Legal abbreviations: K-L

Legal abbreviations for Australian and international law reports, law journals, legal organisations, courts, etc.


Abbreviation Title
K Kenyon's Notes of Cases, King's Bench 1753-1759
Kotze's High Court Reports, Transvaal (S Afr) 1877-1881
K & F NSW Knox and Fitzharding's Reports, NSW 1878-1879
K & G Keane and Grant's Registration Appeal Cases1854-1862
K & J Kay and Johnson's Vice Chancellor's Reports 1854-1858
Kames Dict Dec Kames'& Woodhouselee's Dictionary of Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1540-1796
Kames Rem Dec Kames' Remarkable Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1716-1752
Kames Sel Dec Kames' Select Decisions, Court of Sessions (Scotland) 1752-1768
Kan Kansas (USA)
Kansas Reports (USA) 1862-
Kan JL & Pub Pol'y Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy
Kan LJ Kansas Law Journal
Kan LR University of Kansas Law Review
Kansas City L Rev Kansas City Law Review
Kay Kay's Vice Chancellor's Reports [ER 69]
KB Law Reports, King's Bench Division 1901-1952
KBD King's Bench Division Law Reports 1901-1952
KC King's Counsel
KCLJ King's College Law Journal
KCR Kansas City Law Review
Keane & GRC Keane & Grant's Registration Cases 1854-1862
Keb Keble's King's Bench Reports 1661-1679
Keen Keen's Rolls Court Reports 1836-1838
Keil Keilwey's King's Bench Reports 1496-1578
Kel Sir John Kelyng's Crown Cases 1662-1669
Kel W Wm Kelyng's Chancery Reports tempore Hardwicke 1730-1734
Kellen Kellen's Reports (Massachusetts USA) (146-155 Mass)
Kelly Kelly's Reports (Georgia USA) (1-3 Ga)
Kelly & Cobb Kelly and Cobb's Reports (Georgia USA) (4, 5 Ga)
Ken LJ Kentucky Law Journal
Kenan Kenan's Reports (North Carolina USA) (76-91 NC)
Kentucky LJ Kentucky Law Journal
Keny Kenyon's Notes of King's Bench Cases 1753-1759
Keny Ch Chancery Cases In Vol II of Kenyon's Notes of Cases 1753-1754
Kern Kernan's Reports (New York USA) 1854-1856 (11-14 NY Ct App)
Kern's Reports (Indiana USA) (100-116 Ind)
Kerr Kerr's New Brunswick Reports (Canada) 1840-1848
Kerr's Reports (Indiana USA) (18-22 Ind)
Key Keye's Reports (New York USA) 1863-1868 (40-43 NY)
Kilkerran Kilkerran's Court of Session Decisions (Scotland) 1738-1752
King King's Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) (5-6 La Ann)
King's Student L Rev King's Student Law Review
Kingston LR Kingston Law Review
KIR Knight's Industrial Reports 1966-1975
Kirb Kirby's Reports (Connecticut USA) 1785-1789
Kitchen Kitchen's Griqualand West Local Division Reports Cape Colony (S Afr) 1911-1919
KJCL Korean Journal of Comparative Law
KLGR Knight's Local Government Reports 1903-
KLJ Kentucky Law Journal
KLR Kenya Law Reports 1919-
Kn Knox's Supreme Court Reports (NSW) 1877
Kn & Omb Knapp and Ombler's Election Cases 1834-1835
Kn NSW Knox's Supreme Court Reports (NSW) 1877
Know Knowles' Reports (Rhode Island USA) (3 RI)
Knox Knox's Supreme Court Reports NSW 1877
Knox & Fitz Knox and Fitzharding's Supreme Court Reports, NSW 1878-1879
Knox (NSW) Knox's Supreme Court Reports, NSW 1877
Kobe ULR Kobe University Law Review
Konst & W Rat App Konstam and Ward's Rating Appeals 1909-1912
Konst Rat App Konstam's Rating Appeals 1904-1908
Korean J Comp L Korean Journal Comparative Law
Korean J Int'l & Comp L Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law
