Legal abbreviations: O-P

Legal abbreviations for Australian and international law reports, law journals, legal organisations, courts, etc.


Abbreviation Title
O Ontario Reports (Can) 1882-1900; 1931-1973; 1974-1991; 1991-
South African Law Reports, Orange Free State Provincial Division 1910-1946
O Bridg Carter's Reports tempore Bridgman, Common Pleas 1664-1676
Orlando Bridgman's Common Pleas Reports 1660-1667
OAG Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States (USA) 1791-1960
OAR Ontario Appeal Reports 1876-1900
OB & F Ollivier, Bell and Fitzgerald's Court of Appeal Reports (NZ) 1878-1880
Ollivier, Bell and Fitzgerald's Supreme Court Reports (NZ) 1878-1880
Obiter Obiter (Journal of the University of Queensland Law Society
Obiter (University of Canterbury Law Students Society)
OBSP Old Bailey Session Papers 1715-1834
Occ Pen Occupational Pensions
Ocean & Coastal LJ Ocean and Coastal Law Journal
Ocean Dev & Int'l L Ocean Development and International Law
OCN Compendium of Case Notes of the Ombudsman (NZ)
Odeneal Odeneal's Reports (Oregon USA)
ODIL Ocean Development and International Law
OFC High Court Reports of Orange Free State (S Afr) 1879-1883
Officer Officer's Reports (Minnesota USA) (1-9 Minn)
OFLR Offshore Financial Law Reports
OFS Orange Free State Reports, High Court, (S Afr) 1879-1883
OFSSA Orange Free State, South Africa
Ogden Ogden's Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) (12-15 La Ann)
OGLTR Oil & Gas Law and Taxation Review 
Oh St Ohio State Reports (Ohio USA) 1852-
Ohio Ohio (USA)
Ohio Reports (USA) 1821-1851
Ohio NU Intramural L Rev Ohio Northern University Intramural Law Review
Ohio NU L Rev Ohio Northern University Law Review
Ohio SLJ Ohio State Law Journal
Ohio St J Crim L Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law
Ohio St J on Disp Resol Ohio State Journal on Dispute  Resolution
Ohio St LJ Ohio State Law Journal
Ohio St Ohio State Reports (Ohio USA) 1852-
OHLJ Osgoode Hall Law Journal
OHR Occupational Health Review
OHS Occupational Health and Safety
HOSE Occupational Health and Safety Authority (Victoria)
OHSN Occupational Health and Safety NSW
OJ Official Journal of the European Communities
OJC Official Journal of the European Union: C series (Communications)
OJ Eur Comm Official Journal of the Eureopan Communities
OJL Official Journal of the European Union: L series (Legislation)
OJLS Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Okla Oklahoma (USA)
Oklahoma Reports (USA) 1890-1953
Okla City U L Rev Oklahoma City University Law Review
Okla Crim Oklahoma Criminal Reports (Oklahoma USA) 1908-1953
Okla L J Oklahoma Law Journal
Okla LR Oklahoma Law Review
OLAA Office of Legal Aid Administration
OLAFS Office of Legal Aid and Family Services
Olc Adm Olcott's US District Court, Admiralty Reports (USA) 1843-1847 (District of New York)
Old Oldright's Nova Scotia Reports (Can) 1860-1867
OLR Ontario Law Reports (Can) 1901-1930
Oregon Law Review
Otago Law Review
O'M & H O'Malley and Hardcastle's Election Cases 1869-1929
Ont Ontario (Can)
Ont App Ontario Appeal Reports (Can) 1876-1900
Ont Dig Digest of Ontario Case Law (Can) 1823-1900
Ont LR Ontario Law Reports (Can) 1901-1931
Ont LRC Ontario Law Reform Commission
Ont Pr Rep Ontario Practice Reports 1850-1900
OPC Office of the Parliamentary Counsel
OPD South African Law Reports, Orange Free State Provincial Division, 1910-1946
OPLR Occupational Pensions Law Reports
OR Official Reports of the South African Republic 1894-1899
Ontario Reports (Can) 1882-1900, 1931-1973
OR 2d Ontario Reports, Second Series (Can) 1974-1991
OR 3d Ontario Reports, Third Series (Can) 1991-
Or LR Oregon Law Review
Or Rev Int'l L Oregon Review of International Law
