Series 1983-
CCCR Consumer Credit Law Reports
CCD Commonwealth Compensation Decisions 1974-1981 (Located with Administrative Law Decisions)
Commonwealth Employees' Compensation Decisions 1974-1981
CCF Canadian Criminology Forum
Child Care Forum
CCH CLC CCH Company Law Cases 1969-1981
CCH J Aust Taxn CCH Journal of Australian Taxation
CCH NSW Conv R New South Wales Conveyancing Law and Practice (CCH)
CCH Q Conv R Queensland Conveyancing Law and Practice (CCH)
CCH V Conv R Victorian Conveyancing Law and Practice (CCH)
CCL Canadian Current Law 1948-
Council for Civil Liberties
Current Commercial Law
CCLI Canadian Cases on the Law of Insurance
CCLJ Competition and Consumer Law Journal 
CCLN Competition and Consumer Law News (Located in Australian Competition and Consumer Law Reporter)
CCLR Consumer Credit Law Reports 1984-
Canadian Computer Law Reporter
CCLRC Contracts and Commercial Law Reform Committee (NZ)
CCLT Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts 1976-1990
CCLT (2d) Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts Second Series 1990-
CCMAU Crown Company Monitoring Advisory Unit (NZ)
CCMLR Clifford Chance Media Law Review
CCN Commonwealth Employees' Compensation Notes (Located with Administrative Law Decisions)
Constitutional Centenary Newsletter
CCNO Compendium of Casenotes of the Ombudsmen/man (NZ)
CCP Court of Common Pleas
CCPA Reports of the Court of Customs and Patent Appeals (USA)
CCR Conciliation Court Review
County Court Reports (Vic) 1966-1972
County Court Rules
Crown Cases Reserved 1865-1875
New South Wales Compensation Court Reports 1985-
CCR Trib Coal Compensation Review Tribunal
CCR (Vic) County Court Reports (Vic) 1966-1972
Cd Command Papers, 3rd Series (UK Cd1-9239) 1900-1918
Company Director (Australian Institute of Company Directors)
CDE Cahiers de Droit European (Belg)
CDFI Cahiers de Droit Fiscal International
CDP Contemporary Drug Problems
CDRJ Commercial Dispute Resolution Journal
CE Council of Europe
CEC European Community Cases
CECTrib Commonwealth Employees Compensation Tribunal
CEDAW UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 1979
CELR Canadian Environmental Law Reports
CELR (NS) Canadian Environmental Law Reports, New Series
Cent Crim Ct Central Criminal Court (UK)
CEPA Commonwealth Environment Protection Agency
CERD UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 1965
CFI European Court of First Instance
CFILR Company Financial and Insolvency Law Review
CFL Current Family Law
CFLQ Child and Family Law Quarterly
CFN Court Forms, Precedents & Pleadings, New South Wales (Butt)
CFQ Court Forms, Precedents & Pleadings Queensland
CFV Court Form, Precedents & Pleadings Victoria
CGT Capital Gains Tax
CGTB Capital Gains Tax Brief
Ch Law Reports, Chancery Division 1891-
Ch App Court of Appeal in Chancery 
Law Reports, Chancery Appeals 1865-1875
Ch Cas App Law Reports, Chancery Appeal Cases 1865-1875
Ch Cas in Ch Choyce Cases in Chancery 1557-1606
Ch Ch Upper Canada Chancery Chambers Reports (Ontario) 1857-1872
Ch D Law Reports, Chancery Division 1876-1890
Ch LRJ Children's Legal Rights Journal
Ch Rob Christopher Robinson's Admiralty Reports 1799-1808
Chand Chandler's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (20, 38-44 NH)
Chandler's Reports (Wisconsin USA) 1849-1852
Chaney Chaney's Reports (Michigan USA) (37-44 Mich)
Char Acctnt Aust Chartered Accountant in Australia (title change to Charter in 1990)
Char Cham Cas Charley's Chamber Cases 1875-1876
Char Pr Cas Charley's Practice Cases 1875-1881
Charl RM RM Charlton's Reports (Georgia USA) 1811-1837
Charl TUP TUP Charlton's Georgia Reports (Georgia USA) 1805-1811
Chartac Taxation Report Chartac Taxation Report
Chartered Acc Chartered Accountant in Australia (title change to Charter in 1990)
Chase CC Chase's US 4th Circuit Court Decisions (USA) 1865-1869
CHBR China Laws for Foreign Business - Business Regulation (CCH)
CHE Crown Health Enterprises (NZ)
Chev Cheves South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1839-1840 (25 SCL)
Chev Eq Cheve's South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1839-1840 (15 SC Eq)
Chi J Int'l L Chicago Journal of International Law
Chi-KLR Chicago-Kent Law Review
Chi-Kent L Rev Chicago-Kent Law Review
Chicano L Rev Chicano-Latino Law Review
Chin L Rep China Law Reporter
Chin LR  China Law Review
China L Rep China Law Reports 1991-
China LJ China Law Journal
Chip Chipman's New Brunswick Reports (Can) 1825-1835
Chip D D Chipman's Reports (Vermont USA) 1789-1824
Chip N N Chipman's Reports (Vermont USA) 1789-1791
Chit Chitty's King's Bench Practice Reports 1819-1820
Chit BC Chitty's Bail Court Reports
Chit LJ Chitty's Law Journal
Cho Ca Ch Choyce's Cases in Chancery 1557-1606
CHOGM Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
CHRLD Commonwealth Human Rights Law Digest
CHRR Canadian Human Rights Reporter
CHTC China Laws for Foreign Business - Taxation and Customs (CCH)