Kreider Kreider's Reports (Washington USA) (1-23 Wash)
Kress Kress' Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 166-194 Pa St)
Ks LR University of Kansas Law Review
KULR Kobe University Law Review
Ky Kentucky (USA)
Kentucky Reports (USA) 1785-1951
Ky Dec Sneed's Kentucky Decisions (Kentucky USA) 1801-1805 (2 Ky)
Ky LJ Kentucky Law Journal


Abbreviation Title
L & A Law and Anthropology
L & C Law and Critique
L & Comp Tech Law & Computer Technology
L & CP Law & Contemporary Problems
L & G t Plunk Lloyd and Goold's Irish Chancery Cases tempore Plunkett 1834-1839
L & J Law and Justice
L & Phil Law and Philosophy
L & Soc Rev Law and Society Review
L & T Review Landlord and Tenant Review
L & TR Landlord and Tenant Reports
L & Welsb Lloyd and Welsby's Commercial and Mercantile Cases 1829-1830
L (EPT) Excess Profits Tax Leaflets
L (TC) Income Tax Leaflets
L COMP T Law and Computer Technology
L Exr (Newspr Tas) Launceston Examiner Reports (Tasmania)
L Guard Law Guardian
L Inst J Law Institute Journal
L Jo Law Journal Newspaper 1866-1965
L Off Econ & Man Law Office Economics & Management
L Pop Law & Population Monograph Series
L Soc B Law Society Bulletin (South Australia)
L Soc Gaz Law Society Gazette
L Soc J Law Society Journal
L Soc N Law & Society Newsletter
L Soc Q Law & Society Quarterly
Law & Soc'y Rev Law & Society Review
L Th La Themis (Quebec, Can) 1879-1883
LA Lawyers Reports Annotated (USA) 1888-1906
Louisiana (USA)
Louisiana Reports (USA) 1830-1841; 1900-1972
LA (NS) Lawyers Reports Annotated, New Series (USA) 1906-1914
LA 3d Lawyers Reports Annotated, Third Series (USA) 1915-1918
La Ann Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) 1846-1900
La L J Louisiana Law Journal
La LR Louisiana Law Review
La Raza LJ La Raza Law Journal
Lab Ind Labour and Industry
Lab Law Labor Lawyer
Lab LJ Labor Law Journal
Lab R Labour Report
LABL Australian Company Secretary's Business Law Manual (CCH)
Labor LJ Labor Law Journal
LAC Labour Arbitration Cases (Can) 1948-1972
LAC (Can) Labour Arbitration Cases (Can) 1948-1972
LACB Legal Aid Clearinghouse Bulletin
LACC Land Appeal Court Cases (NSW) 1890-1912
Ladd Ladd Reports (New Hampshire USA) (59-64 NH)
LAG Legal Action Group
LAG B LAG Bulletin
LAI Law and Inequality
LAL Local Authority Law
Lalor Lalor's Supplement to Hill and Denio's Reports (New York USA) 1842-1844
Lamar  Lamar's Reports (Florida USA) (25-42 Fla)
Lamb Lamb's Reports (Wisconsin USA) (103-105 Wis)
Land & Water L Rev Land & Water Law Review
Land App Ct Cas Land Appeal Court Cases (NSW) 1890-1912
Land L Serv Land Laws Service (NSW) (LBC)
Lans Lansing's Chancery Reports (New York USA) 1824-1826
Lap Dec Laperriere's Speaker's Decisions (Can) 1841-1872
LAR Labour Arbitration Reports (USA) 1946-
Legal Aid Review
Lat Latch's King's Bench Reports 1625-1628
LATE Local Authority Trading Enterprise (NZ)
Lath Lathrop's Reports (Massachusetts USA) (115-145 Mass)
Laur Laurence's Reports of the High Court of Griqualand (S Afr) 1882-1910
Laur HC Ca Laurence's Reports of the High Court of Griqualand (S Afr) 1882-1910
Laura Laura (La Trobe University Legal Studies Students Association)
Laurence Laurence's Reports of the High Court of Griqualand (S Afr) 1882-1910
LAW Law of Electronic Commerce
Law & Banker & Cent L J Lawyer and Banker and Central Law Journal