Oracle Oracle (Monash University Law Society)
ORC Reports of the High Court of the Orange River Colony (S Afr) 1903-1910
Ord Ordinance
Ore Oregon (USA)
Ore Oregon Reports (Oregon USA) 1853-
Orl TR Orleans Term Reports (1, 2 Martin, Old and New Series) (Louisiana USA) 1809-1823; 1823-1830
OSC Occupational Superannuation Commissioner
Osgoode Hall LJ Osgoode Hall Law Journal
OSR Office of State Revenue in New South Wales
Oss Bull Office for the Supervision of Solicitors Bulletin
Ot LR Otago Law Review
OTPR Offshore Tax Planning Review
OTS Office of Treaty Settlements (NZ)
Ott LR Ottawa Law Review
Ottawa LR Ottawa Law Review
OUCLJ Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal
Out Outerbridge's Reports (Pennsylvania USA) (97, 98 Pa St)
Overt Overton's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1791-1816 (1-2 Tenn)
Owen Owen's King's Bench and Common Pleas Reports 1556-1615
OWN Ontario Weekly Notes 1909-1962
OWR Ontario Weekly Reporter 1902-1914
Oxford J Legal Stud Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Oxford U Commw LJ Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal


Abbreviation Title
P Law Reports, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division 1891-
Pacific Reporter, (USA) 1883-1931
Peters' United States Supreme Court Reports (USA) 1828-1842 (26-41 US)
P & B Pugsley and Burbidge's New Brunswick Reports (Can) 1878-1882
P & CR Planning and Compensation Reports 1949-
Property and Compensation Reports (continuation of above)
P & DP Privacy and Data Protection
P & EB Pensions and Employee Benefits
P & NGLR Papua and New Guinea Law Reports
P & P Practice and Procedure
P & T Pugsley and Trueman's New Brunswick Law Reports (Can) 1882-1883
P 2d Pacific Reporter, Second Series, (USA) 1931-
P Ad Public Administration (Aust)
P Cas Prize Cases Heard and Decided in the Prize Court During the Great War (Trehern & Grant) 1914-1922
P Injury Personal Injury
P Life Police Life
P Wms Peere Williams' Chancery and King's Bench Cases 1695-1735
Pa Pennsylvania (USA)
Pennsylvania State Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 1845-
Pa St Pennsylvania State Reports (USA) 1845-
Pa Super Pennsylvania Superior Court Reports (USA) 1895-
PABB Pay And Benefits Bulletin
PABR Planning Appeals Board Reports (Vic) 1983-1987
PABR Practice Notes, of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, reprinted in: Durie, R & Catterns, D Broadcasting Law and Practice, 1987
Pac McGeorge Global Bus & Dev LJ Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal
Pac Rim L & Pol'y J Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal
Pace Envtl L Rev Pace Environmental Law Review
Pace Int'l L Rev Pace International Law Review
Pace L Rev Pace Law Review
PAD Planning Appeal Decisions
Pai Ch Paige's New York Chancery Reports (USA) 1828-1845
Paine CC Paine's 2nd Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1810-1840
Paisner CU Paisner Company Update
Paisner EB Paisner European Bulletin
Paisner EU Paisner Environment Update
Paisner IPB Paisner Intellectual Property Briefing
Palm Palmer's Assizes at Cambridge 1260
Palmer's King's Bench Reports 1619-1629
Palmer's Reports (Vermont USA) (53-60 Vt)
Papy Papy's Reports (Florida USA) (5-8 Fla)
Par Parson's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (65-66 NH)
Par Dec Parson's Decisions (Massachusetts USA) (2-7 Mass)
Park Parker, The Laws of Shipping and Insurance with Digest of Cases 1693-1774
Parker's Exchequer Reports 1743-1767
Parl Parliamentarian (Journal of the Parliaments of the Commonwealth)
Parl Aff Parliamentary Affairs
Paschal Paschal's Reports (Texas USA) (28-31 Tex and Supplement to 25 Tex)
Pat Paterson's Scotch Appeals, House of Lords 1851-1873
