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Engineering: Library Orientation 2017

This guide provides a selection of resources for research in Engineering and is intended primarily for undergraduates in Engineering.

EXPLORE! Engineering Library Orientation

  • Complete each of the three activities below: Parts 1, 2 and 3.
  • Use Internet Explorer only
  • Follow the instructions exactly
  • For help, ask a student volunteer

Explore: Part 1 Library Walkthrough

Note: These simulations are not viewable on iPads.
Follow all the instructions on the screen. 
Do not fast forward or you may find you are not able to answer the questions, and the screen will freeze.
Take your time, wait each screen to finish, then use the Continue button.
Once you have completed each section of the Library Walkthrough, click on the browser back button to take you back to this page.
Alternatively, open a new tab on your browser, and then click on the Engineering Library Guide from the Frequent display


Get ready to start Part 2., after completion of this short survey

Fill out Feedback for Part 1 Library Walkthough now. Thank-you.

Explore: Part 2 About Learning Skills

Part 2: About learning skills
An introduction to the Library's study and communication skills help and resources 

  • Click on the link above
  • The module will open in a new tab
  • You will be prompted to open the Library website in another tab
  • Information and instructions appear in the module 
  • Follow the instructions exactly to find the answers to the questions

Part 2: Feedback form

Explore: Part 3 Academic Integrity Quiz

Part 3: Academic Integrity Quiz

  • This quiz is compulsory for all new Engineering students
  • Log in to Moodle
  • You should now be in Engineering Orientation Online 
  • NB: if the above link does not work, access and select Moodle
  • Scroll down to iv Academic Integrity Quiz
  • Read the information and instructions then complete the quiz
  • Depending on your score, you may be directed to:
    • complete an online tutorial
    • attend an Engineering Essentials workshop

Useful links for Library Orientation

Here are three things to help you in Orientation week:

  1. Remember to sign up for Engineering Essentials sessions from the Library class booking system
  2. Find available PCs in the Library using PC Finder
    Want to know your chance of finding a spare PC at a Library? The PC Finder lets you know how many free computers each participating library has, and a map showing where to find them 
  3. Wireless Access in the Library