Law & Bus Rev Am Law and Business Review of the Americas
Law & Crit Law and Critique
Law & Equity Rep Law and Equity Reporter
Law & Hist Rev Law and History Review
Law & Ineq Law and Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice
law & Just Law and Justice
Law & Lab Law and Labor
Law & Literature Law and Literature
Law & Prac Int'l Cts & Tribunals Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals
Law & Soc Inquiry Law and Social Inquiry
Law & Soc’y Rev Law & Society Review
Law & Soc'y J UCSB Law and Society Journal at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Law & Tax R Law and Tax Review
Law Alert Law Alert (CCH)
Law & Pol'y Law & Policy
Law and Policy Papers Law and Policy Papers
Law and Pol'y Int'l Bus Law and Policy in International Business
Law & Psychol Rev Law & Psychology Review
Law & Sexuality: Rev Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Legal Issues Law & Sexuality: A Review of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Legal Issues
Law Chr Law Chronicle or Journal of Jurisprudence (Scotland) 1829-1832
Law Cont Probl Law and Contemporary Problems
Law Council Newsl Law Council Newsletter
Law in Cont Law in Context (La Trobe University)
Law in Eur Lawyers in Europe
Law Inst J Law Institute Journal
Law Letter Law Letter - Newsletter of the Law Society of Tasmania
Law Lib Law Librarian
Law Lib J Law Library Journal
Law Libr Lights Law Library Lights
Law Mag Law Magazine
Law Mag & Rev Quart Rev Juris Law Magazine and Review: A Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence
Law, Prob & Ris Law, Probability and Risk
Law Reg Cas Lawson's Registration Cases (Ireland) 1885-1914
Law Rev Mich St U-Det CL Law Review of Michigan State University Detroit College of Law
L Rev & QJ Brit & Foreign Jurisprudence (1855-1856) Law Review, and Quarterly Journal of British and Foreign Jurisprudence
Law Soc ACT Gaz Law Society of the Australian Capital Territory Gazette
Law Soc ACT NL Law Society of the Australian Capital Territory Newsletter
Law Soc Bull Law Society Bulletin (SA)
Law Soc Gaz Law Society Gazette
Law Soc J Law Society Journal (NSW)
Law Soc Tas NL Law Society of Tasmania Newsletter
Law Teach Law Teacher
Law/Tech Law/Technology (World Peace through Law Center)
Lawasia Lawasia (Butt)
Lawasia (NS) Lawasia (New Series) (University of Technology, Sydney)
Lawasia CLB Lawasia Commercial Law Bulletin
Lawasia HRB Lawasia Human Rights Bulletin
Lawasia Newsletter NS Lawasia Newsletter New Series
Lawlink Lawlink (Lawlink Group, New Zealand)
Lawrence Lawrence's Reports (Ohio USA) (20 Ohio)
Laws Reg Cas Lawson's Irish Registration Cases 1885-1914
Lawtalk Lawtalk (New Zealand Law Society)
Lawyer Victorian Young Lawyers
LB Co's Indus Arb Ser (Curr Rev) Law Book Co's Industrial Arbitration Service (Current Review)
LBC Newsletter Law Book Company Ltd Newsletter
LBEB Lloyds Bank Economic Bulletin
LBR Lloyds Bank Review
LC Lord Chancellor
LC & AI Law, Computers and Artificial Intelligence
LC & M Gaz Local Courts and Municipal Gazette (Can) 1865-1872
LC News Law Centres News
LCA Law Council of Australia
LCA Newsletter Law Council of Australia Newsletter
LCABLS Bull Law Council of Australia Business Law Section Bulletin
LCB Lord Chief Baron (Exchequer)
LCC (NSW) Land Appeal Court Cases (NSW) 1890-1921
