Building English skills: Reading

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Reading is an excellent way to extend your vocabulary and  improve your English language skills.  Reading novels, short stories, magazines and newspaper articles is an enjoyable way to improve your general English.

Access to reading materials


You can borrow excellent academic and general reading material from university and public libraries.

Monash libraries

Monash University Libraries

The Matheson Library at the Clayton campus and Monash libraries at Berwick, Gippsland, Caulfield and Peninsula campuses have all the daily newspapers as well as a range of fiction and non-fiction books for general reading.

Monash Student Association runs the John Medley Library, which is  designed for recreational reading, listening and veiwing. The JML collection includes magazines, newspapers, novels, CDs and DVDs. The book collection ranges from fiction and non-fiction to travel guides, cook books and romance novels.

Local city libraries

Local libraries may offer English language materials to their borrowers. Locate your municipal library by contacting your city council.

E-books at Monash - Grammar books

University and public libraries have a growing collection of electronic books or 'e-books'.

Monash University students may search the the e-book collection at Monash University Library to access books, including an extensive range of English grammar books in e-book format.