Medical imaging and radiation sciences: Journal articles & databases

Guide to information resources and services for Medical imaging and radiation sciences

Key medical databases for journal articles

Ovid Medline covers medicine, nursing, allied health and pre-clinical sciences.

PubMed is the free version of Medline. Full text via Monash Library is now available

Scopus medicine, social science, science and technology.

EMBASE complements Medline with greater 
coverage of European & pharmacological literature.

Cochrane library includes controlled trials, systematic reviews and economic evaluations. Access is free for all Australian residents.

Informit is a suite of databases with an Australasian focus. Includes health, education, law, indigenous and social sciences.

CINAHL plus covers nursing & allied health.

PsycINFO covers psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Database search strategy - online tutorial

Citation searching - who's citing whom?

These databases offer citation searching. How does it work?

  1. You've found a relevant journal article.
  2. Go back in time by looking up which studies the authors have cited.
  3. Go forward by seeing if anyone has cited the article.
  4. Trace the development of ideas and knowledge in the discipline and identify seminal works.

The multidiciplinary coverage of these databases is another advantage.

Scholarly journal articles

Academic journals report the ongoing research and debate in an academic discipline.  

To understand more about what is included within the different sections of an academic article, see this interactive tutorial Anatomy of a Scholarly Article created by NCSU Libraries.

What are peer reviewed journals?

Peer reviewed (or refereed) journals contain articles that have been reviewed by discipline experts who make recommendations on their suitability for publication.

To learn more click on the quick tutorial below. 

Link to the first slide of the online tutorial 'What is Peer Review'. Click on to access this tutorial.

To check if a specific journal is peer reviewed, see

Examples of peer reviewed journals include:

Referencing journal articles - understanding a journal article citation

In academic writing you are required to acknowledge the sources from which you draw your information. The Library has an online tutorial to help you learn the principles of citing and referencing. 

In years one and two of your Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging course, you will be asked to reference using a modified Harvard style. See this page for more information.

This example uses the Harvard style of referencing. Hover over the image to see the example in Vancouver style.

Harvard vs Vancouver reference journal article

See below for downloadable Word version:

Is this an 'academic' journal article?

Click the image to view the video.

Journal alerts and saved searches

By setting up an email Alert for key journals you will receive an email that contains a list of all the articles in each new issue of that publication.

The easiest way to set up an Alert is to find the journal title in Search (limit to Journals), then look for an “Alert” option on the journal home page.  Alternatively, use databases such as Current Contents.

For some information on saved searches and alerts see the document below:

Database operators such as truncation, boolean and proximity operators