Legal abbreviations: E-F

Legal abbreviations for Australian and international law reports, law journals, legal organisations, courts, etc.


Abbreviation Title
E & A Grant's Error and Appeal Reports (Ontario, Can) 1846-1866
Spink's Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Reports 1853-1855
E & B Ellis and Blackburn's Queen's Bench  Reports 1852-1858
E & L Education and the Law
E & P International Journal of Evidence & Proof
E Af LJ East African Law Journal
E Afr LR East Africa Protectorate Law Reports 1897-1921
E African J Hum Rts & Dem East African Journal of Human Rights and Democracy
E African LJ East African Law Journal
E B & E Ellis, Blackburn and Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports 1858
E LAW E LAW - Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law
EA East African Law Reports
EACA East Africa Court of Appeals Reports 1934-1956
Eag & Y Eagle and Younge's Tithe Cases 1204-1825
EALR East African Law Reports 1897-1921
EARC Electoral and Administrative Review Commission (Qld)
East East's Term Reports, King's Bench 1801-1812
East DL Eastern District, Local Division, South African Law Reports
East PC East's Pleas of the Crown 1803
EAT Employment Appeals Tribunal
EB & E Ellis, Blackburn & Ellis' Queen's Bench reports [ER 120]
EB & S Ellis, Best and Smith's Queen's Bench Reports 1861-1869
Ebersole  Ebersole's Reports (Iowa USA) (59-80 Iowa)
EBL Electronic Business Law
Eur Bus L Rev European Business Law Review
EBOR European Business Organisation Law Review
EBUR European Broadcasting Union Review
EC European Community
EC EM EC Energy Monthly
EC FLM EC Food Law Monthly
EC TJ EC Tax Journal
EC TR EC Tax Review
ECC European Commercial Cases 1978-
Ecc & Ad Spink's Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Reports 1853-1855
Ecc LJ Ecclesiastical Law Journal
ECCJ European Communities Court of Justice
ECDR European Copyright and Design Reports
ECFR European Company and Financial Law Review
ECHR European Convention on Human Rights
European Court of Human Rights
ECJ Court of Justice of the European Communities
Environmental Claims Journal
European Court of Justice
ECJR European Court of Justice Reporter
ECL & P E-Commerce Law and Policy
ECL European Corporate Lawyer
ECL Rep E-Commerce Law Reports
ECLR European Competition Law Review
ECM European Common Market
Ecol LQ Ecology Law Quarterly
Ecology L Currents Ecology Law Currents
ECR European Court Reports
ECS Employment Cases Summary (NZ)
Ect (NZ) Environment Court, New Zealand
ED Eastern District Court Reports, Cape of Good Hope (S Afr) 1880-1909
Ed Ch Eden's Chancery Reports 1757-1766
Ed Law Education Law Journal
Ed LM Education Law Monitor
EDC Eastern District Court Reports, Cape of Good Hope (S Afr) 1880-1909
Eden Eden's Chancery Reports [ER 28]
Edg Edgar's Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1724-1725
EDI LR Electronic Data Interchange Law Review
Edin LR Edinburgh Law Review
Edinb LJ Edinburgh Law Journal 1831-1837
EDL South African Law Reports, Eastern District Local Division (S Afr) 1910-1946
EDLR Environment and Development Law Reports (Law Society of SA/National Environmental Law Association - SA Division)
Edw Edwards' Admiralty Reports 1808-1812
Edwards' Reports (Missouri USA) (2-3 Mo)
Edw Ch Edward's Chancery Reports (New York USA) 1831-1850
EDX Electronic Document Exchange (A specially formed arm of AUSDOC)
EE Expert Evidence; The International Digest of Human Behaviour Science and Law 
EEBL East European Business Law
EEC European Economic Community (Common Market)
EEFN Eastern European Forum Newsletter
EELR European Environmental Law Review
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Eur Foreign Aff Rev European Foreign Affairs Review
Efird Efird's Reports (South Carolina USA) (45-56 SC)
EFSL European Financial Services Law
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EG Estates Gazette
EGCS Estates Gazette Case Summaries
EGD Estates Gazette Digest of Cases
EGLR Estates Gazette Law Reports
EHLR Environmental Health Law Reports