LCCLR Lawasia : Comparative Constitutional Law Newsletter
LCCN Local Court Procedure New South Wales (Butt)
LCF Lawyers Christian Fellowship (NSW)
LCJ Lower Canada Jurist
LCLJ Lower Canada Law Journal
LCN Law Council Newsletter
LCP Law and Contemporary Problems
LCR Land Compensation Reports (Can) 1970-
Lower Canada Reports (1850-1867)
LD Legal Director
Ld Raym Lord Raymond's King's Bench Reports 1694-1732
LDAB Leading Decisions Affecting Bankers (published by Institute of Bankers, London) 1879-
LDB Leading Decisions Affecting Bankers (published by Institute of Bankers, London) 1879-
Legal Decisions Affecting Bankers 1879-
LE Lawyers' Edition, US Supreme Court Reports
Lawyers' Europe
Le & Ca Leigh and Cave's Crown Cases Reserved 1861-1865
LE 2d Lawyers' Edition, US Supreme Court Reports, Second Series
Lea Lea's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1878-1886 (69-84 Tenn)
LEAC Law Enforcement Advisory Committee
Leach Leach's Cases in Crown Law 1730-1815
LEAD Law Environment and Development Journal
LEADR LEADR Brief (Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Aust & NZ)
LEAN Law Enforcement Access Network
LEANZ Law and Economics Association of New Zealand
Learning & L Learning and the Law
LEC Land and Environment Court (NSW)
Lee Lee's Reports (California USA) (9-12 Cal)
Lee t Hard Lee's King's Bench Cases tempore Hardwicke 1733-1738
Leese Leese's Reports (Nebraska USA) (26 Neb)
Leg Iss Euro Integ Legal Issues of European Integration
Leg Rep Legal Reporter (Aust) 1980-
Legal Reporter (Ireland) 1840-1843
Leg Rep SL Legal Reporter Special Leave Supplement
Leg S Legal Studies
Leg SB Legal Service Bulletin
Leg Serv Bull Legal Service Bulletin
Leg Th Legal Theory
Legal Educ Rev Legal Education Review
Legal Issues of Econ Integration Legal Issues of Economic Integration
Legal O Legal Opinion (Pakistan)
Legal Rep Legal Reporter
Legal Stud F Legal Studies Forum
Leg Eth Legal Ethics
Legge Legge's Supreme Court Cases (NSW) 1825-1862
Legn Legislation
Leigh Leigh's Reports (Virginia USA) 1829-1842 (28-39 Va)
LEN Land and Environment Notes (NSW)
Leon Leonard's Reports 1540-1615
LEP Local Environment Plan
LEPR Law Enforcement Policy and Resources Committee
LER Legal Education Review
LES Licensing Executives Society Australia & New Zealand
Les LJ Lesotho Law Journal
Les Nouvelles Les Nouvelles Journal of the Licensing Executives Society
Lester Lester's Reports (Georgia USA) (31-33 Ga)
Lev Levine's King's Bench and Common Pleas Reports 1660-1697
Lew CC Lewin's Crown Cases Reserved 1822-1838
Lewis Lewis Reports (Nevada USA) (1 Nev)
Lewis & Clark L Rev Lewis & Clark Law Review
Lex Sci Lex et Scientia
LEXIS Brief LEXIS Brief (Butt)
LG Law Guardian
LG & L Local Government and Law
LG Rev Local Government Review
LGATR (NSW) Local Government Appeals Tribunal Reports of NSW
LGB Local Government Bulletin
LGCt (Qld) Local Government Court (Qld)
LGCt (Vic) Local Government Court (Vic)
LGERA Local Government and Environmental Reports of Australia (Formerly LGRA) 1993-
LGLJ Local Government Law Journal
LGLR Local Government Law Reports
LGM Local Government management
LGN Local Government Planning and Environment New South Wales 
LGPLG Local Government & Planning Law Guide
LGR Knight's Local Government Reports (Continues the above from 1974-)
