Legal abbreviations: S-T

Legal abbreviations for Australian and international law reports, law journals, legal organisations, courts, etc.

S-Stuart Adm NS

S Searle's Reports in the Supreme Court, Cape of Good Hope (S Afr) 1850-1867
Shaw's House of Lord's Appeal Cases (Scotland) 1821-1824
Shaw's Session Cases (Scotland) 1st series 1821-1838
Southern Reporter (USA) 1887-1941
S & CL Sports and Character Licensing
S & LJ Sport and the Law Journal
S & LS Social and Legal Studies
S & M Record Shire and Municipal Record (LBC)
S & M SLR Sweet & Maxwell's Students Law Reporter
S & TLI Shipping and Transport Lawyer International
S Afr CA South Africa Court of Appeal
S Afr Hum Rts Y B South African Human Rights Yearbook
S Afr J Crim Just South African Journal of Criminal Justice
S Afr J Crim L South African Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 1977-
S Afr J on Hum Rts South African Journal on Human Rights
S Afr LJ South African Law Journal
S Afr LR App South African Law Reports, Appellate Division 1910-1946
S Afr Mercantile LJ South African Mercantile Law Journal
S Afr YIL South African Yearbook of International Law 1975-
S Cal Interdisc LJ Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal
S Cal L Rev Southern California Law Review
S Cal Rev L & Soc Just Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice
S Cal Rev L & Women's Stud Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies
S Car LR South Carolina Law Review
S Ct Supreme Court Reporter, USA 1882-
S Ct Rev Supreme Court Review (USA)
S Dak LR South Dakota Law Review
S III U LJ Southern Illinois University Law Journal
S Law Southern Lawyer
S L Rev n s Southern Law Review New Series
S New Eng Roundtable Symp LJ Southern New England Roundtable Symposium Law Journal
S Pac LR South Pacific Law Reports 1948-1950
S Tex L Rev South Texas Law Review
S2d Southern Reporter, Second Series (USA) 1941-
SA South African Law Reports 1947-
SA Dept of A-G LRC Reports South Australia  Department of the Attorney-General Law Reform Committee Reports
SA Law Reports CP South African Law Reports, Cape Provincial Division 1910-1946
SA Law Reports CPD South African Law Reports, Cape Provincial Division 1910-1946
SA Law Reports NPD South African Law Reports, Natal Province Division 1910-1946
SA Law Reports OPD South African Law Reports, Orange Free State Provincial Division 1910-1946
SA Law Reports SWA South African Law Reports, South West Africa High Court 1920-1946
SA Law Soc Bull South Australia Law Society Bulletin
SA Merc LJ SA Mercantile Law Journal
SA Regr (Newspr) South Australian Register Reports (Newspaper)
SAA Standards Association of Australia
SAB Solicitors Admission Board
SACC South African Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology
SACCA South Australian Court of Criminal Appeal
SAcLJ Singapore Academy of Law Journal
SACLRC South Australian Criminal Law Reform Committee
SADC South Australian District Court
SAEOT South Australian Equal Opportunity Tribunal
SAERDC Environment Resources and Development Court of SA
SAI Ct South Australian Industrial Court
SAIC South Australian Industrial Commission
SAIG South Australian Industrial Gazette
Saint Saint's Digest of Registration Cases 5th ed 1910
SAIR South Australian Industrial Reports 1916-
SAIRC South Australian Industrial Relations Court
Sal Salinger's Reports (Iowa USA) (88-117 Iowa)
SALCR South Australian Licensing Court Reports 1967-1978
Sales Tax Cases Sales Tax Cases (CCH)
SALJ South African Law Journal
Salk Salkeld's King's Bench Reports 1689-1712 
SAL Ann Rev Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review of Singapore Cases
SALLB South Australian Law Librarians Bulletin
SALLG South Australian Law Librarians Group
SALR South African Law Reports 1947-
South Australian Law Reports 1865-1892, 1899-1921
SALR CP South African Law Reports, Cape Provincial Division 1910-1946
SALR NPD South African Law Reports, Natal State Province Division 1910-1946
SALR OPD South African Law Reports, Orange Free State Provincial Division 1910-1946
SALR SWA South African Law Reports, South West Africa High Court 1920-1946
SALRC South Australian Law Reform Committee
SALT South African Law Times 1932-1936
San D LR  San Diego Law Review
San Diego J Climate & Energy San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law
San Joaquin Agric L Rev San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review
Sand Ch Sandford Chancery Reports (New York USA) 1834-1847
Sanf Sanford's Reports (Alabama USA) (59 Ala)
Santa Clara Comp & High Tech LJ Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal
Santa Clara J Int'l L Santa Clara Journal of International Law
Santa Clara L Rev Santa Clara Law Review
SAPD South Australian Planning Decisions (Superseded by SAPED) 1989-1993
SAPED South Australian Planning and Environmental Decisions (Formerly SAPD)