Chula L Rev Chulalongkorn Law Review (Thailand)
CHZC China Laws for Foreign Business - Special Zones & Cities (CCH)
CIB CALS Information Bulletin
CICB Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
CICJ  Current Issues in Criminal Justice (Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney)
CIC Reports Captive Insurance Company Reports
CIC Rev Captive Insurance Company Review
CIIC Current Issues in Criminal Justice
CIJL Centre for Independence of Judges and Lawyers (Established 1978, by the International Commission of Jurists)
CIL Contemporary Issues in Law
CILC Commonwealth International Law Cases 1974-
CILJSA Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa
CILL Construction Industry Law Letter 1983-
CILSA Comparative & International Law Journal of South Africa
CIM Chief Industrial Magistrate
CIMCt (NSW) Chief Industrial Magistrates Court (NSW)
CINCH  Computerised Information from National Criminological Holdings (Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra)
CIPA Chartered Institute of Patent Agents Journal
CIPAJ Chartered Institute of Patent Agents Journal
CIPAT Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
CIPL Centre for International and Public Law (Australian National University)
CIPR Canadian Intellectual Property Reports 1984-1990
Circ Circit Newsletter
CIs CA Canary Islands Court of Appeal
CIT Australian and New Zealand Citator to UK Reports (Butt)
CITCM Canberra Income Tax Circular Memorandum
Civ Lib Dock Civil Liberties Docket
Civ PB Civil Practice Bulletin
CJ Chief Justice
Crime and Justice (New York)
CJAB Crime and Justice Bulletin
CJAPT CCH Journal of Asian Pacific Taxation
CJAT CCH Journal of Australian Taxation
CJB Criminal Justice and Behaviour 
CJC Criminal Justice Commission (Qld)
CJE Criminal Justice Ethics
CJEC Court of Justice of the European Communities
CJFL Canadian Journal of Family Law
CJIL Connecticut Journal of International Law
CJMB Chief Judge's Minute Book (Maori Land Court, NZ)
CJQ Civil Justice Quarterly (NZ Dept of Justice, Continues Corrections Quarterly)
CJRB Commercial Judicial Review Bulletin
CJRC Civil Justice Research Centre (Law Foundation of New South Wales)
CJWL Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
CL Butterworths Current Law (NZ)
Computers and Law (Journal for the Australian and New Zealand Societies for Computers and the Law)
Current Law
Australian Civil Liability
Cl & Fin Clark and Finelly's House of Lords Cases 1831-1846
CL & P Tolley's Computer Law & Practice
CL & SC Crime Law and Social Change (formerly Contemporary Crises)
Cl & Sc Dr Cas Clark and Scully's Drainage Cases (Ontario) 1891-1903
Cl Ch Clarke's Chancery Reports (New York USA) 1839-1841
Cl Home Clerk Home, Session Cases (Scotland) 1735-1744
CL Pract Commercial Law Practitioner
Cl R Clearinghouse Review
CL Rev Commonwealth Law Review
CL&PR Charity Law and Practice Review
CL(Q) Crown Lands Law Reports (Qld) 1859-1973
CLA Commercial Law Quarterly
CLA Bulletin Commercial Law Association Bulletin
CLAA Bulletin Commercial Law Association of Australia Bulletin
CLAAB Commercial Law Association of Australia Bulletin
CLAB Commercial Law Association Bulletin
Clark & Fin Clark & Finnelly's House of Lords Reports 1831-1846
Clarke Clarke's Reports (Alabama USA) (58 Ala)
  Clarke's Reports (Iowa USA) (1-8 Iowa)
Clarke's Reports (Michigan USA) (19-22 Mich)
CLASS Computerised Legal Aid Services System
Clay Clayton's Reports and Pleas of Assizes at York 1631-1650
CLB Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Communications Law Bulletin
CLBU China Law and Business Update
CLC Australian Company Law Cases (CCH-1971-1981:continued as ACLC-Australian Company Law Cases) 1982-
Commercial Law Cases
Communications Law Centre (University of New South Wales)
Community Legal Centres
CLD Civil Liberties Docket
Company Lawyer Digest
CompuLaw Digest (succeeded by CompuLaw Newsletter; Butt)
CLE Commercial Law of Europe
Commonwealth Legal Education
Continuing Legal Education
CLE Bull CLE (Continuing Legal Education) Bulletin
CLE Bulletin CLE (Continuing Legal Education) Bulletin
CLEA Newsletter Commonwealth Legal Education Association Newsletter
CLEAA Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia
Cleary RC Cleary's Registration Cases (Ireland) 1886-1887
CLEB Commonwealth Law Enforcement Boatd
Clem Clemen's Reports (Kansas USA) (57-59 Kan)
CLEO Community Legal Education Office (Victoria)
CLERP Corporate Law Economic Reform Program
Clev Mar L Rev Cleveland Marshall Law Review
Clev SLR Cleveland State Law Review
Clev St L Rev Cleveland State Law Review
Clev St LR Cleveland State Law Review
CLEW Community Legal Education Workers
CLG Chinese Law & Government
CLGA Newsletter Customary Law Group of Australia Newsletter
CLI Commodity Law International
Current Law Index
Current Legal Information
CLIC Canadian Law Information Council
Clif & Rick Clifford and Rickards' Locus Standi Reports 1873-1884
Clif & Steph Clifford & Stephens' Locus Standi Reports 1867-1872
