MultiSearch: Find database

A guide to using Multisearch to search multiple databases simultaneously

Find database

Find Database enables you to locate a specific database from all available. You can then search the database/s or collect a few databases in your clipboard in My Databases (submenu of My Space), then search your sets in QuickSearch or MetaSearch.

Searching in Find Database by title

  1. Select Find Database and then Find database link from the menus.
  2. Select Titles tab.
  3. Choose Starts with or Contains.
  4. Type your search term eg business.
  5. Click Go.

Note: you can also use subject category to search for a specific resource.

Click on 'Search in database' icon  to search a specific resource in MultiSearch interface.

Click on 'Add to My Sets' icon   to add the specific resource to your clipboard in My Databases.

The 'Added to My Sets' icon  indicates the resource has been added to your clipboard.

Resources without the 'Search in database' icon  cannot be searched in MultiSearch. Click on the resource name to search it in its original interface.

Change to Brief View to see resources listed with descriptions.