SAPR South Australian Planning Reports 1967-1981
SAR South African Republic Supreme Court Reports 1881-1892
South Australian Industrial Reports 1916-
SARDA Sage Annual Review of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
SART Student Assistance Review Tribunal
Sask Saskatchewan (Can)
Sask L Rev Saskatchewan Law Review
Sask LR Saskatchewan Law Reports (Can) 1908-1931
SASR South Australian State Reports 1921-1971; 1971-
SATC South African Tax Cases 1921-
SATPO Australian Taxation Office Library, Adelaide
Sau & Sc Sausse and Scully's Irish Rolls Court Reports 1837-1840
Sauls Reports in the time of Saulsbury (Delaware USA) (5-6 Del)
Saund Saunder's King's Bench Reports 1666-1673
Saund & A Saunders and Austin's Locus Standi Reports 1805-1904
Saund & B Saunders and Bidder's Locus Standi Reports 1905-1919
Saund & C Saunders and Cole's Bail Court Reports 1846-1848
Saund & M Saunders and Macrae's County Courts and Insolvency Cases 1852-1858
Sav Savile's Common Pleas Reports 1580-1594
Sav St R Zeitschrift der Savigny-stiftung fur Rechtsgeschichte (Ger)
Saw Sawyer's 9th Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1870-1884
SAWAJB South Australian and Western Australian Judgements Bulletin
SAWCT South Australia Workers Compensation Tribunal
Saxt  Saxton's New Jersey Equity Reports (New Jersey USA) 1830-1832 (1 NJ Eq)
Say Sayer's King's Bench Reports 1751-1756
SAYIL South African Yearbook of International Law 1975-
SB Scottish Banker
SC Court of Session Cases (Scotland)
Juta's Supreme Court Reports (Cape, S Afr) 1880-1910
South Carolina (USA)
South Carolina Reports (USA) 1868-
Sc & Div Law Reports, Scotch and Divorce Appeals 1866-1875
SC (HL) Court of Session Cases, House of Lords (Scotland) 1850-
SC (J) Session Cases, Court of Justiciary (Scotland) 1907-1916
SC J Int'l L & Bus South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business
Sc App Law Reports, Scotch Appeals (Scotland) 1851-1873
Sc Envtl LJ South Carolina Environmental Law Journal
SC Eq South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1784-1868
SC Is Selected Judgements of the Supreme Court of Israel 1948-
Sc Jur Scottish Jurist 1829-1873
Sc LR Scottish Law Reporter 1865-1925
Sc RR Scots Revised Reports Superior Courts 1707-1873, 1898-1908
Sc Stud Law Scandinavian Studies in Law
SCAG Standing Committee of Attorney-Generals
SCAL & P Scottish Constitutional and Administrative Law and Practice
Scam Scammon's Reports (Illinois USA) 1832-1844 (2-5 Ill)
Scand Stud Scandinavian Studies in Law
SCC Supreme Court of Canada
SCCHTLJ Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal
SCCJ Session Cases Court of Judiciary
SCCR Scottish Criminal Case Reports
SCG Supreme Court Gazette
Sch & Lef Schoales and Lefroy's Irish Chancery Reports 1802-1806
SCHL Session Cases House of Lords (Scotland)
SCL New South Wales Society for Computers and Law
South Carolina Law Reports (USA) 1783-1868
SCL Rev Scottish Construction Law Review
South Carolina Law Review
SCLR Scottish Civil Law Reports 1987-
SCNI Supreme Court of Norfolk Island - SCNI
SCOT BM Scottish Banker
Scot Jur Scottish Jurist 1829-1873
Scot L Rev Scottish Law Review and Sheriff Court Reports 1885-1963
Scot LJ Scottish Law Journal & Sheriff Court Record 1858-1861
Scot LR Scottish Law Reporter 1865-1925
Scots LTR Scots Law Times Reports 1893-
Scots RR Scots Revised Reports (Scotland) 1707-1873, 1898-1908
Scott Scott's Common Pleas Reports 1834-1840
Scott NR Scott's New Common Pleas Reports1840-1845
SCP News Supreme Court Practice News
SCR Juta's Supreme Court Cases (Cape, S Afr)1880-1910
Supreme Court Reports (Can) 1876-
Supreme Court Reports (Sarawak) 1928-1941, 1946-1951
Supreme Court Reports (Sri L) 1892-1893
Supreme Court Reports India) 1950-
SCR (L) Supreme Court Reports Law (NSW) 1862-1879
SCR (NS) (NSW) Supreme Court Reports (New Series) (NSW) 1878-1879
SCR (NSW) Supreme Court Reports (New South Wales)1862-1876
SCR (NSW) Eq Supreme Court Reports (NSW) Equity 1862-1879
SCR (Q) Supreme Court of Queensland Reports 1860-1881
SCRA Philippine Supreme Court Reports (Annotated) 1961-
Scribes J Leg Writing Scribes Journal of Legal Writing
SCULR Southern Cross University Law Review
SD South Dakota (USA)
South Dakota Reports (South Dakota USA) 1890-1976
SD Rulings Stamp Duties Rulings (CCH)
SDB Sex Discrimination Board (SA)
SDIA Select Documents on International Law
SDL Stamp Duties Law
SDL Rev South Dakota Law Review
SE South Eastern Reporter, (USA) 1887-1939
Se Envtl L.J Southeastern Environmental Law Journal
SE 2d South Eastern Reporter, Second Series (USA) 1939-
Sea & Sm Searle and Smith's Probate and Divorce Reports 1859-1860
Searle Searle's Supreme Court Reports, Cape of Good Hope (S Afr) 1850-1867
SEATO South - East Asian Treaty Organisation
Seattle J Soc Just Seattle Journal for Social Justice
Seattle U L Rev Seattle University Law Review