Clif CC Clifford US 1st Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1858-1878
Cliff Clifford's Southwark Election Cases 1896-1897
Clinical Law Rev Clinical Law Review
CLIP Centre for Legal Information and Publications (College of Law, St Leonards, NSW)
CLJ Cambridge Law Journal
Cape Law Journal (S Afr)
Colonial Law Journal (NZ)
Colonial Law Journal Reports (NZ) 1865, 1874-1875
Computer Law Journal
Current Law Journal (Malaysia) 1981-
CLJ Criminal Law Journal (Aus)
CLJNS Canada Law Journal, New Series 1865-1922
CLJOS Canada Law Journal, Old Series 1855-1864
CLL Comparative Labor Law Journal
CLL Rev Commercial Liability Law Review
CLLC Canadian Labour Law Cases 1944-
CLLR City of London Law Review
Crown Lands Law Reports (Qld) 1859-1973
CLM Company Law Monitor
CLMD Current Law Monthly Digest
CLN Construction Law Newsletter
CLNQ Criminal Law News (Queensland)
CLNV Bourke's Criminal Law News (Victoria)
CLP Communications Law and Policy in Australia (Butt)
Current Legal Problems
CLPR Constitutional Law & Policy Review
CLQ Commercial Law Quarterly
CLR Calcutta Law Reports (India) 1877-1884
Cambrian Law Review
Canada Law Reports 1923-
Cape Law Reports (S Afr) 1906-1910
Cardozo Law Review
Common Law Reports 1853-1855
Commonwealth Law Reports 1903-
Crown Lands Law Reports (Qld) 1859-1973
Cyprus Law Reports (Cyprus) 1883-
CLR (Can) Canada Law Reports 1923-
CLR Aust Commonwealth Law Reports 1903-
CLRBR Canadian Labour Relations Board Reports 1974-1982
CLRBR (NS) Canadian Labour Relations Board Reports, New Series 1983-
CLRC Canada Law Reform Commission 
Copyright Law Review Committee
Criminal Law Reform Committee (NZ)
CLS Christian Lawyers Society (Victoria)
CLSA Criminal Law South Australia (Butt)
CLSR Computer Law and Security Report
CLSRC Company Law and Securities Review Committee
CLT Canadian Law Times
CLT Occ N Canadian Law Times, Occasional Notes
CLU China Law Update (University of Melbourne, Asian Law Centre)
CLV Criminal Law Victoria (Butt)
CLWR Common Law World Review
CLY Current Law Yearbook
CLYB Current Law Year Book
CM Canberra Income Tax Circular Memorandum
Cm Command Papers, (UK) 6th series, 1986-
CM Trib NSW Commercial Tribunal, New South Wales
CM Trib SA Criminal Tribunal, South Australia
CM Trib Vic Commercial Tribunal, Victoria
CMA Court of Military Appeals Reports (USA) 1951-1975
CMA Ct (NZ) Courts Martial Appeals Court (NZ)
CMA Ct (UK) Courts Martial Appeals Court (UK)

CMAT-Cyprus LR

Abbreviation Title
CMAT Courts Martial Appeals Tribunal
Cmcl Law Assoc Bull Commercial Law Association Bulletin
Cmd Command Papers, (UK) 4th series, 1919-1956
CML Rev Common Market Law Review
CMLR Common Market Law Reports 1962-
Common Market Law Review
Cmnd Command Paper, (UK) 5th series 1956-1986
CMP Contract Management in Practice
CMT Corporate Management Tax Conference
CN Legal Costs New South Wales (Butt)
CNLR Canadian Native Law Reporter 1977-
Co & Sec LJ Company and Securities Law Journal (LBC)
Co A Cook's Lower Canada Admiralty Court Cases (Can) 1873-1884
Co Ent Coke's Entries 1614
Co HRLR Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Co Inst Coke's Institutes
Co JLSP Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
Co Law  Company Lawyer (UK)
Co Litt Coke on Littleton (First Institute)
Co LJ Colonial Law Journal (NZ) 1865, 1874-1875
Commercial Litigation Journal
Co Rep Coke's King's Bench Reports 1572-1616
COAG Council of Australian Governments
Cobb Cobb's Reports (Alabama USA) (121 Ala)
Cobb's Reports (Georgia USA) (6-20 Ga)
Coch Cochran's Nova Scotia Reports (Can) 1859
Cochr Cochran's Reports (North Dakota USA) (3-10 ND)
Cock & Rowe Cockburn and Rowe's Election Cases 1833
Cocke Cocke's Reports (Alabama USA) (16-18 Ala)
Cocke's Reports (Florida USA) (14-15 Fla)
COD Crown Office Digest
Coke Coke's King's Bench Reports 1572-1616
Col Coleman's Reports (Alabama USA) (99, 101, 106, 110-129 Ala)
Col HRLR Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Col JLSP Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
Col JTL Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Col LJ Colonial Law Journal (NZ) 1865, 1874-1875
Col LJNZ Colonial Law Journal (NZ) 1865, 1874-1875
Col LR Columbia Law Review
Cold Coldwell's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1860-1870 (41-42 Tenn)
Cole & Cai Cas Coleman and Caines' Cases (New York USA) 1794-1805
Cole Cas Coleman's Cases of Practice (New York USA) 1791-1800
Coll Collyer's Chancery Cases tempore Bruce, V-C 1844-1845
Coll Jurid Collectanea Juridica
Colles Colles Cases in Parliament 1697-1713
Colo Colorado (USA)
Colorado Reports (USA) 1864-1980
Colo App Colorado Court of Appeals Reports (USA) 1891-1905,1912-1915,1970-1980
Colo J Int'l Envtl L & Pol'y Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy
Colom LR Colombo Law Review
Colt Coltman's Registration Cases 1879-1885
Colum Bus L Rev Columbia Business Law Review