Local Government Reports 1903-1972
LGR (NSW) Local Government Reports (NSW) (LBC) 1911-1956
LGRA Local Government Reports of Australia 1956-1993
LGRT Local Government Remuneration Tribunal (NSW)
LI Lawyer International
LIAC Legal Information Access Centre (State Library of NSW)
Lib Ass Liber Assisarum, (Book of Assizes) Year Books 1327-1377
Liberia SCR Liberian Law Reports
Liberty U L Rev Liberty University Law Review
LIC Law in Context
LII Life Insurance International
LIJ Law in Japan
Law Institute Journal
LIL Low Income Law
LIM Legal information Management
LIN Law Institute News (Law Institute of Victoria)
Lincoln L Rev Lincoln Law Review
LINX Legal Index (Auckland District Law Society Library; available on Kiwinet)
LIS Legal Information Service (NZ)
Lit Litigation
Litt Littell's Reports (Kentucky USA) 1822-1824 (11-15 Ky)
Litt Rep Littleton's Common Pleas Reports 1626-1632
Litt Sel Cas Littell's Selected Cases (Kentucky USA)1795-1821 (16 Ky)
LIV Law Institute of Victoria
Liverpool LR Liverpool Law Review
LJ Law Journal
Lord Justice (Court of Appeal; Court of Appeal in Chancery)
LJ Adm Law Journal Reports, Admiralty, New Series 1865-1875
LJ Bcy Law Journal Reports, Bankruptcy, New Series 1832-1880
LJ Ch Law Journal Reports, Chancery, New Series 1831-1846
LJ Ch (OS) Law Journal Reports, Old Series 1822-1831
LJ Eccl Law Journal Reports, Ecclesiastical Cases, New Series 1866-1875
LJ Ex Law Journal Reports, Exchequer, New Series 1831-1875
LJ Ex Eq Law Journal Reports, Exchequer in Equity 1835-1841
LJ Rep NS Law Journal Reports, New Series 1831-1946
LJ Rep OS Law Journal Reports, Old Series 1822-1831
LJCCA Law Journal County Court Appeals
LJCCR Law Journal County Courts Reporter 1912-1933
LJCP Law Journal Reports, Common Pleas, New Series 1831-1875
LJI Legal Journals Index
LJKB Law Journal Reports, King's Bench, New Series 1831-1946
LJMC Law Journal Reports, Magistrates' Cases, New Series 1831-1896
LJNC Law Journal, Notes of Cases 1866-1892
LJNCCR Law Journal County Court Reports
LJOS Law Journal Reports Old Series 1822-1831
LJP Law Journal Reports New Series Probate, Divorce and Admiralty 1875-1946
LJP & M Law Journal Reports, New Series Probate, Matrimonial Cases 1866-1875
LJPC Law Journal Reports, New Series, Privy Council 1865-1946
LJPD & A Law Journal Reports, New Series, Probate Divorce and Admiralty 1875-1946
LJPM & A Law Journal Reports, New Series Probate, Matrimonial and Admiralty 1860-1865
LJQB Law Journal Reports, New Series, Queen's Bench 1831-1946
LJR Law Journal Reports 1947-9
LL Law Librarian
Looseleaf or Loose-leaf (pages/Service)
Ll & G t P Lloyd & Goold's Irish Chancery Reports tempore Plunkett (Ireland) 1834-1839
Ll & G t S Lloyd & Goold's Irish Chancery Reports tempore Sugden (Ireland) 1835
Ll & W Lloyd & Welsby's Commercial and Mercantile Cases 1829-1830
Ll LL Rep Lloyd's List Law Reports 1919-1950
Ll MCLQ Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly
Ll Rep Lloyd's Law Reports 1968-
LLA Liquor Licensing Authority (NZ)
LLB Lee & Li Bulletin
LLBR Licensing Law and Business Report
LLJ Labour Law Journal (India) 1949-
LLJ Law Library Journal
Lloyd Pr Cas Lloyd's Prize Cases Reports 1914-1924
Lloyd Pr Cas NS Lloyd's List Prize Cases Reports, Second Series 1939-1953
Lloyd's Rep Lloyd's Law Reports 1968-
