Link to library resources: Search records

This guide explains how to create stable links to the library's online resources.

Access to Monash e-Resources

The Library's electronic resources are only available to current Monash University staff and students.


Search allows you to link to records using the Permalink option. Permalink is a stable URL that can be
used in email, documents or other webpages.

Physical items
You can create a stable link to the item's record in Search.

Electronic resources
Create a link to the holdings in Search or link directly to the item using the following instructions:

Link to a single record

Create a stable link to a record in Search using the 'Permalink' option. These links can be used in email, documents or on other webpages.

1. Locate the item in Search.
2. Click on the item's title to open the detailed view.

3. Click on Actions and select the Permalink option from the menu.

4.The Permalink window will be displayed. Copy and Paste the Permalink URL.

Haruki Murakami (1991) The hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world : a novel, London : Hamish Hamilton ; New York, N.Y., USA : Penguin Books USA.

Link to multiple records (canned search)

Create a stable link to a set of specific search results (canned search)
You can use canned searches to link to multiple editions of the same book or any useful set of records.

1. Locate the items in Search.

Tips to limit your search results to the set of records you need.

  • Restrict your search to 'Library Collections' (items held by Monash University).
  • Use the options under refine results to limit by: resource type, Author, Campus, Language etc...
  • Search by ISBN or ISSN (for specific book or journal results).

3. To link to the set of results copy the URL from your web browser's address bar (right mouse click the URL and select Copy from the menu).

Example of usage:
How networks work by Frank J. Derfler Les Freed (1993 and 2005 editions)

Deduplicated records in Search

Deduplicated records
A deduplicated record is created when two similar records are merged together in the search results.

A common example is when a record for a physical book and an eBook are merged together:
Steve Oualline (2003) Practical C++ programming, 2nd edition, Beijing ; Farnham : O'Reilly.

Deduplicated records will have the following note: "Available on View It Tab. The library also has physical copies."

How to link to a deduplicated record
You can link to deduplicated records using the Permalink option in the Actions menu. (please see: Link to a single record instructions above)