Paton's Scotch Appeals, House of Lords 1726-1821
Purchasing Appeals Tribunal
Pat App Craigie, Stewart & Paton's Scotch Appeals 1726-1821
Pat Cas Reports of Patent Design and Trade Mark Cases 1884-
Pat L Rev Patent Law Review
PATA Pacific Association of Tax Administrators
Pater App Paterson's Appeal Cases (Scotland) 1851-1873
Pay Mag Pay Magazine
PBA Pharmacy Board of Appeal (NZ)
PBR Pro Bono Report
PC Privy Council / Privy Councillor
Prize Court
Pleas of the Crown
PC '74-'28 Gold Coast Privy Council Judgements (Ghana) 1874-1928
PC App Law Reports, Privy Council Appeals
PCA Papua New Guinea Companies Legislation
Permanent Court of Arbitration, (Netherlands)
PCC Palmer's Company Cases
Privy Council Cases
PCIJ Permanent Court of International Justice
PCIJ Rep Reports of the Permanent Court of International Justice
PCLB Practitioners' Child Law Bulletin
PCLJ Public Contract Law Journal
PCT Patent Co-operation Treaty
PCT Gazette
PD Law Reports, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division 1875-1890
PDSC Practice Direction Supreme Court (Qld)
Peabody L Rev Peabody Law Review
Peake Peake's Nisi Prius Reports 1790-1794
Peake Add Cas Peake's Additional Cases 1795-1812
PEAL Publishing Entertainment Advertising Law Quarterly
PEANZ Petroleum Exploration Association of New Zealand
PEBL Perspectives on European Business Law
PEC Planning and Environment Court (Qld)
Peck Peck's Reports (Illinois USA) (11-22 Ill); (24-30 Ill)
Peck's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1821-1824 (7 Tenn)
Peckwell's Election Cases 1802-1806
Peeples Peeples' Reports (Georgia USA) (78, 79 Ga)
Peeples & Stevens Peeples & Stevens' Reports (Georgia USA) (80-97 Ga)
Peere Wms Peere Williams' Chancery and King's Bench Cases 1695-1735
PEI Haszard & Walburton's Reports (Prince Edward Island, Can) 1850-1882
Prince Edward Island (Can)
PEI Rep Haviland's Prince Edward Island Reports (Can) 1850-1872
PEILRC Prince Edward Island Law Reform Commission
PELB Planning and Environmental Law Bulletin
Pelham Pelhams Reports (South Australia) 1865-1866
Pen & W Penrose & Watt's Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 1829-1832
Pen law Pension Lawyer
Pen Week Pensions Week
Pen World Pensions World
PENDC Australian Corporation Law Pending Legislation (Contained within Australian Corporation Law Legislation,Vol2)
PENDT Australian Tax Practice Pending Legislation (Renamed Australian Tax Practice Bills Explanatory Memoranda 1994)
Penn Pennewill's Reports (Delaware USA) 1897-1909 (17-23 Del)
Penn St Pennsylvania State Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 1845-
Penn St Int'l L Rev Penn State International Law Review
Penn St L Rev Penn State Law Review
Penning Pennington's New Jersey Law Reports (New Jersey USA) 1806-1813 (2-3 NJL)
Pens LR Pensions Law Reports
PEPAT Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty (1991)
Pepp Disp Resol LJ Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal
Pepp L Rev Pepperdine Law Review
Per & Dav Perry and Davison's King's Bench Reports 1838-1841
Per & Kn Perry and Knapp's Election Cases 1833
Per CS Perrault's Conseil Superieur de Quebec (Can) 1727-1759
Per P Perrault's Prevoste de Quebec 1726-1759
PERIN Penalty Enforcement Registration of Infringement Notice (Victoria)
Pet Haviland's Prince Edward Island Reports by Peters (Can) 1850-1872
Pet Adm Peter's US District Court, Admiralty Decisions (USA) 1780-1807 (Eastern District of Pennsylvania)
Pet CC Peter's US 3rd Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1803-1818
Peters Havilland's Prince Edward Island Reports by Peters (Can) 1850-1872
Peters US Peter's United States Supreme Court Reports (USA) 1828-1842 (26-41 US)