Lloyd's List Law Reports 1919-1967
Lloyd's Rep Med Lloyd's Reports: Medical
LLR Leader Law Reports (SAfr) 1909-1910
Liberian Law Reports
LLS Land Laws Service (LBC)
LM & P Lowndes, Maxwell & Pollocks Bail Court and Practice Reports 1850-1851
LMCLQ Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly
LMCS Reports Legal Management Consultancy Services' Law Practice Management Newsletter
LMD Legal Monthly Digest
LMELR Land Management and Environmental Law Reporter
LML Newsletter Lloyd's Maritime Law Newsletter
LMN London Market Newsletter
LN Law Notes
Legal News (Can) 1878-1897
Licensing Laws of NSW
LNTS League of Nations Treaty Series 1920-1946

Lock Rev Cas - Lynd

Abbreviation Title
Lock Rev Cas Lockwood's Reversed Cases (New York USA) 1799-1847
LOEM Law Office Economics & Management
Lofft Lofft's King's Bench Reports 1772-1774
LOIS Legal Office Information Service
Long & T Longfield and Townsend's Exchequer Reports (Ire) 1841-1842
Lou L Rev Louisiana Law Review
Low Lowell's US District Court Reports (USA) 1865-1876 (District of Massachusetts)
Lown & M Lowndes & Maxwell's Bail Court Reports 1852-1854
Lownd M & P Lowndes, Maxwell & Pollock's Bail Court Reports 1850-1851
Loy Consumer L Rev Loyola Consumer Law Review
Loy J Pub Int L Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law
Loy L A Ent L Rev Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review
Loy L J Loyola Law Journal (New Orleans)
Loy LA Ent LJ Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Journal
Loy LA L Rev Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review
Loy LA Int'l & Comp L Rev Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review
Loy L Rev Loyola Law Review
Loy L & Tech Ann Loyola Law and Technology Annual
Loy Mar L J Loyola Maritime Law Journal
Loy Poverty LJ Loyola Poverty Law Journal
Loy U Chi Int'l L Rev Loyola University Chicago International Law Review
Loy U Chi LJ Loyola University Chicago Law Journal
LP Lord President
LPDAT Legal Practitioners' Disciplinary Appeal Tribunal (WA)
LPDR Legal Profession Disciplinary Reports (supplements to the Law Society Journal) 1991-
LPDT Legal Profession Disciplinary Tribunal (NSW)
New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal
LPIB Law and Policy in International Business
LPLI Lloyd's Product Liability International
LPM Law Practice Management Newsletter
LPT Legal Practice Tribunal
LPU Legal Practices Update
LQR Law Quarterly Review
LQUT Queensland Unit & Group Titles Law & Practice (CCH)
LR Law Recorder (Ireland) 1827-1838
Law Reports 1865-
Licensing Review
The Law Review
LR (NSW) New South Wales Law Reports 1880-1900
LR (NSW) B&P New South Wales Law Reports, Bankruptcy and Probate (NSW) 1880-1900
LR (NSW) D New South Wales Law Reports, Divorce 1880-1900
LR (NSW) Eq New South Wales Law Reports, Equity  1880-1900
LR (NSW) Vic-Adm New South Wales Law Reports, Vice-Admiralty 1880-1900
LR Dig Law Reports, Digest of Cases
LR Eq Law Reports, Equity Cases 1865-1875
LR Exch Law Reports, Exchequer 1865-1875
LR Ind App Law Reports, Indian Appeals 1872-1875
LR Ind App Supp Law Reports, Indian Appeals Supplement 1872-1875
LR Ir Law Reports (Ireland) 1878-1893
LR NSW New South Wales Law Reports 1880-1900
LR Prob Div Law Reports, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division 1865-1875