Colum Hum Rts L Rev Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Colum J Asian L Columbia Journal of Asian Law
Colum J Envtl L Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
Colum J Eur L Columbia Journal of European Law
Colum J Transnatl'L Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Colum JGL Columbia Journal of Gender and Law
Colum JL & The Arts Columbia Journal of Law & The Arts
Colum JL & Soc Prob Columbia Journal of Law & Social Problems
Colum L Rev Columbia Law Review
Colum LT Columbia Law Times
Colum Sci & Tech L Rev Columbia Science and Technology Law Review
Colum-VLA JL & Arts Columbia-VLA Journal of Law and the Arts
Com Comyns' Reports, King's Bench 1695-1741
Com B Common Bench Reports (Manning Granger & Scott) 1845-1856
Com Cas Commercial Cases 1896-1941
Com D Commercial Division (NSW Supreme Court)
Com Dig Comyn's Digest of the Laws of England, 5ed 1882
Com Jud J Commonwealth Judicial Journal
Com LB Communications Law Bulletin
Com LL Commonwealth Law Librarian
Com LN CompuLaw Newsletter (Butt - formerly CompuLaw Digest)
Com LQ Commercial Law Quarterly
Com LR Commercial Law Reports 1903-1905
Common Law Reports 1853-1855
Com MLR Common Market Law Review
Comb Comberbach's King's Bench Reports 1685-1699
COMCAS Commonwealth Cases on LEXIS (includes UK, Australia New Zealand, Canada)
ComCt C & A Commercial Court of Conciliation and Arbitration (Cth)
Comm AR Commonwealth Arbitration Reports 1905-
Comm Jud J Commonwealth Judicial Journal
Comm L Assoc Aust Bull Commercial Law Association of Australia Bulletin 
Comm L Assoc Bull Commercial Law Association Bulletin
Comm L Bull Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Comm Law Commercial Lawyer
Comm Law Bull Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Comm LJ Commercial Law Journal
Comm LQ Commercial Law Quarterly
Comm LR Commonwealth Law Reports 1903-
Commonwealth Law Review
Comm Prop Commercial Property
Comm Rec Commonwealth Record (AGPS)
Comm LB Commonwealth Law Bulletin
CommCNMI Commonwealth Code Northern Mariana Islands
Common L Rev Commonwealth Law Review
Commonwealth Law Bull Commonwealth Law Bulletin
CompR Trib Compensation Review Tribunal
Comms L Communications Law
Commu LB Communications Law Bulletin
Commw Arb Commonwealth Arbitration Reports 1905-
Commw Jud J Commonwealth Judicial Journal
Commw LB Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Commw LR Commonwealth Law Reports 1903-
Commw Sec Commonwealth Secretariat
Comp & L Computers and Law
Comp & Law Computers and Law
Comp Ct Compensation Court (NZ)
Comp L The Company Lawyer
Comp L & P Computer Law & Practice
Comp Lab L & Pol'y J Comparative Labor Law Journal and Policy Journal
Comp LI Competition Law Insight
Comp LJ Company Law Journal
Comp LP Computer Law and Practice
Comp LY Comparative Law Yearbook
Comp Law EC Competition Law in the European Communities
Company Director Company Director
Compu Law Digest Compulaw Digest
Comst Comstock's Reports (New York USA) (1-4 NY Ct App)
Comyn Comyn's King's Bench Reports
Con & Law Connor and Lawson's Irish Chancery Reports (Ireland) 1841-1843
Con C Crime Law and Social Change
Con LD Construction Law Digest
Con LJ Construction Law Journal
Con LR Construction Law Reports
CONBPR Butterworths Property Reports 1982-
Conf Rept Conference Reports by Cameron & Norwood North Carolina (North Carolina USA) 1800-4 (1 NC)
Cong Dig Congdon's Digest, (Can) 1803-1888
Conn Connecticut (USA)
Connecticut Reports (Connecticut USA) 1814-
Conveyancing Service New South Wales (Butt)
Conn CA Connicticut Court of Appeal
Conn Ins LJ Connecticut Insurance Law Journal
Conn LJ Construction Law Journal
Conn LR Connecticut Law Review
Conover Conover's Reports (Wisconsin USA) (16-153 Wis)
Conr Conroy's Custodian Reports (Ireland) 1652-1788
Cons & Mar Law Consumer and Marketing Law
Const Bott's Poor Laws by Const 1560-1833
Const Com Constitutional Commentary 
Const Comm Constitutional Commentary
Const LR Construction Law Reports
Const R The Constitutional Review
Const Ref Constitutional Reform
Const Ct Consistory Court, (UK)
Const LJ Construction Law Journal
Consum C Consumer Credit
Consum LJ Consumer Law Journal (UK)
Conv Conveyancer and Property Lawyer
Convey (NS) Conveyancer and Property Lawyer
Conveyancer Precedents (Loose Leaf)
Cooke & Al Cooke and Alcock's King's Bench Reports (Ire) 1833-1834
Cooke (Tenn) Cooke's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1811-1814 (3 Tenn)
Cooke Pr Cas Cooke's Practice Cases, Common Pleas 1706-1741
Cooke Pr Reg Cooke's Practice Register of the Common Pleas
Cooley Cooley's Reports (Michigan USA) (5-12 Mich)
Coop Cooper's Reports (Florida USA) (21-24 Fla)
Coop G G Cooper's Chancery Reports tempore Eldon 1815
Coop Pr Cas C P Cooper's Practice Cases 1837-1838
Coop t Brough C P Cooper's Chancery Cases tempore Brougham 1833-1834
Coop t Cott C P Cooper's Chancery Reports tempore Cottenham 1846-1848
Cooper t Cott Cooper's Chancery Reports tempore Cottenham 1846-1848
Cope Cope's Reports (California USA) (63-72 Cal)
