Building English skills: Speaking and pronunciation

Pronunciation resources

Pronunciation can be improved by listening to special pronunciation CDs with accompanying books. Ship or Sheep and In Tempo are self paced pronunciation courses held by many university and public libraries.

Follow this link to an online pronunciation guide for the Ship or Sheep series


Do you love to sing and listen to music? Learn the pronunciation, stress and intonation patterns of English by listening to and singing songs. Specialist English language bookshops will have the book and CD kit,  Heinemann ELT Hits which comes with the music and lyrics from popular songs. The kit  is especially designed for speakers of languages other than English.  Search the National Library of Australia TROVE repository to find a library which holds this book and CD course.

Lyrics for popular songs may also be found through the Lyrics Search Engine.

English Language Programs at Monash University

English Connect

These classes are a set of extra-curricular language activities aimed at developing the global competences of domestic and international students and enhancing the student experience through cross cultural communication and making new friends! 

For more information on the 2017 classes, please head to the English Connect page. 


Conversation resources

Special conversation resources are recommended for improving spoken English. A good book for improving conversation skills is Conversation Gambits which provides real English conversation practice through 'gambits' of conversation for various situations, such as finding a way into group discussions, offering an opinion, going for job interviews and getting to know someone. Practise the role-plays in the book with a friend.

Learn common expressions to use in conversation at the Focus English website.

Speaking in university classes

Learn more about seminar and class discussions with EASE (Essential Academic Skills in English): Speaking in Seminars. You will need to type in your Monash computer account details.

Conversation opportunities

The best way to gain confidence in speaking English is by talking to native speakers of English. Try joining an interesting club or activity where you will be  communicating with people in English.

Join a club at university

Joining a club through the University Union, Clubs and Societies will provide an opportunity to make friends with other students and use English as the shared language.

Join a class at a local Community Centre

In Australia there are associations known as Neighbourhood Houses or Community Houses/Centres. The centres frequently offer low cost English Conversation classes. Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses also run many general interest classes. ESL learners could use these classes as an opportunity to mix with native speakers of English.

Find out about more Neighbourhood Houses and Community Houses in your area by contacting the local council

Information about Community and Neighbourhood houses in Melbourne can be found at the Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres website

Join an English language circle, meetup and Google+ hangout in your area

Search the internet to find English language circles or meetups in your area.

'Australian' English

Although it is difficult to define an Australian English, there are several resources to help non-native speakers of English to better understand common phrases from everyday 'Australian' English

Boyer Educational Resources offers several free resources for devloping grammar, pronunciation, speaking and spelling