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission Decisions and Reports (USA) 1934-
Sec Int'l & Comp L Bull Section of International and Comparative Law Bulletin
SEC Jud Dec Securities and Exchange Commission Judicial Decisions (USA) 1934
SEGJ Law Society Solicitors' European Group Journal
Sel Cas Ch Select Cases in Chancery 1685-1698
Sel Cas Ev Select Cases in Evidence (Strange) 1698-1732
Seld Selden's Notes on Appeal Cases (New York USA) 1851-1854 (5-10 NY Ch App)
Seld Soc Rep Selden Society Reports
Selw NP Selwyn, Law of Nisi Prius 13ed 1869
Sem Jurid Semaine Juridique
SEOC Equal Opportunity Commission (South Australia) Library, Adelaide
SEPP State Environmental Planning Policy
Serg & R Sergeant & Rawle's Reports (Pennsylvania USA) 1814-1828
Sess Cas KB Sessions Settlement Cases, King's Bench 1710-1748
Sess Cas Sc Court of Session Cases (Scotland) 1821-
Seton Hall Cir Rev Seton Hall Circuit Review
Seton Hall Const LJ Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal
Seton Hall J Sport L Seton Hall Journal of Sport Law
Seton Hall J Sports & Ent L Seton Hall Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law
Seton Hall LJ Seton Hall Law Journal
Seton Hall L Rev Seton Hall Law Review
Seton Hall Legis J Seton Hall Legislative Journal
Sett & Rem Cases adjudged in KB, concerning Settlements & Removals 1710-1742
SF L Rev San Francisco Law Review
SFCA Family Court of Australia, Adelaide Registry, Library
SGCA Singapore Court of Appeal
SGHC Singapore High Court
SGIO State Government Insurance Office
Sh Shadforth's Reserved Judgments, Victoria 1846-1851
Sh & Macl Shaw and Maclean's Scotch Appeal Cases 1835-1838
Sh Ct of Sess Shaw, Court of Session Cases (Scotland) 1821-1838
Sh Ct Rep Sheriff Court Reports (Scotland) 1885-1963
Sh Dig P Shaw's Digest of Decisions (Scotland) 1726-1868
Sh Jus J Shaw's Justiciary Cases (Scotland) 1848-1852
Sh Just P Shaw's Justiciary Decisions (Scotland) 1919-1931
Sh LRN Sharia Law Reports (Nigeria)
Sh Sc App P Shaw's Scotch Appeals 1821-1824
Sh Teind Ct P Shaw's Teind Court Decisions (Scotland) 1821-1831
Shad Shadforth's Reports, Victoria 1846-1851
Shand Shand's Reports (South Carolina (USA) (11-14 SC)
Shaw & Macl Shaw & MacLean's Scotch Appeals (Scotland) 1835-1838
Shaw (GB) G B Shaw's Reports (Vermont USA) (10-11 Vt)
Shaw (WG)  W G Shaw's Reports (Vermont USA) (30-35 Vt)
Shaw App Shaw's Appeal Cases (Scotland) 1821-1824
Shaw Dig Shaw's Digest of Decisions (Scotland) 1726-1868
Shaw HL Shaw's Appeal Cases, House of Lords (Scotland) 1821-1824
Shaw J John Shaw's Justiciary Cases (Scotland) 1848-1852
Shaw P Patrick Shaw's Teind Court Decisions (Scotland) 1821-1831
Shaw Teind Shaw's Teind Court Decisions (Scotland) 1821-1831
SHE & PG Stephenson Harwood Employment and Pensions Group
Shep Shepard's Reports (Alabama USA) (19-21, 24-41, 49-51, 60, 63-66 Ala)
Shepley's Reports (Maine USA) (13-18, 21-30 Me)
Shep Touch Sheppard's Touchstone of Common Assurance 8ed 1826
Shipp Shipp's Reports (North Carolina USA) (66-67 NC)
Shirl Shirley's Reports (New Hampshire USA) (49-55 NH)
Show Shower's King's Bench Reports, ed Butt 1678-1695
Show Parl Cas Shower's Parliamentary Cases 1694-1699
SHRJ Scottish Human Rights Journal
SI Statutory Instrument
SIA Securities Institute of Australia
Sick Sickel's Reports (New York USA) (46-85 NY Ct App)
Sid Siderfin's King's Bench Reports 1657-1670
SILR Solomon Islands Law Reports 1980-
Sim Simmon's Reports (Wisconsin USA) (95-97, 99 Wis)
Simons' Vice-Chancellor's Reports 1826-1850
Sim & C Simmon's & Conover's Reports (Wisconsin USA) (99-100 Wis)
Sim & St Simons and Stuart's Vice-Chancellor's Reports 1822-1826
Sim (NS) Simons' Vice-Chancellor's Reports New Series 1850-1852
Sing JICL Singapore Journal of International & Comparative Law
Sing LR  Singapore Law Review
SIR Space Insurance Report
Sister in Law Sister in Law
SJ Solicitors' Journal
SJIS Stanford Journal of International Law Studies
SJLB Solicitors Journal Law Brief
SKCA Saskatechewan Court of Appeal
Skin Skinner's King's Bench Reports 1681-1698
Skinker Skinker's Reports (Missouri USA) (65-79 Mo)
SKQB Saskatechewan Queen's Bench
SL & F Sports Law and Finance
SLA & P Sports Law Administration and Practice
SLAC Suburban Law Association Convention (Victoria)
Slade Slade's Reports (Vermont USA) (15 Vt)
SLB Australian Superannuation Law Bulletin
Sports Law Bulletin
Superannuation Law Bulletin (IBC)
SLC Scottish Law Commission
SLCR Scottish Land Courts Reports
SLG Scottish Law Gazette
SLJ Seoul Law Journal
SLJR Sudan Law Journal and Reports 1956-
SLLP Scottish Licensing Law and Practice
SLLR Sierra Leone Law Reports 1961-
Slovenian L Rev Slovenian Law Review
SLPQ Scottish Law and Practice Quarterly
SLR Saskatchewan Law Reports (Can) 1907-1931
Scottish Land Court Reports 1913-
Seychelles Law Reports 1921-1923
Singapore Law Reports 1946-1949, 1953-1956, 1993-
Stanford Law Review
Student Law Review
Sudan Law Reports