Copy Copyright
Copy Bull Copyright Bulletin
Copy Dec Copyright Decisions (USA) 1787-1894
Copy Rep Copyright Reporter
Copy Soc Aust News Copyright Society of Australia Newsletter
Copyright Copyright : Monthly Review of the World Intellectual Property Organisation
Copyright World Copyright World (Intellectual Property Publishing Ltd)
CopyU Copyright Update
Cor Coryton's High Court Reports, Bengal (India) 1864-1915
Corb & D Corbett and Daniell's Election Cases 1819
Corn ILJ Cornell International Law Journal
Corn LR Cornell Law Review
Cornell JL & Pub Pol'y Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Correspondences Jud Correspondences Judiciaries (Can) 1906
Costs LR Costs Law Reports
Coun Counsel
Council Brief Council Brief (Wellington District Law Society)
Couper Couper's Justiciary Reports (Scotland) 1868-1885
Cout Dig Coutlee's Digest, Supreme Court (Can) 1875-1908
Cow Cowen's Reports (New York USA) 1823-1829
Cowper's King's Bench Reports 1774-1778
Cowp Cowper's King's Bench Reports 1774-1778
Cox Cox's Chancery Reports 1783-1796
Cox's Reports (Arkansas USA) (25-27 Ark)
Cox & Atk Cox and Atkinson's Registration Appeal Cases 1843-1846
Cox CC Cox's Criminal Cases 1843-1945
Cox Eq Cas Cox's Equity Cases 1745-1797
Cox M & H Cox, Macrae and Hertslet's County Court Reports 1847-1857
Coxe Coxe's New Jersey Law Reports (New Jersey USA) 1790-95 (1 NJ Law)
CP Common Pleas (Law Reports)
Law Reports, Common Pleas 1865-1875
Upper Canada Common Pleas Reports 1850-1882
CP Rep Civil Procedure Reports
CP Rev Consumer Policy Review
CPC Carswell's Practice Cases (Can) 1976-1985
CPC (2d) Carswell's Practice Cases, Second Series (Can) 1985-92
CPC (3d) Carswell's Practice Cases, Third Series (Can) 1991-
CPCU Jour Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters Journal
CPD Decisions of the Supreme Court of South Africa, Cape Provincial Division 1910-1946
Law Reports, Common Pleas Division 1875-1880
CPL Current Property Law
CPLJ Conveyancing and Property Law Journal
CPLL Centre for Plain Legal Language (University of Sydney, Faculty of Law)
CPLR Civil Practice Law Reports
CPN Civil Procedure News
CPNN Civil Procedure News New South Wales
CPPN Criminal Practice & Procedure New South Wales (Butt)
CPR Canadian Patent Reporter
Civil Procedure Rules
Cprght Trib Copyright Tribunal (UK)
CPSA Civil Procedure South Australia (Butt)
CPSAR Commonwealth Public Service Arbitration Reports 1920-
CPUC Common Pleas Reports, Upper Canada 1850-1882
CPV Civil Procedure Victoria (Butt)
CPWA Civil Procedure Western Australia (Butt)
CQ Corrections Quarterly (NZ Department of Justice; succeeded by Criminal Justice Quarterly)
CR Canadian Reports, Appeal Cases 1828-1913
Commonwealth Record
Constitutional Reform
Criminal Reports (Can) 1946-1967
Cr & J Crompton and Jervis' Exchequer Reports 1830-1832
Cr & M Crompton and Meeson's Exchequer Reports 1832-1834
Cr & Ph Craig and Phillips' Chancery Reports 1840-1841
CR (3d) Criminal Reports Third Series (Can) 1978-
CR (4th) Criminal Reports Fourth Series (Can) 1991-
CR (NS) Criminal Reports New Series (Can) 1967-1978
Cr App R Criminal Appeal Reports 1908-
Cr App Rep Criminal Appeal Reports 1908-
Cr App Rep (S) Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) 1979-
Cr Cas Res Law Reports, Crown Cases Reserved 1865-1875
Cr J Crime and Justice (Chicago)
Cr M & R Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe's Exchequer Reports 1834-1835
CR NS Criminal Reports New Series (Can) 1967-1978
Cr Trib Credit Tribunal
Crab Crabbe's US District Court Reports (USA) 1836-1846 (District of Pennsylvania)
CRAC Canadian Reports, Appeal Cases 1828-1913
Craig & Ph Craig & Philips' Chancery Reports 1840-1841
Craig St & P Craigie, Stewart & Paton's Appeal Cases (Scotland) 1726-1821
CRAMRA Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resources Activities
Cranch Cranch's Reports (District of Columbia USA) 1801-1841 (1-5 DC)
Cranch (US) Cranch's United States Supreme Court Reports (USA) 1801-1815 (5-13 US)
Cranch CC Cranch's US Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1801-1840
Cranch Pat Dec Cranch's Patent Decisions (USA) 1841-1847
Crane Crane's Reports (Montana USA) (22-29 Mont)
Craw Crawford's Reports (Arkansas USA) (53-69 Ark; 71-101 Ark)
Craw & D Crawfords and Dix's Circuit Court Cases (Ire) 1839-1846
Craw & D Ab Cas Crawfords and Dix's Abridged Cases (Ire) 1837-1838
CRD Court of Review Decisions, Ratcliffe and McGrath, 1927
Cre LR Creighton Law Review
Cress Insolv Cas Cresswell's Insolvency Cases 1827-1829
CRI Crown Research Institute (NZ)
Crim Criminology
Crim & Del Crime and Delinquency
Crim App R Court of Criminal Appeals, Criminal Appeal Reports 1908-
Crim Aust  Criminology Australia
Crim Del L Criminal Justice Abstracts
Crim J Crime and Justice (Ottawa)
Crim JR Criminal Justice Review
Crim L Rev Criminal Law Review
Crim Law Criminal Lawyer
Crim LB Criminal Law Bulletin
