Legal abbreviations: Q-R

Legal abbreviations for Australian and international law reports, law journals, legal organisations, courts, etc.


Abbreviation Title
Q Bar News Queensland Bar News 
Q Bd Trade & Arbitrn Queensland Board of Trade & Arbitration
Q CAR Queensland Criminal Reports 1860-1907
Q Case Note Queensland Law Reporter Case Note
Q Conv R Queensland Conveyancing Reports
Queensland Conveyancing Reports 1982-
Q Ct of Cr APP Queensland Court of Criminal Appeal
Q Gov Indus Gaz Queensland Government Industrial Gazette
Q Law Soc J Queensland Law Society Journal
QAAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Principal Registry Library, Brisbane
QAG Dept of the Attorney-General (Qld) Library, Brisbane
QALR Queensland Annual Law Review (Queensland Law Society/Queensland University of Technology)
QAR Queensland Administrative Reports 1994-
QATOB Australian Taxation Office Library & Information Services, Brisbane
QB Law Reports, Queen's Bench 1891-1901 1952-
Queen's Bench Reports (Adolphus and Ellis, New Series) 1841-1852
Queen's Bench Reports (Quebec, Can) 1892-1900
Queen's Bench Reports, Upper Canada 1844-1882
QBA Queensland Bar Association
QBD Law Reports, Queen's Bench Division 1875-1890
QBLC Queens Bench Reports, Lower Canada (Quebec) 1892-1900
QBON L Bond University Law Library, Gold Coast, Queensland
QBR Queen's Bench Reports, (Adolphus & Ellis, New Series) 1841-1852
QBT Queensland Building Tribunal
QBUC Queen's Bench Reports, Upper Canada 1844-1882
QC Queens Counsel
QCA Queensland Court of Appeal
QCATA Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Appeals
QCLE Queensland Continuing Legal Education
QCLJ Queensland Criminal Law Journal
QCLLR Crown Lands Law Reports (Queensland Land Court) 1859-1973
QCLR Queensland Criminal Reports 1860-1907
QCR Queensland Criminal Reports 1860-1907
Qd L Queensland Lawyer
Qd R Queensland Reports 1958-
QGAAT Queensland Guardianship and Administration Tribunal
QGG Queensland Government Gazette
QGIG Queensland Government Industrial Gazette
QHPT Queensland Health Practitioners Tribunal
QI Ct Queensland Industrial Court
QIC Queensland Industrial Commission
QIT Law Journal Queensland Institute of Technology Law Journal
QITLJ Queensland Institute of Technology Law Journal
QJP Queensland Justice of Peace Reports 1907-1972
QJP (Mag Cas) Queensland Justice of the Peace, Magisterial Cases 1907-1972
QJPR Queensland Justice of the Peace Reports 1907-1972
QL Queensland Lawyer
QL Beor Beor's Queensland Law Reports 1876-1878
QLC Queensland land Appeal Court
QLCR Queensland Land Court Reports 1974-
QLD Bar News Queensland Bar News
QLJ Queensland Law Journal
QLJ (NC) Queensland Law Journal (Notes of Cases) 1878-1901
QLJR Queensland Law Journal Reports 1879-1901
QLR Quebec Law Reports (Can) 1874-1891
Queensland Law Reporter 1902-1957; 1972-1976; 1976-
Queensland Law Reports 1876-1878
QLR (Beor) Beor's Queensland Law Reports 1876-1878
QLRC Queensland Law Reform Commission
QLSJ Queensland Law Society Journal
QMT Queensland Medical Tribunal
QNTJB Queensland and Northern Territory Judgments Bulletin
QOR Quebec Official Reports 1892-
QPCAI Report Queensland Parliamentary Commissioner for Administrative Investigations Report
QPE Queensland Planning and Environment Court
QPELR Queensland Planning and Environmental Law Reports
QPLR Queensland Planning Law Reports 1981-
QPR Quebec Practice Reports 1897-
QR Quantum Reports
Quebec Official Reports 1892-
QRKB Rapports Judiciaries de Quebec (Quebec King's Bench Reports (Can) 1901-1941; 1942-
QRQB Rapports Judiciaries de Quebec (Quebec Queen's Bench Reports) (Can) 1892-1900
QRSC Quebec Official Reports, Superior Court (Can) 1892-
