MultiSearch: Save and email records

A guide to using Multisearch to search multiple databases simultaneously

Saving and emailing records

You can save or email individual records. You can also add records to your e-shelf and then save or email them all at once.

Save or email individual records

Click on a title of a record to display the Full view of that record.
Click the 'Save record' icon  to save the record. A pop up window will appear

  1. Select Citation manager to save it to EndNote or other bibliographic management program.
  2. Select Standard format and save record as text file, .txt.

Click the 'Send to' icon  to email the record. Choose Standard format, enter your email address and click Send.

Save or email multiple records

From the search results (Table, Brief or Full view), click 'Add to basket' icon  to add records to your eShelf.
To view added records, select My Space and then eShelf from the menus at the top of the screen.
Tick the boxes next to the records you wish to save or email.
Click Selected to view selected records in new window.
Save or email selected records.