Crim LF Criminal Law Forum (Rutgers University School of Law at Camden/Society for the Reform of Criminal Law
Crim LJ Criminal Law Journal
Crim LN Criminal Law News (Butt; Criminal Law Newsletter for NSW and the ACT - Companion to Criminal Practice and Procedure NSW)
Crim LQ Criminal Law Quarterly
Crim LR Criminal Law Review
Crim RC Criminology Research Council Annual Report
Crim RY Criminology Review Yearbook
Cripps Church Cas Cripps' Church and Clergy Cases 1847-1850
Critch  Critchfield's Reports (Ohio USA) (5-21 Ohio St)
CrLAuth Credit Licensing Authority
CRLS Copyright Law Symposium
CRNZ  Criminal Reports of New Zealand (Brooker's)
Cro Car Croke's King's Bench Reports tempore Charles 1 1625-1641
Cro Eliz Croke's King's Bench Reports tempore Elizabeth 1582-1603
Cro Jac Croke's King's Bench Reports tempore James 1 1603-1625
Croke Croke's Reports 1603-1641
Cromp & J Crompton & Jervis' Exchequer Reports 1830-1832
Cromp & Mees Crompton & Meeson's Exchequer Reports 1832-1834
Cromp M & R Crompton Meeson & Roscoe's Exchequer Reports 1834-1835
Crounse Crounse's Reports (Nebraska USA) (3 Neb)
Crown LC Crown Land Cases (NSW) 1885-1889
CRR Canadian Rights Reporter
CRTC Canadian Railway and Transport Cases 1939-1966
Cru Dig Cruise's Digest of the Law of Real Property 4th ed 1835
Crumrine Crumrine's Reports (Pennsylvania USA) (116-146 Pa)
CS Child Support Rulings
CSB Companies and Securities Bulletin
CSFS Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal
CSG Community Schools Gazette
CSIH Court of Sessions, Inner House (a UK medium neutral citation)
CSIH Inner House, Court of Sessions (Scotland)
CSJ Crime and Social Justice
CSLB Butterworths Companies and Securities Law Bulletin (NZ)
CSLJ Company and Securities Law Journal
CSLRC Discussion Papers Companies and Securities Law Review Committee Discussion Papers
CSOH Outer House, Court of Sessions (Scotland)
CSR Chuuk State Supreme Court Reports (Micronesia) 1989-
Chuuk State Supreme Court Reports 1989-1994
Company Secretary's Review
CT & EPQ Capital Taxes and Estates Planning Quarterly
 Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
Ct App NZ Court of Appeal Reports by Johnstone (New Zealand) 1867-1877
Ct CL United States Court of Claims Reports
Ct CP Court of Common Pleas (UK)
Ct Ind Arb Court of Industrial Arbitration
Ct Mar Inq Court of Marine Inquiry
CT News & Reps Capital Taxes News and Reports
Ct Pett Sess Court of Petty Sessions
Ct Rev (NSW) Court of Review (NSW)
Ct Rev (Qld) Court of Review (Qld)
Ct of Sess Court of Sessions
CTBR Commonwealth Taxation Board of Review Decisions  Old Series 1925-1951
CTBR (NS) VTBR Case Victorian Taxation Board of Review Case (Occasionally published in CTBR (NS) - Butt)
CTBR Reprint Commonwealth Taxation Board of Review Decisions (Reprints) (Butt; 1968-1969) (Reprint of selected cases from the Decisions of the Boards of Review)
CTBR (NS) Taxation Board of Review Decisions, New Series 1950-1986
CTC Canada Tax Cases 1917-
CTF Canadian Tax Foundation Conference Report
Cth Lawyer Commonwealth Lawyer (Commonwealth Lawyers' Association, London)
Cth Val Bd Commonwealth Valuation Board
CTLR Computer and Telecommunications Law Review
CTP Capital Gains Planning
CTR Cape Times Reports of the Supreme Court of the Cape of Good Hope (S Afr) 1891-1910
Corporate Tax Review
CTS Children's Television Standards, reprinted in: Durie, R & Catterns, D Broadcasting Law and Practice, LBC, 1987-
Concise Tax Service (Butt)
Consolidated Treaty Series
Cty Ct County Court
CU Communications Update (Communications Law Centre, University of NSW)
CUB Companies Update Bulletin
CUL Law Library, University of Canterbury (NZ)
CUM SLR Cumberland Law Review
Cunn Cunningham's King's Bench Reports 1734-1736
Curr CL Current Commercial Law
Curr LP Current Legal Problems
Current Review See LBC's Industrial Arbitration Service (Current Review)
Curry Curry's Reports (Louisiana USA) 1833-1841 (6-19 La)
Curt Curteis' Ecclesiastical Reports 1834-1844
Curt CC Curtis US 1st Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1851-1856
Cush Cushing's Reports (Massachusetts USA) 1848-1853 (55-66 Mass)
Cushm Cushman's Reports (Mississippi USA) (23-29 Miss)
Cust Ct United States Customs Courts Reports
CVLAJLA Columbia VLA Journal of Law and the Arts
CWCL Conspectus of Workers' Compensation Legislation
Cwlth. Record Commonwealth Record
CWN Calcutta Weekly Notes (India) 1896-
CWRLR Case Western Reserve Law Review
Cwth L R Commonwealth Law Review
CYELS Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies
Cyprus LR Cyprus Law Reports 1883-


Abbreviation Title
D Dallas United States Supreme Court Reports (USA) 1789-1800 (1-4 US)
Denison's Crown Cases 1844-1852
Dunlop Bell & Murray's Reports, Session Cases, Second Series (Scotland) 1838-1862
Duxbury's Reports of the High Court of the South African Republic 1895
Dyer's King's Bench Reports, ed Valiant 1513-1582
D & R Decisions and Reports of the European Court of Human Rights
D Is Dine Israel
DA Le Droit d'Auteur