QSC Rapports Judiciaries de Quebec Cour Superieure (Quebec Official Reports, Superior Court) (Can) 1892-
QSCR Queensland Supreme Court Reports 1860-1881
QSR Queensland State Reports 1902-1957
Quadrant Quadrant
Que Quebec (Can)
Queens LJ Queens Law Journal (Can)
Queensland Law Journal Reports 1879-1901
Queens LR Queensland Law Reports by Beor 1876-1878
Quincy Quincy's Massachusetts Reports (Massachusetts USA) 1761-1772
Quinnipiac Health LJ Quinnipiac Health Law Journal
Quinnipiac Prob LJ Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal
QULJ Queensland University Law Journal 
QUT Law Journal Queensland University of Technology Law Journal
QUTLJ Queensland University of Technology Law Journal
QUTLJJ Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal
QWN Queensland Weekly Notes 1908-1972


Abbreviation Title
R The Reports, 1893-1895
Rettie's Session Cases, 4th Series (Scotland) 1873-1898
Roscoe's Reports of the Supreme Court (Cape, S Afr) 1861-1878
R & C Russell and Chesley's Nova Scotia Reports 1875-1879
R & CC Railway and Canal Cases 1835-1854
R & G Rulings and Guidelines (Taxation)
Russell and Geldert's Nova Scotia Reports (Can) 1879-1795
R & IT Rating and Income Tax Reports 1924-1960
R & McG Income Tax Decisions of Australasia, Ratcliffe and M'Grath, 1891-1930; 1928-1930
R & McG Ct Court of Review Decisions by Ratcliffe and McGrath (NSW) 1913-1927
R & N Rhodesia and Nyasaland Law Reports 1956-1964
R (Ct of Sess) Rettie, Crawford & Melville, Session Cases, 4th Session (Scotland) 1873-1898
R Arb Revue de L'Arbitrage
R Bel Dr Int Revue Belge de Droit International
R D Com Rivista del Diritto Commerciale
R D INT Revue de Droit International
R de J Revue de Jurisprudence
R Int Arb Awards Reports of International Arbitral Awards
R Int DP Revue Internationale de Droit Penal (Fr)
R Trim D Civ Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Civil
RA Rating Appeals
RA Trib Racing Appeals Tribunal of Western Australia
Rab Z Rabels Zeitschrift fur Auslandische und Internationales Privatrecht
RAC Ramsay, Appeal Cases (Quebec, Can) 1873-1886)
Rader Rader's Reports (Missouri USA) (138-163 Mo)
RALQ Receivers, Administrators and Liquidators Quartlerly
Rand Randell's Reports (Ohio USA) (62-71 Ohio)
Randolph's Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) (7-11 La Ann)
Rand Randolph's Reports (Kansas USA) 1895-1896 (21-56 Kan)
Randolph's Reports (Virginia USA) 1821-1828 (22-27 Va)
Raney Raney's Reports (Florida USA) (16-20 Fla)
Rast Rastell's Entries 1566
Rastell's Statutes 1066-1557
Rat Jur Ratio Juris
Ratio Juris Ratio Juris
RATS Reform of the Australian Taxation System
Rawle Rawle's Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 1828-1835
Rawle Pen &W Rawle Penrose & Watts' Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 1828-1840
Raym Lord Raymond's King's Bench Reports 1694-1732
Sir Thomas Raymonds King's Bench Reports 1660-1684
Raymond Raymond's Reports (Iowa USA) (81-99 Iowa)
Rayn Rayner's Tithe Cases 1575-1782
RBI Retail Banker International
RC La Revue Critique de Legislation et de Jurisprudence de Canada
RCADI Recueil des Cours de l'Academie de Droit Internationale
RCJ Royal Courts of Justice
RDPC Revue de Droit Penal et de Criminologie
RDS Revue de Droit Social
Revue de Droit Suisse (Switz)
Re LR Reinsurance Law Reports
Real Prop Cas Real Property Cases 1843-1847
Real Prop Prob & Tr J Real Property, Probate & Trust Journal
Real Prop Tr & Est LJ Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal
Rec Dal Recueil Dalloz et Sirey de doctrine de jurisprudence et de legislation (France)
Rec L See NZRL
RECIEL Review of European Community and International Environmental Law
RED A'Beckett's New South Wales, Reserved and Equity Decisions 1845