EHRLR European Human Rights Law Review
EHRR European Human Rights Reports 1979-
EIB Environment Information Bulletin
EIM European Insurance Market
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EIPR European Intellectual Property Review
European Intellectual Property Review (UK)
EIRR European Industrial Relations Review
EJCL Electronic Journal of Comparative Law
EJEL & P European Journal for Education Law and Policy
Eur J Health L European Journal of Health Law
Eur J Int'l L European Journal of International Law
Eur JL Reform European Journal of Law Reform
Eur J Migration & L European Journal of Migration and Law
EJRB Environmental Judicial Review Bulletin
EJSS European Journal of Social Security
EL Environmental Law
Equitable Lawyer
Encyclopedia of Insurance Law
El & B Ellis & Blackburn's Queen's Bench Reports 1851-1858
El & El Ellis & Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports 1858-1861
El & PD European Life and Pensions Digest
eLaw J eLaw Journal
E-Law Rev E-Law Review
ELB Employment Law Bulletin (NZ)
Environment Law Brief
Environmental Law Bulletin (Environmental Law Section of the Law Institute of Victoria)
Elch Elchies' Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1733-1754
ELD European Law Digest 1973-
ELER Erasmus Law and Economics Review
Elder LJ Elder Law Journal
ELF Elder Law and Finance
ELJ Earth Law Journal
Ecclesiastical Law Journal
European Law Journal
ELLR Environmental Liability Law Review
ELM Environmental Law Management (UK)
ELN Environmental Law News (formerly Environmental Law Newsletter)
ELQ Ecology Law Quarterly
ELR Eastern Law Reporter (Can) 1906-1914
Education Law Reports
Entertainment Law Review
Environmental Law Reporter of NSW
El Rev European Law Review
ELRNZ Environmental Law Reports of NZ
ElTrib(NT) Electoral Tribunal (NT)
Em A Trib Employment Appeals Tribunal (UK)
Emden's BC Emden's Building Contracts, Building Leases and Building Statutes
Emory LJ Emory Law Journal
EMLR Entertainment and Media Law Reports
Entertainment and Media Law Review (UK)
Emory Int'l L Rev Emory International Law Review
Emp L Brief Employment Law Briefing
Emp L & L Employment Law and Litigation
Emp Law Employment Lawyer
Emp LB Employment Law Bulletin
Emp Lit Employment Litigation
Emp LJ Employment Law Journal
Emp LN Employment Law Newsletter
Emp LR Employment Law Reports
Emp Rts & Emp Pol'y J Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal
Energy LJ Energy Law Journal
Eng & Ir App Law Reports, English and Irish Appeal Cases 1866-1875
Eng Judg Scotch Court of Session Cases decided by English Judges during the Usurpations (Scotland) 1655-61
Eng Pr Cas Roscoe's English Prize Cases 1745-1858
Eng R & C Cas Railway and Canal Cases 1835-1854
English English's Reports (Arkansas USA) (6-13 Ark)
ENPR European National Patent Reports
Ent LR Entertainment Law Review (UK)
Ent & Sports Law Entertainment and Sports Lawyer
Entrepreneurial Bus LJ Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal
Env Aff Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review (formerly Environmental Affairs)
Env Law Environmental Law
Env Law Mgmt or ELM Environmental Law and Management
Env LB Environmental Law Bulletin
Env Liability Environmental Liability
Env LM Environmental Law Monthly
Env LN Environmental Law Newsletter
Env LR Environmental Law Reports
Env Man Environmental Manager
Env Risk Environmental Risk
Environs Environs - Local Government Planning & Environmental Law NSW Newsletter
Envtl Law Environmental Lawyer
EO Bd (Vic) Equal Opportunity Board (Vic)
EOC Equal Opportunity Cases (CCH - Located in Australian and New Zealand Equal Opportunity Law & Practice) 1984-
EOF Equal Opportunity Forum
EOPR European Patent Office Reports
EOR Equal Opportunities Review
EOR Dig Equal Opportunities Review Discrimination Law Case Digest
EOT  Equal Opportunity Tribunal (NSW; SA; WA; NZ)
EPA Environment Protection Authority (NSW; VIC)
EPA Review EPA Review (Environment Protection Authority, Melbourne; formerly EPA News 1982-1988)