Sydney Law Review
SLSR Sydney Law School Reports
SLT Scots Law Times
SLTL Scots Law Times Land Courts Reports
SLTS Scots Law Times Sheriff Court Reports
SLTY Scots Law Times Lyon Court Reports
SM Stipendiary Magistrate
Sm & Bat Smith and Batty's King's Bench Reports (Ireland) 1824-1825
Sm C Trib Smalls Claims Tribunal
Sm & G Smale and Giffard's Chancery Reports 1852-1857
SMART Sydney Maritime Arbitration Rules and Terms 
SMB Stipendiary Magistrates Bulletin
Smedes & M Smedes & Marshall's Reports (Mississippi USA) 1843-1850 (9-22 Miss)
Smedes & M Ch Smedes and Marshall's Chancery Reports (Mississippi USA) 1840-1843
SMH Sydney Morning Herald
Smith PF Smith's Reports (Pennsylvania USA) (51-81 PaSt)
Smith's Reports (California USA) (54-62 Cal)
Smith's Reports (New Hampshire USA) 1796-1815
Smith's Reports (South Dakota USA) (2-4 SD)
Smith Smith's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1925-1932 (154-164 Tenn)
Smith & H Smith & Heiskell's Tennessee Reports (Tennessee USA) 1870-1874 (48-59 Tenn) (7, 12 Heiskell's Tennessee Reports)
Smith (Ind) Smith's Reports (Indiana USA) 1946-49 (1-4 Ind)
Smith (Me) Smith's Reports (Maine USA) (61-64 Me)
Smith (Wis) AD Smith's Reports (Wisconsin USA) (1-11 Wis)
Smith KB J P Smith's King's Bench Reports 1803-1806
Smith LC Smith's Leading Cases 13ed1929
Smith NY EP Smith's Reports (New York USA) (15-27 NY Ct App)
Smith Reg Cas C L Smith's Registration Cases 1895-1914
SMLL Law Society of South Australia, Murray Law Library, Adelaide
SMN New South Wales Solicitor's Manual
SMU L Rev SMU Law Review
Smythe Smythe's Irish Common Pleas Reports (Ireland) 1839-1840
Sneed Sneed's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1853-1858 (33-37 Tenn)
Sneed Dec Sneed's Kentucky Decisions (Kentucky USA) 1801-1805 (2 Ky)
So Southern Reporter, (USA) 1887-1941
So 2d Southern Reporter, Second Series (USA) 1941-
So Afr LR South African Law Reports 1947-
So Afr LT South African Law Times 1932-1936
So Afr Pr Cas South African Prize Cases by Juta 1914-1918
So Aus LR South Australian Law Reports 1865-1892; 1899-1921
Soc & LegalS Social & Legal Studies
Soc Sec Rep Social Security Reporter
Social Justice Social Justice (Formerly Crime and Social Justice)
Socio-Legal Bulletin Socio Legal Bulletin (Formerly Socio-Legal Newsletter)
SOE State Owned Enterprise (NZ)
Sol J Solicitor's Journal
Solar L Rep Solar Law Reporter
Southard Southard's New Jersey Law Reports (New Jersey USA) 1816-1820 (4,5 NJL)
Sov L & G Soviet Law & Government
SPAR Parliamentary Library of South Australia, Adelaide
Spaulding Spaulding's Reports (Maine USA) (71-80 Me)
Spc L Socialist Lawyer
Speers Speers' (or Spears') South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1842-44 (28-29 SCL)
Sp Ecc & Ad Spinks Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Reports
Speers Eq Speers' (or Spears') South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1842-44 (17 SC Eq)
SPEL Scottish Planning and Environmental Law
Spenc Spencer's New Jersey Law Reports (New Jersey USA) 1842-1846 (20 NJL)
Spencer's Reports (Minnesota USA) (10-20 Minn)
SPJ Senior Puisne Judge (Queensland)
SPLB South Pacific Law Bulletin
SPLP Scottish Planning Law & Practice
SPLR Scottish Parliament Law Review
South Pacific Law Reports 1948-1950
SPN Ritchie's Supreme Court Procedure New South Wales
Spoon Spooner's Reports (Wisconsin USA) (12-15 Wis)
Sports Law J Sports Lawyers Journal
SPQ Queensland Supreme Court Practice
Sprague Sprague's US District Court (Admiralty) Decisions (USA) 1841-1864 (District of Massachusetts)
SPTL Reporter Society of Public Teachers of Law Reporter
SQR State Reports Queensland 1905-
SR Southern Rhodesia Law Reports 1911-
Statutes of the Realm 1810-1824
Statutory Regulations (NZ) 1936-
Statutory Rules (Commonwealth of Australia) 1901-
SR (NSW) State Reports (New South Wales) 1901-1970
SR (NSW) B & P State Reports (New South Wales) Bankruptcy and Probate 1901-1970
SR (NSW) Eq State Reports (New South Wales) Equity 1901-1970
SR (WA) The State Reports (Western Australia) 1980-
SRB Superannuation and Retirement Benefits in Australia
SRC Stuart's Appeal Cases (Quebec) 1810-1853
SREP Sydney Regional Environmental Plan
SRHCR Southern Rhodesia High Court Reports 1911-
Sri Lanka J Int'l L Sri Lanka Journal of International Law
SRI LR Sri Lanka Law Reports 1978-
SRLJ Securities Regulation Law Journal
SRQ State Reports Queensland 1905-
SSAT Social Security Appeals / Administrative Tribunal
SSC State Services Commission (NZ)
Supreme Court of South Australia Library, Adelaide
SSD Soviet Statutes & Decisions
SSI Scottish Statutory Instrument
SSLR Straits Settlements Law Reports (Malaysia) 1867-1942
SSR Social Security Reporter
St & Loc L News State and Local Law News
St J LR St John's Law Review
St. John's J Legal Comment St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary
St John's L Rev St. John's Law Review
