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EndNote: Library Search

This software package for managing references (citations) is available free to Monash University students and staff. This guide has information about working with EndNote in the Monash University environment.

Direct export of references using Monash Library Search

Note: The methods described on this page may sometimes require an import filter to be selected manually. Choose the RefMan RIS filter when prompted. 

Using the Push to EndNote option:

Using the Monash U connection file

Using Push to EndNote

Export a selection of records to EndNote

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. In the Search box, perform a brief search, e.g. type “jane austen” including the quotation marks.
  3. Select the items you want by clicking the star beside each record – it will change to yellow.
    add to e-shelf
  4. To Export to EndNote click on e-Shelf in the top right corner of the web page and review the list you have created.
    Tick any items you want to export to your library. Using the Select how to save pulldown option, select Push to Endnote Desktop (RIS), then click Go.
    export from e-shelf
  5. A Push to RIS (Import to Citation Manager) window may appear. Its appearance may differ according to the web browser you are using. Click OK to accept the default settings.
    push to irs
  6. An export window may appear. You are performing a Direct Export and want to ‘open’ the file, so ensure the Open with setting is selected as illustrated, and click OK.
    open with endnote
    For Windows, open with the Direct Export Helper.
    For Macs, see Tips for Mac users at
    Alternatively, if a File Download window displays, click Open.
  7. The records appear in the library. Choose the RefMan RIS filter if prompted.
    select refman ris
  8. Double click on a reference to view the content and check for errors or omissions in the data.

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Direct export individual Library records into EndNote

  1. Using Search, find the individual record for the item you want and display the Details view.
  2. Using the Actions pull-down menu choose the Endnote Desktop (RIS) option, then follow instructions 5 - 8 above.
    export individual Library Search record

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Using the Monash U connection file

There is also a connection file that allows you to look for Library records by using the Online Search function in EndNote. A modified connection file is required for this method. Visit the Filters and connection files page for more details.

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