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Theses: Home

This guides includes resources and guidelines for locating and accessing theses produced by Monash University as well as other institutions.

Theses at Monash

The Monash University Library provides access to theses submitted at Monash University and also to theses from other universities in Australia and internationally.

Theses available in the library can be found using Search. Formats include: print, microfiche and digital (online).

These include

  • Monash doctoral, masters and a small number of honours theses available in print or on microfiche
  • Other Australian and Overseas theses that have been purchased for the collection

Digital theses (theses available online)

  • Monash doctoral theses from 2010- submitted to the Monash University Research Repository
  • Australian theses in Trove or directly via the institution where the thesis was submitted
  • Overseas theses via online research repositories or discipline related databases.

Accessing theses not available at Monash libraries