Redington's Reports (Maine USA) (31-35 Me)
Russell's Equity Decisions, Nova Scotia (Can) 1873-1883
Reese's Reports see Vols 5,11 Heiskell's Tennessee Reports (Tennessee USA) 1870-74 (48-59 Tenn)
Reform Reform (Australia Law Reform Commission)
Regent U L Rev Regent University Law Review
REIB Electronic Payments International
Reins Reinsurance
Remy Remy's Indiana Appellate Court Reports (Indiana USA) (15-33 Ind App)
Remy's Reports (Indiana USA) (145-162 Ind)
REP Regional Environmental Plan
REP Retirement and Estate Planning
Rep B Reparation Bulletin
Rep Cas C Reported Cases on Costs (Ireland) 1867-1891
Rep Ch Reports in Chancery 1615-1712
Rep in CA See NZLR
Rep LR Reparation Law Reports
Rep on Bkptcy Reports on Bankruptcy by the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs
Rep Pat Cas Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases 1884-
Reporter Reporter - Australian Institute of Criminology Quarterly
Reporter (The) The Reporter (Australasian Law Students Association)
Rept on Bkptcy Reports on Bankruptcy by the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs
Res & EJ A'Beckett's Reserved Judgments (NSW) 1845
Res & Eq Judg A'Beckett's Reserved and Equity Judgements, New South Wales 1845
Res CP Responsabilita Civile Previdenza
Res Jud Res Judicatae
Res pub Res Publica
Research in L & Econ Research in Law and Economics: A Research Annual
Reserv Cas Reserved Cases (Ireland) 1860-1864
Restric Prac Reports of Restrictive Practices cases 1957-1972
Rev Banking & Fin L Review of Banking and Financial Law
Rev Cent & E Eur L Review of Central and East European Law
Rev CL Francais Revue de la Common Law en Francais
Rev Const Stud Review of Constitutional Studies
Rev Crit DIP Revue Critique de Droit International Prive (Fr)
Rev Intern Dr Comp Revue Internationale de Droit Compare
Rev Int'l L & Pol Review of International Law & Politics
Rev JUPR Revista Juridica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
Rev Jur UPR Revista Juridica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
Rev Litig Review of Litigation
Rev quebecoise de droit int'l Revue quebecoise de droit international
Rev Rep Revised Reports 1785-1866
Rev Sc Crim Revue de Science Criminelle et de Droit Penal Compare (Fr)
Rev TDC Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Civil (Fr)
Rev Trim Civ Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Civil
Rev Trim Dr Euro Revue Trimestrielle de Droit European
Revenue LJ Revenue Law Journal, Bond University
Reyn Reynolds Reports (Mississippi USA) (40-42 Miss)
RFDA Revenue Francaise de Droit Administratif
RFL Reports of Family Law (Can) 1971-1978
RFL (2d) Reports of Family Law, Second Series (Can) 1978-1986
RFL (3d) Reports of Family Law Third Series (Can) 1986-
RGDIP Revue Generale de Droit International Public (Fr)
RGSt Entscheidungen des Reichgerichts in Strafsachen (Germany) Reports of the Reich Supreme Court in Criminal Matters 1880-1944
RGZ Entscheidungen des Reichgerichts in Zivilsachen (Germany) Reports of the Decisions of the Reich Supreme Court in Civil Cases 1880-1945
RHA Regional Health Authority (NZ)
RI Rhode Island (USA)
Rhode Island Reports (Rhode Island USA) 1828-1980
RIAA Reports of International Arbitral Awards (UN)
Rice Rice's South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1838-1839 (24 SCL)
Rice Eq Rice's South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1838-1839 (14 SC Eq)
Rich Richardson's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (3-5 NH)
Richardson's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (3-5 NH)
Richardson's South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1832 (18 SCL); 1844-46; (30-31 SCL); 1850-68 (37-49 SCL)