St L ULJ Saint Louis University Law Journal
St Louis U Pub L Rev Saint Louis University Public Law Review
St Louis U J Health L & Pol'y (2008) Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy
St Louis-Warsaw Transatlantic LJ Saint Louis-Warsaw Transatlantic Law Journal
St Mary's LJ St Mary's Law Journal
St R Qd Queensland State Reports 1902-1957
St RQ State Reports Queensland 1902-1957
ST Rulings Sales Tax Rulings 
St Thomas L Rev St Thomas Law Review
Stafford Stafford's Reports (Vermont USA) (69-71 Vt)
STAIR Stair Society
Stair Rep Stair's Decisions, Court of Session (Scotland) 1661-1681
Stan Envtl LJ Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Stan J CR & CL Stanford Journal of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
Stan J Int'l L Stanford Journal of International Law
Stan JL Bus & Fin Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance
Stan L & Pol'y Rev Stanford Law and Policy Review
Stan LR Stanford Law Review
Stan Tech. L Rev Stanford technology Law Review
Stanton Stanton's Reports (Ohio USA) (11-13 Ohio)
Stark Starkie's Nisi Prius Reports 1814-1822
Stat Dec Statutory Declaration
Stat LR Statute Law Review
State Tr Howell's State Trials 1163-1820
State Tr (NS) State Trials, New Series (Macdonnell) 1820-1858
STC Sales Tax Cases (CCH)
Simon's Tax Cases 1973-
Stellenbosch L Rev Stellenbosch Law Review
Steph Stephens, Supreme Court Decisions (Jamaica) 1774-1923
Stevens & G Stevens & Graham's Reports (Georgia USA) (98-139 Ga)
Stew Stewart's Reports (Alabama USA) 1827-1831
Stew & P Stewart & Porter's Reports (Alabama USA) 1831-1834
Stew Eq Stewart's New Jersey Equity Reports (New Jersey USA) 1877-1889 (28-45 NJ Eq)
Stewart Stewart's Reports (South Dakota USA) (1-10 SD)
Stewart's Vice-Admiralty Reports (Nova Scotia) (Can) 1803-1813
Stewart N Sc Stewart's Nova Scotia Vice Admiralty Reports (Can) 1803-1813
STI Simon's Tax Intelligence
Stiles Stiles' Reports (Iowa USA) (22-37 Iowa)
Still Eccl Cas Stillingfleet's Ecclesiastical Cases 1698-1704
Stiness Stiness' Reports (Rhode Island USA) (20-34 RI)
STL Shipping and Trade Law
Sto CC Story's US1st Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1839-1845
Stockett Stockett's Reports (Maryland USA) (27-79 Md)
Stockt Stockton's New Jersey Equity Reports (New Jersey USA) 1852-1858 (9-11 NJ Eq)
Stop Press New South Wales Bar Association Monthly Newsletter
Story Story's Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence
Str Ev Cas Strange's Cases of Evidence 1698-1752
Stra Strange's King's Bench Reports 1716-1749
Strahan Strahan's Reports (Oregon USA) (19 Ore)
Stratton Stratton's Reports (Oregon USA) (12-14, 19 Ore)
Stringfellow Stringfellow's Reports (Missouri USA) (9-11 Mo)
Strob Strobhart's South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1846-1850 (32-36 SCL)
Strobhart's South Carolina Law Reports (South Carolina USA) 1846-1850 (32-36 SCL)
Strob Eq  Strobhart's South Carolina Equity Reports (South Carolina USA) 1846-1850 (20-23 SC Eq)
Stu M & P Stuart, Milne and Peddie's Court of Session Cases (Scotland) 1851-1853
Stuart Stuart, Milne and Peddie's Court of Session Cases (Scotland) 1851-1853
Stuart Adm NS Stuart's Lower Canada Vice-Admiralty Reports, New Series 1859-1874

Stuart KB-Syracuse J Legis & Po

Abbreviation Title
Stuart KB Stuart's Lower Canada King's Bench Reports (Quebec) 1810-1853
Stuart LCVA Stuart's Lower Canada Vice-Admiralty Reports (Quebec) 1836-1874
Stud CLG Studies in Comparative Local Government
Stud Int'l Fin Econ & Tech L Studies in International Financial, Economic, and Technology Law
Stud Transnat'l Legal Pol'y Studies in Transnational Legal Policy
Student Law Student Lawyer
Sty Style's King's Bench Reports 1646-1855
Su L Rev Southern University Law Review
SUBB Jurisprudentia Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Jurisprudentia
Suffolk U L Rev Suffolk University Law Review
SULR Southern University Law Review
SULSAA Sydney University Law School Alumni Association
Summerfield Summerfield's Reports (Nevada USA) (21 Nev)
Sumn Sumner's US 1st Circuit Court Reports (USA) 1829-1839
Sustainable Dev L & Pol'y Sustainable Development Law & Policy
Sup Ct Supreme Court
Supreme Court Reporter (USA) 1882-
Sup Ct Econ Rev Supreme Court Economic Review
Sup Ct R The Supreme Court Review
Sup Ct Rep Supreme Court Reporter (USA) 1882-
Sup Ct Rev Supreme Court Review
Sup Rev Super Review
SUR - Int'l J. on Hum Rts Sur - International Journal on Human Rights
SUU University of the South Pacific Library, Suva
SYBI Singapore Year Book of International Law
SVAR Stuart's Vice-Admiralty Reports (Quebec) 1836-1874
SW South Western Reporter (USA) 1887-1928
Swabey's Admiralty Reports 1855-1859
Sw & Tr Swabey & Tristram's Ecclesiastical Reports 1858-1865
SW 2d South Western Reporter, Second Series (USA) 1928-
Sw J Int'l L Southwestern Journal of International Law