EPI Electronic Payments International
Eur Pub L European Public Law
EPLI Education, Public Law and the Individual
EPLJ Environmental and Planning Law Journal (LBC)
EPO European Patent Office
EPOR European Patent Office Reports
Eq Equity Court or Division
Eq Cas Law Reports, Equity Cases 1866-1875
Eq Cas Abr Abridgment of Cases in Equity 1667-1744
Eq Judg A'Beckett's Reserved Judgments (NSW) 1845
Eq Rep Common Law and Equity Reports 1853-1855
Gilbert's Equity Reports 1705-1727
ER English Reports 1220-1865
ERC (Vic) Employee Relations Commission, Victoria
Erck Erck's Ecclesiastical Register (Ireland) 1608-1825
ERDC Environment, Resources and Development Court (SA)
ERNZ Employment Reports of New Zealand (Brooker's, continues New Zealand Industrial Law Reports)
Eur Rev Private L European Review of Private Law
Err & App Grant's Error and Appeals Reports (Ontario) 1846-1866
Ersk Dec Erskine's US 5th Circuit Court Decisions (Georgia USA) 1866-1868 (35 Ga)
ERV Employment Relations Law Victoria (Butt)
ESLJ Entertainment and Sports Law Journal (UK)
Esp Espinasse's Nisi Prius Reports 1793-1807
Est Gaz Estates Gazette 1858-
Est Gaz Dig Estates Gazette Digest of Land and Property Cases 1902-
Est Plan & Cmty Prop LJ Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal
Est Tr & Pensions J Estates, Trusts and Pensions Journal
Estoppel Estoppel (University of Otago Law Students Society)
ET Employment Tribunal
Estates Times
European Taxation
ETLR Estates Times Law Reports
ETMR European Trade Mark Reports
ETQ Estates & Trusts Quarterly
ETR Estates and Trusts Reports (Can) 1977-
ETS European Treaty Series
EU European Union
Eu LF European Legal Forum
Eu LR European Law Reports
EU News European Union News
EUR ACCESS European Access
Eur Competition J European Competition Journal
Eur Counsel European Counsel
Eur Ct H R/A European Court of Human Rights Series A Judgements and Decisions 1960-
Eur Ct H R/B European Court of Human Rights Series B Pleadings, Oral Arguments, Documents
Eur J Crime Cr L Cr J European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Eur LM European Law Monitor
Eur TL European Transport Law
Euro Europarecht
Euro CL European Current Law
Euro CLY European Current Law Yearbook
Euro Env European Environment
Euro Law European Lawyer
Euro LM European Law Monitor
Euro Rev PrivL European Review of Private Law
Euro Tax European Taxation
Euro TL European Transport Law
Evans Evans' King's Bench Reports 1756-1788
Ex Law Reports, Exchequer Reports 1847-1880
EWCA Civ Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
EWCA Crim Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)
Ex Cas Lobingier's Extraterritorial Cases, US Court for China 1844-1924
Ex CR Canada Exchequer Court Reports 1875-1922
Ex D Law Reports, Exchequer Division 1875-1880
Exch Exchequer Reports (Welsby, Hurlstone and Gordon) 1847-1856
Exch CR Canada Law Reports, Exchequer Court 1923-1970
Exchequer Court Reports (Can) 1875-1922
Exch Rep Exchequer Reports, (Welsby, Hurlstone and Gordon) 1847-1856



Abbreviation Title
F Federal Reporter, (USA) 1880-1924
Foord, Supreme Court Reports, Cape Colony (S Afr) 1880
Fraser, Session Cases, 5th Series (Scotland) 1898-1906
F & CL Finance and Credit Law
F & D Finance and Development
F & F Foster and Finlason's Nisi Prius Reports 1858-1867
F (Ct of Sess) Fraser, Court of Session Cases, 5th Series (Scotland) 1898-1906
F L Rev Federal Law Review
F Supp Federal Supplement (USA) 1932-1988
F & P Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents
F 2d Federal Reporter, Second Series (USA) 1924-
Fac Coll Faculty of Advocates, Collection of Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1738-1841
Fac Dec Faculty of Advocates, Collection of Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1838-41
FAD Federal Anti-Trust Decisions (USA) 1890-1931
Fairf  Fairfield's Reports (Maine USA) 1833-1834 (10-12 Me)
Falc Falconer's Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1744-1751
Falc & Fitz Falconer and Fitzherbert's Election Cases 1835-1838