Rich & W Richardson & Woodbury's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (2 NH)
Rich Eq Richardson's South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1844-1846 (18-19 SCEq); 1850-68 (24-35 SC Eq)
Rich Eq Cas Richardson's South Carolina Equity Cases (South Carolina USA) 1831-1832 (9 SC Eq)
Rich J Global L & Bus Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business
RICJ Review of the International Commission of Jurists
Rick & M Rickards and Michael's Locus Standi Reports 1885-1889
Rick & S Rickards and Saunders' Locus Standi Reports 1890-1894
RICPT Revue Internationale de Criminologie et de Police Technique (Fr)
RIDA Revue Internationale du Droit d'Auteur
Revue Internationale du Droit d'Auteur (Fr)
RIDC Revue Internationale de Droit Compare (Fr)
Ridg L & S Ridgeway, Lapp, and Schoales' Irish Term Reports 1793-1795
Ridg Parl Rep Ridgeway's Parliamentary Reports (Ire) 1784-1796
Ridg temp H Ridgeway's Reports tempore Hardwicke Chancery 1744-1746
RIDPP Rivista Italiana di Diritto e Procedura Penale (It)
Ried Riedell's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (68, 69 NH)
Ril Riley's Reports (West Virginia USA) (37-42 WVa)
Riley Riley's South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1836-1837 (22 SCL)
Riley Eq Riley's South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1836-1837 (12 SC Eq)
Risk Man Risk Management
Risk MR Risk Management Reports
Ritch Reports of cases decided by Francis Baconin the High Court of Chancery 1617-1621; prepared by J Ritchie
Ritch Eq Rep Ritchie's Equity Reports (Nova Scotia) 1872-1882
Riv DC Rivista Di Diritto Civile (It)
Riv DE Rivista di Diritto Europea (It)
Riv Dir Euro Rivista DI Diritto Europeo
Riv DP Rivista Di Diritto Processuale Civile (It)
Riv Pen Rivista Penale (It)
Riv TDPC Rivista Diritto e Procedura Civile (It)
Roger Williams U L Rev Roger Williams University Law Review
Roman Legal Trad Roman Legal Tradition
RJ Judgments of the Supreme Court of New South Wales for the District of Port Phillip - A'Beckett 1846-1851
RJCL Rutgers Journal of Computers, Technology and the Law
RJQ Recueils de Jurisprudence du Quebec (Can) 1896-
RJRQ Mathieu's Quebec Revised Reports (Can) 1726-1891
RJT Revue Juridique Themis (Can)
RL Recent Law (New Zealand)
RL (NS) Revue Legale, New Series (Can) 1895-1942
RL (OS) Revue Legale, Old Series (Can) 1869-1892
RLE Research in Law and Economics
RLJ Revenue Law Journal
RLR Reports of the High Court of Rhodesia 1964-1979
Restitution Law Review
RMC Revue du Marche Commun
RMPAT Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (Tas)
Rob Robert's Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) (29-31 La Ann)
Rob & J Robards & Jackson's Reports (Texas USA) (26, 27 Tex)
Rob App Robertson's Scotch Appeal Cases (Scotland) 1707-1727
Robinson's Scotch Appeal Cases (Scotland) 1840-1841
Rob Cal Robinson's Reports (California USA) (Cal)
Rob Colo Robinson's Reports Colorado USA) (2-9, 17-23 Colo App)
Rob Eccl Robertson's Ecclesiastical Reports 1844-1853
Rob L & W Roberts, Leeming and Wallis' New County Court Cases 1849-1851
Rob La Robinson's Reports (Louisiana USA) 1841-1846 (1-12 La)
Rob Mo Robard's Reports (Missouri USA) (12-13 Mo)
Rob Nev Robinson's Reports (Nevada USA) (1 Nev)
Rob NY Robertson's New York Superior Court Reports (New York USA) 1863-1868 (24-30 NYS Ct)
Rob SI Robertson's Sandwich Islands Reports (Hawaii USA) (1 Haw)
Rob Va Robinson's Reports (Virginia USA) 1842-1844 (40, 41 Va)
Robb (NJ) Robbin's New Jersey Equity Reports (New Jersey USA) 1904-1905 (67-70 NJ Eq)
Robb Pat Cas Robb's United States Patent Cases (USA) 1789-1950
Robert App Robertson's Scotch Appeal Cases 1707-1727