Sw JL & Trade Americas Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas
Sw LJ Southwestern Law Journal
Sw UL Rev Southwestern University Law Review
SWA Reports of the High Court of South West Africa 1920-1946
Swab Admr Swabey's Admiralty Reports 1855-1859
SWAJB South & Western Australia Judgments Bulletin
Swan Swan's Reports (Tennessee USA) 1851-1853 (31-32 Tenn)
Swanston's Chancery Reports 1818-1819
Swin Swinton's Justiciary Reports (Scotland) 1835-1841
Syd Inst Crim Proc University of Sydney Faculty of Law Proceedings of the Institute of Criminology (Succeeded by Current Issues in Criminal Justice)
Syd L Rev Sydney Law Review
Syd LR Sydney Law Review
Syme Syme's Justiciary Reports (Scotland) 1826-1830
Syr LR Syracuse Law Review
Syracuse J Int'L & Com Syracuse Journal of International  Law and Commerce
Syracuse J Legis & Po Syracuse Journal of Legislation and Policy


Abbreviation Title
T Circular Letters, of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, reprinted in:  Durie, R & Catterns, D Broadcasting law and practice, LBC, 1987
Traffic Cases 1874-
Transvaal Provincial Division Reports (S Afr) 1910-1946
T & M Temple and Mew's Criminal Appeal Cases 1848-1851
T & T Trial and Tort Trends
Trusts and Trustees
T & T Sup Trinidad and Tobago, Supreme Court Judgements 1893-1933
T Ct Tax Court of the United States Reports (USA) 1942-
T Jefferson L Rev Thomas Jefferson Law Review
T Jo Sir T Jones' King's Bench Reports 1667-1685
T M Cooley L Rev Thomas M. Cooley Law Review
T Marshall L Rev Thurgood Marshall Law Review
T Raym Sir T Raymond's King's Bench Reports 1660-1684
Table Table (Journal of the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table in Commonwealth Parliament)
TACSLR Taylor's Australian Corporations & Securities Law Review  Only one issue published
TACT Review The Association of Corporate Trustees Review
TAD Tax Action Digest
TAI Trends and Issues in Crime & Criminal Justice
Tait Tait's Index to the Court of Session Decisions (Scotland) 1540-1820
Taml Tamlyn's Rolls Court Reports 1829-1830
Taney Taney's US 4th Circuit Court Decisions (USA) 1836-1861
Tann Tanner's Reports (Indiana USA) (8-14 Ind)
Tanner's Reports (Utah USA) (13-17 Utah)
TAQ The Aviation Quarterly
TAR Chartac Tax Action Report (New South Wales)
Tarl Tarleton Term Reports (New South Wales) 1881-1883
Tarl Term R Tarleton Term Reports (NSW) 1881-1883
Tas Bldg App R Tasmanian Building Appeal Reports 1967-
Tas CCA Tasmanian Court of Criminal Appeal
Tas Irreg Notes Tasmanian Irregular Notes
Tas L Rev University of Tasmania Law Review
Tas LN Tasmanian Law Newsletter
Tas LR Tasmanian Law Reports 1905-1940
Tas LRC Tasmanian Law Reform Commission
Tas Mining Bd Tasmanian Mining Board
Tas Planning App Bd Tasmanian Planning Appeals Board
Tas R Tasmanian Reports 1979-
Tas R (NC) Tasmanian Reports (Notes of Cases) (To be found at back of each Volume of Tasmanian Reports) 1979-
Tas SR Tasmanian State Reports 1941-1978
Tas SR (NC) Tasmanian State Reports (Notes of cases) (To be found at back of each Volume of Tasmanian State Reports) 1941-1978
Tas Uni L Rev See Univ Tas LR
Tas Univ LR University of Tasmania Law Review
TATO Australian Taxation Office, Library, Hobart
Taunt Taunton's Common Pleas Reports 1808-1819
Tax Taxation
Tax & Inv Tax and Investment
Tax A Tax Adviser
Tax ABC Tax Appeal Board Cases (Can) 1949-1971
Tax B Tax Briefing
Tax C Tax Commentary
Tax Cas Reports of Tax Cases 1875-
Tax Essays Tax Essays
Tax in Aust Taxation in Australia
Tax Int Tax International
Tax L Tax Lawyer
Tax LR Tax Law Review
Tax Mag The Tax Magazine
Tax N Tax Notes
Tax P Taxation Practitioner
Taxation Taxation Journal
Taxn in Aust Taxation in Australia
Tay Taylor's North Carolina Reports (North Carolina USA) 1798-1802 (1 NC)
Taylor's Upper Canada King's Bench Reports (Ontario, Can) 1823-1827
Taylor Taylor's North Carolina Term Reports (North Carolina USA) 1816-1818 (4 NC)
TBR Three Banks Review
Taxation Board of Review
TBRD Taxation Board of Review Decisions, 1950-1968
TBRD (NS) Taxation Board of Review Decisions, New Series (LBC) 1950-1969
TC Tax Cases 1875-
Tax Court of the United States Reports, 1942-
TCL The Capital Letter
TCLR Technology and Construction Law Reports
Trade and Competition Law Reports (NZ)
TCLRS The Complete Legal Research System (Consists of The Laws of Australia, Australian Digest 3rd ed, Australian Legal Monthly Digest
TCO Tariff Concession Orders
TEL & P Tolley's Employment Law and Practice
TELJ Technology and Entertainment Law Journal
Tel Aviv U Stud L Tel Aviv University Studies in Law
TELL Tolley's Employment Law-Line
temp Tempore (Latin) [in the time of]
Temp & M Temple & Mew's Crown Cases 1848-1851
Temp J Sci Tech & Envtl L Temple Journal of Science, Technology & Environmental Law
Temp LQ Temple Law Quarterly
Temp Wood Manitoba Reports tempore Wood (Can) 1875-1883
Temple Envtl L  & Tech J Temple Environmental Law and Technology Journal