Fam Law Reports, Family Division 1972- 
Fam Advoc Family Advocate
Fam C Family Co-ordinator
FAM C of A Family Court of Australia
Fam D Law Reports, Family Division 1972-
Fam IS Family Impact Seminar
Fam L Family Law
Fam L Bull Family Law Bulletin (Butt - NZ)
Fam L Rep Family Law Reports 1980-
Fam L Rev Family Law Review (Can)
Fam LN Family Law Notes (Butt - located in Fam LR)
Fam LQ Family Law Quarterly
Fam LR Family Law Reports (Aust) 1976-
Fam RZ Familienrecht
FATR Foreign Affairs & Trade Record
FB Full Bench
FBCA Federal Bureau of Consumer Affairs
FBILEB FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
FBJ Federal Bar Journal
FBT Fringe Benefits Tax (Butt)
FBT Bulletin Fringe Benefits Tax Bulletin
FC Federal Court
Full Court
FCA Federal Court of Australia
FCAFC Federal Court of Australia - Full Court
FCCR Family and Conciliation Courts Review
FCD Federal Court Digest (formerly Federal Court Reporter) 1995-
FCL Australian Family Court Legislation (Butt)
FCOITrib Flight Crew Officers Industrial Tribunal
FCR Inf Bull Federal Court Reporter Information Bulletin
FCR Family Court Reporter 1987-
Federal Court Register
Federal Court Reporter 1982-1994
Federal Court Reports 1984-
Federal Court Rules
FCT Federal Commissioner of Taxation
FDCLJ Food, Drug, Cosmetic Law Journal
FedPDT Federal Police Disciplinary Tribunal
Fed Anti-Tr Dec Federal Anti-Trust Decisions (USA) 1890-1931
Fed BJ Federal Bar Journal
Fed Comm LJ Federal Communications Law Journal
Fed Ct Federal Court of Australia
Fed LR Federal Law Reports 1956-
Federal Law Review
FELR Far Eastern Law Review (1953-1992)
Fem LS Feminist Legal Studies
Fent Fenton's Important Judgments Delivered in the Compensation Court and Native Land Court (NZ) 1866-79
Fent (New Zealand) Fenton's Important Judgments (NZ) 1866-1879
Fent Imp Judg Fenton's Important Judgments (NZ) 1866-1879
Fent NZ Fenton's Important Judgements (NZ) 1866-1879
Fenton Fenton's Important Judgments (NZ) 1866-1879
FEP Fair Employment Practice Cases (USA)
Ferg Ferguson of Kilerran's Session Cases (Scotland) 1738-1752
Ferguson's Consistorial Decisions (Scotland) 1811-1817
Fergusson's Scotch Railway Cases (Scotland) 1888-1893, 1894, 1897-1912
FIL Federal Industrial Legislation (Butt)
Fin Finch's Chancery Reports 1673-1681
Finlay's Irish Digest (Ireland) 1769-1771
Fin LR Financial Law Reports
FIR Foreign Investment Review
Freedom of Information Review (Legal Service Bulletin Co-operative, Clayton, Vic)
Fish Pat Cas Fisher's Patent Cases (USA) 1848-1873
Fish Pat Rep Fisher's Patent Reports (USA) 1821-1850
Fish Pr Cas Fisher's US Prize Cases (USA) 1812-1813 (Eastern District of Pennsylvania)
Fitz Nat Brev Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium 1534
Fitzg Fitzgibbon's King's Bench Reports 1727-1731
Fitzgibbon's Land Reports (Ireland) 1895-1920
Fitzgibbon's Registration Appeals (Ireland) 1894
Fitzg LG Dec Fitzgibbon's Irish Local Government Decisions 1889-1919
Fitzh Abr Fitzherbert's Abridgement 1516
FIU L Rev FIU Law Review
FJB Federal Judgements Bulletin 1995-
FJHC High Court of Fiji Reports
FJLR Flinders Journal of Law Reform
Fl & K Flanagan and Kelly's Irish Rolls Court Reports 1840-1842
FL Rev Federal Law Review
Fla Florida (USA)
Florida Reports (Florida USA)
Fla A & MUL Rev Florida A & M University Law Review
Fla CA Florida Court of Appeal
Fla Coastal LJ Florida Coastal Law Journal
Fla Ent Art & Sport LJ Florida Entertainment, Art and Sport Law Journal
Fla J Int'l L Florida  Journal of International Law
Fla L Rev Florida Law Review
Fla State UL Rev Florida State University Law Review
Fla Tax Rev Florida Tax Review
FLAG Family Law Action Group
Feminist Law Action Group
Flan & K Flanagan & Kelly's Irish Rolls Court Reports (Ireland) 1840-1842
FLB  Family Law Bulletin 1985-1993 (NZ) (cont'd by Butterworths Family Law Journal)
FLC Australian Family Law Cases (CCH - located in Australian Family Law and Practice, Vol3) 1976-
Family Law Cases 1976-
FLC Working Paper Family Law Council Working Paper (AGPS)
FLD Family Law Digest (Can)