LR Sc & Div Law Reports, Scotch and Divorce Appeals 1866-1875
LR Stat Law Reports Statutes
LRA Lawyers' Reports Annotated
LRA & E Law Reports, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Cases 1865-1875
LRANZ Legal Research in Australia and New Zealand (Australian National University - Previously Legal Research Newsletter 1992-1993)
LRB Law Reports of the Bahamas
LRC Law Reform Commission (various Jurisdictions)
Law Reports of the Commonwealth 1993-
LRC (Comm) Law Reports of the Commonwealth, Commercial Law Reports 1985-1992
LRC (Const) Law Reports of the Commonwealth, Constitutional and Administrative Law Reports 1985-1992
LRC (Crim) Law Reports of the Commonwealth, Criminal Law Reports 1985-1992
LRCCR Law Reports, Crown Cases Reserved 1865-1875
LRCP Law Reports, Common Pleas 1865-1875
LRF Legal Research Foundation (NZ)
LRHL Law Reports, English and Irish Appeals and Peerage Claims, House of Lords 1866-1875
LRIA Law Reports, Indian Appeals 1872-1875
LRMCNS Law Reports, Magistrates Cases, New Series
LRLR Lloyd's Reinsurance Law Reports
LRP Law Reports of Palestine
LRP & D Law Reports, Probate and Divorce Cases 1865-1875
LRPC Law Reports, Privy Council 1865-1875
LRPD Law Reports, Probate Division 1875-1890
LRQB Law Reports, Queen's Bench 1865-1875, 1891-
Quebec Official Reports, Queen's Bench (Can) 1942-
LRQBD Law Reports Queen's Bench Division 1875-1890
LRRP Law Reports, Restrictive Practices Cases 1958-1972
LRSA South Australia Law Reports 1865-1892, 1899-1920
LRT Tanzanian Law Reports
LS Law & State
Legal Studies
LS Gaz Law Society Gazette 
LS Judg Sch Law Society Judgment Scheme (SA)
LSB Legal Service Bulletin
LSB (SA) Law Society Bulletin (SA)
LSEC Australian Company Secretary's Practice Manual (CCH: changed title to Australian Corporate Practice Manual from 1995)
LSG Legal Services Group
Law Society Gazette
LSJ Law Society Journal (NSW)
LSJS Law Society of South Australia Judgment Scheme
LSPP Step-by-Step Precedents & Procedures - Companies, Trusts, Superannuation Funds (CCH)
LSQ Legislative Studies Quarterly
LSR Locus Standi Reports
LT Law Times Reports 1859-1947
The Law Teacher
LT Jo Law Times 1843-1965
LT Rulings Land Tax Rulings (CCH)
LTC Law/Text/Culture
LTJ Law Technology Journal
LTNS Law Times Reports, New Series 1859-1947
LTO  Land Titles Office
Land Titles Office (NZ)
LTOS Law Times Reports, Old Series 1843-1859
LTPE Taxation Precedents, Procedures and Elections (CCH)
LTR Law Times Reports
Lud EC Luder's Election Cases 1784-7
Ludd Ludden's Reports (Maine USA) (43, 44 Me)
Lumley PLC Lumley's Poor Law Cases 1834-1842
Lumpkin Lumpkin's Reports (Georgia USA) (59-77 Ga)
Lush Lushington's Admiralty Reports 1859-1862
Lut Lutwyche's Entries and Reports, Common Pleas 1682-1704
Lut Reg Cas A J Lutwyche's Registration Cases 1843-1453
Lutw E Lutwyche's Entries and Reports, Common Pleas 1682-1704
LV Liquor Laws  Victoria
LV Bd Land Valuation Board
LV Ct Land Valuation Court (NZ)
LVCB Land and Valuation Case Book (NZ)
LVC Lands Tribunal Decisions 1950-
LVR Land and Valuation Court Reports (NSW) 1922-1970
LVR (NSW) Land and Valuation Court Reports (NSW) 1922-1970
LVRT Land Valuation Review Tribunal (NT)
LVT Land Valuation Tribunal
LWLR Land & Water Law Review
Lynd Lyndwood, Provinciale seu Constitutiones Angliae Various eds from 1483