Temple Int'l & Comp LJ Temple International and Comparative Law Journal
Temple L Rev Temple Law Review
Temple Pol & Civ Rts L Rev Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review
Tenn Tennessee (USA)
Tennessee Reports (Tennessee USA) 1791-1971
Tenn J L & Pol'y Tennessee Journal of Law & Policy
Tenn J Prac & Proc Tennessee Journal of Practice & Procedure
Tenn LR Tennessee Law Review
TEO Newsletter Tax Education Office Newsletter (NZ)
Term Rep Durnford & East's Term Reports  1785-1800
Terr Terrell's Reports (Texas USA) (52-71 Tex)
Terr & Walk Terrell & Walker's Reports (Texas USA) (38-51 Tex)
Terr LJ Territory Law Journal (NT Law Society)
Terr LR Territories Law Reports (NWT, Can) 1885-1907
Terry LJ Territory Law Journal (NT Law Society)
Terr Sea Territorial Sea
Tex Texas (USA)
Texas Reports (Texas USA) 1846-1962
Tex Cr App Texas Criminal Appeals Reports (Texas USA) 1876-1963
Tex Envtl LJ Texas Environmental Law Journal
Tex Hispanic JL & Pol'y Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy
Tex ILJ Texas International Law Journal
Tex J Bus L Texas Journal of Business Law
Tex J Oil Gas & Energy L Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law
Tex J Women & L Texas Journal of Women and the Law
Tex Intell Prop LJ Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
Tex LR Texas Law Review
Tex Rev Ent & Sports L Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law
Tex Rev L & Pol Texas Review of Law and Politics
Tex Tech Admin LJ Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal
Tex Tech L Rev Texas Tech Law Review
Tex Wesleyan L Rev Texas Wesleyan Law Review
TFIAPF Tax planning International Asia-Pacific Focus
TFM Testators Family Maintenance (Largely replaced in Australia by Family Provision Legislation)
TGA News TGA News (Therapeutic Goods Administration, Canberra)
TGACC Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code Council
TH Reports of the Witwatersrand High Court (Transvaal S Afr) 1902-1910
Thacher Cr Cas Thacher's Criminal Cases (Massachusetts USA) 1823-1842
Thayer Thayer's Reports (Oregon USA) (18 Ore)
Themis Revue Juridique Themis de l'Universite de Montreal (Can) 1966
Theoretical Inq L Theoretical Inquiries in Law
Thom Thomson's Nova Scotia Reports (Can) 1834-1851; 1856-1859
Thom & Fr Thomas and Franklin's Chancery Reports (Maryland USA) (1 Md Ch)
Thomps Cas Thompson's Cases (Tennessee USA) 1913-1926 (128-153 Tenn)
Thompson Thompson's Reports (California USA) (39-40 Cal)
Thor Thorington's Reports (Alabama USA) (107 Ala)
Thorpe Thorpe's Louisiana Annual Reports (Louisiana USA) 1900 (52 La Ann)
THRHR Tydskrif vir Heedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg (S Afr) 1948-
TI Tax Notes International
TIA Taxation In Australia (blue edition)
Taxation in Australia (red edition)
Taxation Institute of Australia
TIAC Taxation Institute of Australia  National Conventions, Papers & Commentaries
TIAIS Taxation Institute of Australia Intensive Seminar Papers
TIARE Taxation in Australia (red edition)
TIC Tasmanian Industrial Commission
Ticket of Leave Ticket of Leave (Macquarie University Law Society)
Tiff Tiffany's Reports (New York USA) 1867-1868 (28-39 NY Ct App)
Tij R Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgescheidenis (Neth)
Tilburg L Rev Tilburg Law Review
TIND Tasmanian Industrial Commission Library, Hobart
TJR The Judicial Review (Judicial Commission of NSW)
TL Reports of the Witwatersrand Local Division of the Supreme Court (S Afr) 1910-46
TL & P Trust Law and Practice (Tolley, UK - now Trust Law International 1990)
TL & PR Telecommunications Law & Policy Review
TLA Dept of Justice (Tasmania) DM Chambers Library, Hobart
The Laws of Australia
TLFB Law Foundation of Tasmania, North West Library, Burnie
TLFH Law Foundation of Tasmania, Southern Law Library, Hobart
TLFL Law Foundation of Tasmania, Launceston Law Library
TLJ Torts Law Journal
Travel Law Journal
TLN Tasmanian Law Newsletter
TLP Transport Law and Policy
TLPR Australian Telecommunications Law & Policy Review
TLR Tanganyika Law Reports 1921-52
Tasmanian Law Reports 1905-40
The Times Law Reports 1884-1952
Tongan Law Review
Tort Law Review
Tulane Law Review
TLS Times Literary Supplement
TM Cooley J Prac & Clinical L Thomas M. Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law
TMIF Tax Management International Forum
TMIJ Tax Management International Journal
TMN Tax Matters Newsletter (Australian Tax Research Foundation)
TMR Trade Mark Reporter
TNI Tax Notes International
TNS Tax News Service (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, Amsterdam) 
Tobey Tobey's Reports (Rhode Island USA) (9-10 RI)
TOL Ticket of Leave (Macquarie University Law Society)
Tol J Great Lakes' L Sci & Pol'y Toledo Journal of Great Lakes' Law, Science & Policy
TOM Ombudsman (Tasmania) Law Library, Hobart
Toml Cas Tomlin's Election Cases 1689-1795