Roberts Roberts' Divorce Cases (Ireland) 1816-1905
Robin App Robinson's Scotch Appeals Cases 1840-1841
Robinson Robinson's Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) (1-4 La Ann)
Roche D & K Roche Dillon & Kehoe's Irish Land Reports (Ireland) 1881-1882
Rodm Rodman's Reports (Kentucky USA) 1879-1883 (78-82 Ky)
Rogers Rogers' Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) (47-51 La Ann)
Roll Abr Rolle's Abridgment of the Common Law 1668
Roll Rep Rolle's King's Bench Reports 1614-1625
Rolle Rolle 's Kings Bench Reports
Rom Romilly's Notes of Chancery Cases 1767-1787
Romanian J Compulsory Execution Romanian Journal of Compulsory Execution
Romanian Rev Priv L Romanian Review of Private Law
Root Root's Reports (Connecticut USA) 1764-1798
Rosc PC Roscoe's Prize Cases 1745-1858
Roscoe Roscoe's Reports of the Supreme Court, Cape of Good Hope (S Afr) 1861-1878
Rose BC Rose's Bankruptcy Reports 1810-1816
Ross LC Ross's Leading Cases in Commercial Law 1853-1857
Ross's Leading Cases in the Law of Scotland (Land Rights) 1638-1849
ROW Bulletin Rights of Women Bulletin
Rowe Rowe's Interesting Cases (England and Ireland) 1798-1823
Rowell Rowell's Reports (Vermont USA) (45-52 Vt)
RP Res Publica
RPC Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases (popularly known as Reports of Patent Cases) 1884-
RPD Repatriation Pension Decisions (Australia Veterans Review board) 1985-1987
RPDP Revue Penitentiare et de Droit Penal
RPDTMC Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases 1884-
RPPTJ Real Property, Probate & Trust Journal
RPR Real Property Reports (Canada)
RR Revised Reports 1785-1866
RRC Ryde's Rating Cases 1956-
RRCP Reports of Restrictive Trade Practices
RRLR Rent Review and Lease Renewal
RRT Repatriation Review Tribunal (Superseded by Veterans Review Board)
RRTD Refugee Review Tribunal Decisions
RS Reprinted Statutes of New Zealand
RSAA Refugee Status Appeals Authority (NZ)
RSC Revised Statutes of Canada
Rules of the Supreme Court
RSO Revised Statutes of Ontario (Can)
RT Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs (Butt)
RTDE Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Europeen (Fr)
RTDP Rivista Trimestrale De Diritto Pubblico
RTI Road Traffic Indicator
RTM Tribunaux Arbitreaux Mixtes Recueil des Decision
RTR Road Traffic Reports 1970-
Rucker Rucker's Reports (West Virginia USA) (43-46 W Va)
Ruff Ruffhead's Edition of Statutes by Serjeant Runnington 1235-1785
Statutes at Large, Ruffhead's Edition 1235-1785
Ruff & H Ruffin & Hawk's Reports (North Carolina USA) 1820-1821 (8 NC)
Rul Cas Campbell's Ruling Cases 1894-1908
Runn Runnell's Reports (Iowa USA) (38-56 Iowa)
Rus EC Russell's Election Cases (Nova Scotia) 1874
Russ Russell's Chancery Reports 1823-1829
Russ & M Russell and Mylne's Chancery Reports 1829-1831
Russ & Ry Russell and Ryan's Crown Cases Reserved 1799-1824
Rut CLJ Rutgers-Camden Law Journal
RUT Computer & Tech LJ Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal
Rut LJ Rutgers law Journal
Rut LR Rutgers Law Review
Rutgers Bus LJ Rutgers Business Law Journal
Rutgers J L & Pub Pol'y Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy
Rutgers Race & L Rev Rutgers Race & The Law Review
RVR Rating and Valuation Reports 1965-
Ry &  M Ryan and Moody's  Nisi Prius Reports 1823-1826
Ry & Can Cas Railway and Canal Cases 1835-1854
Ry & Can Tr Cas Railway and Canal Traffic Cases 1855-1949
Ryde & K Rat App Ryde and Konstam's Reports of Rating Appeals 1894-1904
Ryde Rat App Ryde's Rating Appeals 1871-1893
Ryl Plac Parl Ryley's Placita Parliamentaria Pleadings in Parliament with Judgements in the Reigns of Edward 1st and Edward 2nd; 1290-1307; edited by W Ryley1661