Flip Flippin's US 6th & 7th Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1859-1881
Flippin's US District Court Reports (USA) 1859-1881 (Western Districts)
FLJ (Can) Canada Fortnightly Law Journal
FLN Family Law Notes (NZ) (in New Zealand Family Law Reports, 1981-)
FLPR Franchising Law and Policy Review
FLR  Family Law Reports 1976-
Family Law Review
Federal Law Reports (This also includes a section called Family Law Notes)
Federal Law Review
Fiji Law Reports 1875-1959
FLRR Family Law Reform Reporter (Ontario, Can) 1978-
FLS Feminist Legal Studies
FLT Family Law Today
FLW FaxLaw Weekly (Butt)
FLW (EP) FaxLaw Weekly - Electronic Product (Butt)
FM Financial Management
FMSLR Federal Malay States Law Reports 1899-1941
FND Finnemore's Notes and Digest of Natal Cases (S Afr) 1860-1867
Fogg Fogg's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (32-37 NH)
FOI Freedom of Information
FOI Handbook Victoria: Freedom of Information Handbook
FOI Review Freedom of Information Review
FOIR Freedom of Information Review
Fonbl Fonblanque's Bankruptcy Reports 1849-1852
Fonbl NR Fonblanque's New Reports in Bankruptcy 1849-1852
Fontes Fontes Juris Gentium (Germany) 1972-1975
Food & Drug LJ Food and Drug Law Journal
Food Drug Cosm LJ Food, Drug, Cosmetic Law Journal
Food LM Food Law Monthly
Foord Foord's Supreme Court Reports, Cape Colony (S Afr) 1880
For Forrester's Chancery Reports (cases tempore Talbot) 1733-1738
Forrest's Exchequer Reports 1800-1801
Forb Forbes' Decisions in the Court of Sessions (Scotland) 1705-1713
Ford LR Fordham Law Review
Ford Urb LJ Fordham Urban Law Journal
Fordham Envtl LJ Fordham Environmental Law Journal
Fordham Intell Prop Media & Ent LJ Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal
Fordham Int'l LJ Fordham International Law Journal
Fordham J Corp & Fin L Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law
Forensic Linguistics Forensic Linguistics: The International Journal of Speech Language and the Law
Forman  Forman's Reports (Illinois USA) (2 Ill)
Foro Ital Il Foro Italiano (Italy)
Fort de Laud Fortesque, De Laudibus Legum Angliae 1616
Fort LJ Fortnightly Law Journal
Fortes Rep Fortescue's King's Bench Reports 1695-1738
Fost  Foster's Crown Cases 1743-1761
Foster's Reports (Hawaii USA) (5, 6 & 8 Haw)
Fost  Foster's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (19, 21-31 NH)
Fost & F Foster & Finlayson's Nisi Prius Reports 1856-1867
Fount Fountainhall's Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1678-1712
Fox Fox's US Circuit and District Court Decisions (USA) 1866-1881 (District of Maine)
Fox & S Ir M C Fox and T B C Smith's Irish King's Bench Reports (Ireland) 1822-1824
Fox & S Reg J S Fox and C L Smith's Registration Cases 1886-1895
Fox Pat C Fox's Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Copyright Cases (Can) 1940-1971
Fr Ch Freeman's Chancery Reports 1660-1706
France  France's Reports (Colorado USA) (3-11 Colo)
Franchise L J Franchise Law Journal
Fras Fraser's Election Cases 1776-1777
FRD Federal Rules Decisions (USA) 1938-
Free Ch Freeman's Chancery Reports (Mississippi USA) 1839-1843
Freem  Freeman's Reports (Illinois USA) (31-96 Ill)
Freem Ch Freeman's Chancery Reports 1660-1706
Freem KB Freeman's King's Bench and Common Pleas Reports 1670-1704
French French's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (6 NH)
FRNZ Family Law Reports of New Zealand (Brooker's) 1983/1985-
FRST Foundation of Research, Science and Technology (NZ)
FS Federal Supplement (USA) 1932-1988
FSLJ Financial Services Law Journal
FSLL Financial Services Law Letter
FSN Financial Services Newsletter
FSPR Fleet Street Patent Law Reports 1963-1977
FSR Fleet Street Reports of Patent Cases 1963-
FTC Federal Trade Commission Decisions (USA) 1915-
FTCR Financial Times Commercial Law Reports
FTLR Financial Times Law Reports 1982-
FTR Australian Federal Tax Reporter (CCH)
Federal Trial Reports (Canada)
FULJ Fordham Urban Law Journal
Fuller  Fuller's Reports (Michigan USA) (59-105 Mich)
FWA Fair Work Australia