Dak Dakota Territory Reports (USA) 1867-1889
Dal Dalison's Common Pleas Reports 1486-1580
Dalhousie J Legal Stud Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies
Dalhousie LJ Dalhousie Law Journal
Dall Dallas' Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 1754-1806
Dall Enc Encyclopedia Dalloz (France)
Dallam Dallam's Decisions (Texas USA) 1840-1844
Dallas (US) Dallas' United States Supreme Court Reports (USA) 1789-1800 (1-4 US)
Dalr Dalrymple of Hailes' Session Cases (Scotland)
Dalrymple of Stair's Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland)
Dalrymple's Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1698-1718
Dan Daniell's Exchequer in Equity Reports 1817-1823
Dan & Ll Danson and Lloyd's Mercantile Cases 1828-1829
Dana Dana's Reports (Kentucky USA) 1833-1840 (31-39 Ky)
Dann Dann's Reports (California USA) (22 Cal)
Danner Danner's Reports (Alabama USA) (42 Ala)
Dav & Mer Davison and Merivale's Queen's Bench Reports 1843-1844
Dav Ir Davys' or Davies' King's Bench Reports (Ire) 1604-1612
Dav Ir KB Davy's or Davies King's Bench Reports (Ireland) 1604-1612
Dav Pat Cas Davies' Patent Cases 1785-1816
Davidson Davidson's Reports (North Carolina USA) (92-111 NC)
Davies Davies Patent Cases 1785-1816
Davis  Davis' Hawaiian Reports (Hawaii USA) (2 Haw)
Day Day's Reports (Connecticut USA) 1802-1813
Day Elect Cas Day's Election Cases 1892-1893
DBR Digest of Burma Rulings
DC District of Columbia (USA)
Divisional Court
DC Aust Deaths in Custody Australia
DC L Rev District of Columbia Law Review
DCA Dorion's Queen's Bench Reports (Canada) 1880-1884
DCB District Courts Bulletin (NZ)
DCJ Defense Counsel Journal
DCLR District Court Law Reports (Hong Kong) 1953-
Dominion Companies Law Reports (Can) 1949-
DCN District Court Procedure New South Wales (Butt)
DCR District Court Reports (NSW) 1966-
New Zealand District Court Reports
DCR (NSW) District Court Reports (New South Wales) (Butt)
DCT Deputy Commissioner of Taxation
DD Developer's Digest (Newsletter of the Urban Development Institute of Australia)
DDA Disability Discrimination Act
DDCR Dust Diseases and Compensation Reports
DDRZ Deutsche Deutsche Rechts Zeitschrift
De Col De Colyar's County Court Cases 1867-1882
De G De Gex's Bankruptcy Reports 1844-1848
De G & J De Gex and Jones' Chancery Reports 1857-1859
De G & Sm De Gex and Smale's Chancery Reports 1846-1852
De G F & J De Gex, Fisher and Jones' Chancery Reports 1860-1862
De G J & Sm De Gex, Jones and Smith's Chancery Reports 1862-1866
De G M & G De Gex, MacNaghten and Gordon's Chancery Reports 1851-1857
De Jager De Jager's Reports of Cases decided in the Orange River Colony High Court (S Afr) 1903-1906
De P LR De Paul Law Review
Dea & Sw Deane and Swabey's Ecclesiastical Reports 1855-1857
Deac Deacon's Bankruptcy Reports 1835-1840
Deac & Ch Deacon and Chitty's Bankruptcy Reports 1832-1835
Deady Deady's District Court Reports (USA) 1861-1869 (Pacific District)
Deady's US 9th Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1861-1869
Deakin LR Deakin Law Review
Deane Deane's Reports (Vermont USA) (24-26 Vt)
Dears & B Dearsly and Bell's Crown Cases Reserved 1856-1858
Dears CC Dearsly's Crown Cases Reserved 1856-1858
Deas & And Deas and Anderson's Decisions (Scotland) 1829-1833
Dec WCC New Zealand Workers' Compensation Cases 1901-1940?
DEF Australian Defamation Law and Practice (Butt)
Def LJ Defense Law Journal
Del Delaware (USA)
Delaware Reports (Delaware USA)1832-1966
Del Ch Delaware Chancery Reports (Delaware USA) 1814-1868
Del J Corp L Delaware Journal of Corporate Law
Delane Delane's Decisions, Election Revision Cases 1832-1835
Den Denio's New York Supreme Court Reports (New York USA) 1845-1848
Denison and Pearce's Crown Cases Reserved 1844-1852
Den & PCC Denison and Pearce's Crown Cases Reserved 1844-1852
Den JILP Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Den LJ Denver Law Journal
Den ULR Denver University Law Review
Denis Denis' Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) (32-46 La Ann)
Denning Denning Law Journal
Dens Denslow's Notes to second edition Michigan Reports (Michigan USA) 1878 (1, 2, 3 Mich)
Denv J Intl'l & Pol'y Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
DePaul Bus LJ DePaul Business Law Journal
DePaul J Art Tech & Intell Prop L DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law
DePaul J Health Care L DePaul Journal of Health Care Law
DePaul J Soc Just DePaul Journal for Social Justice
DePaul L Rev DePaul Law Review
Des Eq Desaussure's South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1784-1817 (1-4 SC Eq)
Dev Devereaux's North Carolina Reports (North Carolina USA) 1826-1834 (12-15 NC)
Dev & Bat Devereaux & Battle's North Carolina Reports (North Carolina USA) 1834-1839 (18-20 NC)
Dev & Bat Eq Devereaux & Battle's North Carolina Equity Reports (North Carolina USA) 1834-1839 (21-22 NC)
Dev Eq Devereaux's North Carolina Equity Reports (North Carolina USA) 1826-1834 (16-17 NC)
