Philosophy : Shelf numbers

A guide to resources for research and study in Philosophy

Shelf numbers for locating books

Call number


      100 Philosophy
101 Theory of philosophy
110 Metaphysics
111 Ontology
111.85 Aesthetics
113 Philosophy of nature
120 Epistemology
121 Theory of knowledge
128.2 Philosophy of mind
140-149                        Specific philosophic schools              
142 Critical philosophy
160 Logic
170 Ethics
170.938 Greek ethics
172-179 Applied ethics
174 Occupational ethics
174.2 Medical ethics
179.1 Environmental ethics
179.3 Animal rights
180 Ancient philosophers
180-190 Philosophers
181 Eastern philosophers
182-188 Ancient western philosophers
186 Skepticism & neoplatonism
189 Medieval western philosophers
190 Modern philosophers
193 German philosophy
210 Philosophy of religion
212.1 Existence of God
320 Political philosophy
370 Educational philosophy
372.8 Teaching philosophy
401 Philosophy of language
501 Philosophy of science

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