Tong LR Tonga Law Reports
Tonga LR Tonga Law Reports 1990-
Tort & Ins LJ Tort and Insurance Law Journal
Tort & Med YB Tort and Medical Yearbook
Tort L Rev Tort Law Review
Tort LR Tort Law Review
Tort Trial & Ins Prac LJ Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal
Toth Tothill's Transactions in Chancery 1550-1646
TOTR Tolley's Overseas Tax Reporter
Touro Int'l L Rev Touro International Law Review
Touro L Rev Touro Law Review
Town St Tr Townsend, Modern State Trials 1850
Toxic Toxic (Ecol Data P/L, Everton Park, Qld)
TP Trade Practices
TP & LG Town Planning and Local Government Guide
TPA Trade Practices Act 1974 (Clth)
TPAA (NZ) Trade Practices Appeal Authority (NZ)
TPAT Town Planning Appeals Tribunal (WA)
TPC Trade Practices Cases 1977-1982
TPC Bulletin Trade Practices Commission Bulletin
TPCB Trade Practices Commission Bulletin
TPCD Trade Practices Commission Decisions and Determinations 1977-1982
TPCDD Trade Practices Commissions Decisions and Determinations 1977-1982
TPD Police Dept (Tasmania) Library
South African Law Reports, Transvaal Provincial Division (S Afr) 1910-1946
TPG Town Planning and Local Government Guide
TPIEUF Tax Planning International European Union Focus
TPIR Tax Planning International Review
TPITP Tax Planning International Transfer Pricing
TPLB Trade Practices Law Bulletin - continued Australian and New Zealand Trade Practices Advertising and Marketing Law Bulletin; known as AMLB
TPLGG Town Planning and Local Government Guide
TPLJ Trade Practices Law Journal (continued by Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law)
TPP Australian Tenancy Practice and Precedents
TPR Trade Practices Reports 1982-1983
TPRS Trade Practices Reporting Service 1976-1982
TPT Trade Practices Tribunal
TPTS Tolley's Practical Tax
TR Durnford & East's Term Reports 1785-1800
Tax Rulings
Taxation Reports 1939-
Tr & Est Trusts and Estates
Tr Law Trading Law and Trading Law Reports
Tr LR Trading Law Reports 1893-
Trinidad Law Reports 1893-
TRA Takeovers and Reconstructions in Australia
Taxation Review Authority (NZ)
Trad L Trading Law
Trade Cas Trade Cases (USA) 1944-
Trademark World Trademark World
Traff Cas Traffic Cases Decided by the Transport Tribunal 1874-
Trans L & P Transport Law and Policy
Trans LJ Transportation Law Journal
Transnat'l L & Contemp Probs Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems
Transnat'l Law Transnational Lawyer
Transp LJ Transportation Law Journal
Trav Com Ref Travaux de la Commission de Reforme du Code Civil
Tread Treadway's South Carolina Constitutional Reports (South Carolina USA) 1812-16 (6-7 SCL)
Trem PC Tremaine's Pleas of the Crown 1723
Trends L Libr Mgmt & Tech Trends in Law Library Management and Technology
Trent LJ Trent Law Journal
Trib Tribunal
Tribal LJ Tribal law Journal
Trinity CL Rev Trinity College Law Review
TRIPS The GATT Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
Trist Tristram's Consistory Judgments 1872-1890
TRNZ Tax Reports (NZ; Continues NZTBR)
Tru Trueman's Equity Cases (New Brunswick) (Can) 1876-1893
Tru & ELJ Trusts and Estates Law Journal
Trusts and Estates Tax Law Journal
Tru LI Trust Law International (Tolley, UK - formerly Trust Law and Practice)
TS Reports of the Supreme Court of the Transvaal (S Afr) 1902-1910
Treaty Series
TSCJ Supreme Court of Tasmania, Judges Library, Hobart
TTB Terbitan Tak Berkala 1990-
TTI Tolley's Tax Investigation
Tulane Tax Institute
TTLR Tanganyika Territory Law Reports 1921-1947
TTR Tarleton's Term Reports (NSW) 1881-1883
Trust Territory Reports 1951-1979 (Trust Territory of Pacific Islands now Micronesia and Marshall Islands)
TU L University of Tasmania Law Library, Hobart
Tuck Tucker's Reports (Massachusetts USA) (156-175 Mass)
Tucker's Select Cases (Newfoundland) 1817-1828
Tuck Sel Cas Tucker's Select Cases (Newfoundland) 1817-1828
Tudor LC Merc Law Tudor's Leading Cases on Mercantile and Maritime Law
Tul CLF Tulane Civil Law Forum
Tul Envtl LJ Tulane Environmental Law Journal
Tul Eur & Civ LF Tulane European and Civil Law Forum
Tul J Comp & Int'l L Tulsa Journal of Comparative & International Law
Tul J Tech & Intell Prop Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
Tul LR Tulane Law Review
Tul Mar LJ Tulane Maritime Law Journal
Tulsa J Int'l & Comp L Tulsa Journal of International and Comparative Law
Tulsa L Rev Tulsa Law Review
Tulsa LJ Tulsa Law Journal
Tur Turner's Reports (Arkansas USA) (35-48 Ark)
Turner's Reports (Kentucky USA) (99-101 Ky)
Turn & R Turner and Russell's Chancery Reports 1822-1824
Tuttle & C Tuttle & Carpenter's Reports (California USA) (52 Cal)
TW Trademark World
TWU Transport Workers' Union of Australia
Tyler Tyler's Reports (Vermont USA) 1800-1803
Tyng Tyng's Reports (Massachusetts USA) 1806-1820 (2-17 Mass)
Tyr Tyrwhitt's Exchequer Reports 1830-1835
Tyr & Gr Tyrwhitt and Granger's Exchequer Reports 1835-1836