Dew Dewey's Reports (Kansas USA) (60-70 Kan)
DeWitt DeWitt's Reports (Ohio USA) (24-42 Ohio St)
DFC Australian De Facto Relationships Cases (CCH) 1985-
DG Diritto e Giurisprudenza (Italy)
Dice Dice's Reports (Indiana USA) (71-91 Ind)
Dick Dicken's Chancery Reports 1599-1798
Dick (NJ) Dickinson's New Jersey Equity Reports (New Jersey USA) 1889-1904 (44-66 NJ Eq)
Dick J Envtl L & Pol'y Dickinson Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
Dick J Int'l L Dickinson Journal of International Law
Dick LR Dickinson Law Review
Dil Dillon's US 8th Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1870-1879
Dir LR Directors Law Reporter (Company Directors' Association of Australia, Sydney; succeeded by Company Director 1985-)
Dir Maritt Diritto Marittimo (It) 1899
Dirl Dirleton's Decisions, Court of Sessions (Scotland) 1665-1677
Dis Res J Dispute Resolution Journal (formerly Arbitration Journal)
DJCL Delaware Journal of Corporate Law
DL Butterworths Direct Link
DLJ Denning Law Journal
DLR Directors Law Reporter
Discrimination Law Reports
Dominion Law Reports (Can) 1912-1955
DLR (2d) Dominion Law Reports, Second Series (Can) 1956-1968
DLR (3d) Dominion Law Reports, Third Series (Can) 1969-1984
DLR (4d) Dominion Law Reports, Fourth Series (Can)1984- 
DMHRBV Decisions of the Mental Health Review Board (Victoria)
DOC Department of Conservation (NZ)
Doc R Trib Document Review Tribunal
Dods Dodson's Admiralty Reports 1811-1822
Donnelly Donnelly's Chancery Reports 1836-1837
Doug Douglass' Reports (Michigan USA) 1843-1847
Doug El Cas Douglas' Election Cases 1774-1776
Doug KB Douglas' King's Bench Reports 1778-1785
Dow Dow's House of Lords Cases 1812-1813
Dow & C Dow and Clark's House of Lords Cases 1827-1832
Dow & Cl Dow and Clark's House of Lords Cases 1827-1832
Dow & L Dowling and Lowndes Bail Court Reports 1943-1949
Dow & Ry KB Dowling and Ryland's King's Bench Reports 1821-1827
Dow & Ry MC Dowling and Ryland's Magistrates' Cases 1822-1827
Dow & Ry NP Dowling and Ryland's Nisi Prius Cases 1822-1823
Dow PC Dowling's Practice Cases 1830-1841
Dowl Dowling's Bail Court (Practice) Cases 1830-1841
Dowl & L Dowling and Lownde's Reports
Dowl NS Dowling's Bail Court Reports, New Series 1841-1843
Doyles DR Reps Doyles Dispute Resolution Reports (CCH; loose-leaf pages in Doyles Dispute Resolution Practice) 1990-1992
DPC Droit Polonais Contemporain (Poland)
DPP Director of Public Prosecutions (Cth or State)
DPSA Deputy Public Service Arbitrator
DR Dispute Resolution
Decisions and Reports of the European Commission
Dr & Soc Droit et Societe
Dr & Wal Drury and Walsh's Irish Chancery Reports 1837-1840
Dr & War Drury and Warren's Irish Chancery Reports 1841-1843
Dr & Soc Droit et Societe
Dr Ad Droit Administratif
Dr Soc Droit Social
Dra Draper's Upper Canada King's Bench Reports 1829-1831
Drake J Agric L Drake Journal of Agricultural Law
Drake LR Drake Law Review
DRB Butterworths Dispute Resolution Bulletin
Drew Drewry's Chancery Reports tempore Kindersley 1852-1859
Drew's Reports (Florida USA) (13 Fla)
Drew & Sm Drewry and Smale's Chancery Reports 1860-1865
Drink Drinkwater's Common Pleas Reports 1840-1841
DRS Dominion Report Service (Canada)
Drury & Wal Drury and Walsh's Reports
Drury temp Nap Drury's Irish Chancery Reports tempore Napier 1858-1859
Drury temp Sug Drury's Irish Chancery Reports tempore Sugden 1843-1844
DSLP Diary of Social Legislation and Policy
DT Digest Section of Book of Australian Current Law
DT (Newspr) (Tas) Daily Telegraph Reports (Newspaper)
DTC Dominion Tax Cases (Can) 1920-
Dud Dudley's South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1837-1838 (23 SCL)
Dud (Ga) Dudley's Reports (Georgia USA) 1830-1833
Dud Eq Dudley's South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1837-1838 (13 SC Eq)
Dugd Orig Dugdale's Origines Juridicales
Duke Duke, Law on Charitable Uses 1676
Duke Envtl L & Pol'y F Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
Duke F L & Soc Change Duke Forum for Law & Social Change
Duke J Comp & Int'l L Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
Duke J Const L & Pub Pol'y Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy
Duke J Gender L & Pol'y Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy
Duke L & Tech Rev Duke Law & Technology Review
Duke LJ Duke Law Journal
DULR Dublin University Law Review
Dunl (Ct of Sess) Dunlop, Bell & Murray's Reports, Second Series Session Cases (Scot) 1838-1862
Dunn Dunning's King's Bench Reports 1753-1754
Duq Bus LJ Duquesne Business Law Journal
Duq LR Duquesne Law Review
Durf Durfee's Reports (Rhode Island USA) (2 RI)
Durie Durie's Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1785-1800
Durn & E Durnford & East's Term Reports, King's Bench 1785-1818
Dutch Dutcher's Reports (New Jersey USA) 1855-1862 (25-29 NJ)
Duv Duvall's Reports (Kentucky USA) 1863-1866 (62, 63 Ky)
Dux Duxbury's High Court Reports, South African Republic 1895
Dy Dyer's King's Bench Reports 1513-1582