Petty SR Petty Sessions Review (Superseded by NSW CR)
PF Property Finance
PF & D Property Finance and Development
PF & P Practical Forms & Precedents - NSW
Ph Phillimore's Ecclesiastical Reports 1809-1821
Phillips' Chancery Reports 1841-1849
Phillips' Election Cases 1780-1781
Phil Phillips' North Carolina Reports (North Carolina USA) 1866-1868 (62 NC)
Phil El Cas Phillips' Election Cases 1780-1781
Phil Eq  Phillips' North Carolina Equity Reports (North Carolina USA) 1866-1868 962 NC)
Phil LJ Philippine Law Journal
Phill Phillips' Reports (Illinois USA) (152-245 Ill)
Phillim Phillimore's Ecclesiastical Reports 1809-1821
Phillim Eccl Phillimore's Ecclesiastical Judgments 1867-1875
Phillips Phillips Reports (North Carolina USA) (63, 68, NC)
Phip Phipson's Digest, Natal Reports (S Afr) 1858-1859
Phipson's Reports, Natal Supreme Court (S Afr)
Phipson Phipson's Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Natal (S Afr) 1858
PI Personal Injury
PIB Public Information Bulletin (Inland Revenue Department, NZ)
PIB'S Public Information Bulletins (Australian Taxation Office)
PIC Palmer's In Company
Pick Pickering's Reports (Massachusetts USA) 1822-1839 (18-41 Mass)
Pickle Pickle's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1886-1902 (85-108 Tenn)
Pierce L Rev Pierce Law Review
Pig & R Pigott and Rodwell's Registration Appeal Cases 1843-1845
PIJ Planning Inspectorate Journal
Pike Pike's Reports (Arkansas USA) (1-5 Ark)
PILCH Public Interest Law Clearing House (Sydney; Joint Venture between PIAC, NSW law firms and the Law Society of NSW)
PILJ Personal Injury Law Journal
PILMR Personal Injury Law and Medical Review
PILOM Pacific Island Law Officers Meetings
Pin Pinney's Reports (Wisconsin USA) 1839-1852
Pitc Pitcairn's Criminal Trials (Scotland) 1488-1624
PIQR Personal Ingury & Quantam Reports
PJT Prices Justification Tribunal Decisions
PL Public Law
PLA Product Liability Australia
Pla Par Placita Parliamentaria: Pleadings in Parliament with the Judgements thereon during the reigns of Edward 1st and Edward 2nd edited by W Riley 1661
Plac Angl Nor Placita Anglo Normannica: law cases from William 1 to Richard 1 (1066-1195) preserved in historical records; edited by H M Bigelow 1879
PLAN Planning Tribunal Decisions (NZ - available on Kiwinet) 1984-
Plaxton Plaxton's Constitutional Decisions of the Privy Council (Can) 1930-1939
PLB Property Law Bulletin
PLC Practical Law Companies
PLCR Planning Law Case Reports
PLD All Pakistan Legal Decisions 1947-
PLERC Property Law and Equity Law Reform Committee (NZ)
PLI Product Liability International
PLJ Property Law Journal
PLL Papua New Guinea Labour Law
Plowd Plowden's Commentaries or Reports 1550-1580
PLPR Privacy Law & Policy Reporter
PLR Patent Law Review
Pensions Law Reports 1989-
Planning Law Reports
Public Law Review
PMF Provincial & Municipal Finances
PMIM Post Magazine and Insurance Monitor
PN Professional Negligence
PN & L Professional Negligence and Liability
Pn LR Pohnpei Supreme Court Reports 1984- (Pohnpei formerly part of the Federated States of Micronesia)
PNG CA Papua New Guinea Court of Appeal
PNGLR Papua New Guinea Law Reports 1969-
PNGLRC Papua New Guinea Law Reform Commission
PNLR Professional Negligence and Liability Reports
Pol J Police Journal
Polamerican LJ Polamerican Law Journal
PoLAR PoLAR: The Political and Legal Anthropology Review
Police LQ Police Law Quarterly
Policing: Int'l J Police Strat & Mgmt Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management
Policing T Policing Today
Poll Pollexfen's King's Bench Reports1669-1685
Pomeroy Pomeroy's Reports (California USA) (73-128 Cal)
Poph Popham's King's Bench Reports 1592-1626
Port Porter's Reports (Alabama USA) 1834-1839
Porter Porter's Reports (Indiana USA) (3-7 Ind)
Portland U L Rev Portland University Law Review
POS Policy Statements, of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, reprinted in:  Durie, R & Catterns, D Broadcasting law and practice, LBC, 1987
Post Post's Reports (Michigan USA) (23-36 Mich)
Post's Reports (Missouri USA) (42-64 Mo)
Potchefstroom Elec LJ Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal
Potter Potter's Reports (Wyoming USA) (4-7 Wyo)
Pow R & D Power, Rodwell and Dew's Election Cases 1847-1856
PP Parliamentary Paper
Professional Pensions
PP & D Practical Planning and Development
PPL Practical Planning Law
PPLR Public Procurement Law Review
PPM Professional Practice Management
PR Philippine Reports 1901-1946
Property Review
Pr C Prize Cases Heard and Decided in the Prize Court During the great War (Trehern & Grant) 1914-22
PR J Prison Journal
PRAC Pacific Rim Advisory Council
Pratt Pratt's Contraband of War 1861
Pratt's Supplement to Bott's Poor Laws 1833
Prec Ch Precedents in Chancery 1689-1722
Precedent Law Bulletin of the James Cook University Law School Inc
Price Price's Exchequer Reports 1814-1824
Price's Mining Commissioner's Cases (Ontario, Can) 1906-1910
Price Pr Cas Price's Notes of Practice Cases in Exchequer 1830-1831
Prison L Rep Prison Law Reporter
Prison Serv J Prison Service Journal
Priv C App Privy Council Appeals
Priv LB Privacy Law Bulletin
Privacy Bulletin Privacy Bulletin (Privacy Committee, Sydney)
PRN Practice Notes, of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, reprinted in:  Durie, R & Catterns, D Broadcasting Law and Practice, 1987
PRNZ Procedure Reports of New Zealand 1983/1989-
Pro JQ Provincial Judges Quarterly
Prob Law Reports, Probate Division 1891-
Prob & Div Law Reports, Probate and Divorce 1865-1875
Prob & Prop Probate and Property (ABA)
Prob J Probation Journal
Proc Proctor
Proc ASIL Proceedings of the American Society of International Law
Proc Medico-Legal Soc NSW Proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society of New South Wales
Proc Medico-Legal Soc Vic Proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society of Victoria
Procurement Law Procurement Lawyer
Proctor The Proctor - Newsletter of the Queensland Law Society
Prof Admin Professional Administration
Prof L Professional Lawyer
Prop & Comp R Property & Compensation Reports (UK) 1950-
Prouty Prouty's Reports (Vermont USA) (61-65 Vt)
PRS Political Reference Service
PS Pensions Systems
Police Studies
Property Law Bulletin
PSA Prices Surveillance Authority (Superseded by ACCC)
PSB Public Service Board
PSJ Prison Service Journal
PSR Petty Sessions Review (Continued by NSWCR 1994-)
Psychiatry Psychol & L Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
Psychol Pub Pol'y & L Psychology, Public Policy, and Law
PT Pensions Today
PT Rulings Payroll Tax Rulings (CCH)
PTCJ Res & Ed Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal of Research and Education
PTMDO Patents, Trade Marks & Designs Office
PTX Papua New Guinea Income Tax Legislation (CCH)
Pub Ad Public Administration
Pub Ad Is Public Administration in Israel & Abroad
Pub Contract LJ Public Contract Law Journal
Pub L Public Law
Pub Land & Resources L Rev Public Land and Resources Law Review
Pub Law Bull Public Law Bulletin
Pub LR Public Law Review
Pub Space: J L & Soc Just Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice
Public F Public Finance
Pug Pugsley's New Brunswick Reports (Can) 1872-1877
Pulsifer  Pulsifer's Reports (Maine USA) (65-68 Me)
PVR Plant Variety Rights
Py R Pyke Lower Canada King's Bench Reports (Quebec, Can) 1809-1810
PYIL The Philippine Yearbook of International Law 1966-