MultiSearch: Saved Searches and email alerts

A guide to using Multisearch to search multiple databases simultaneously

Saved searches

Searches can be saved for later use.

  1. From the MetaSearch submenu options at the top of the screen, click Previous Searches link.
  2. Click 'Add to history' icon  to add searches to your History in My Space. Search queries, which are not saved, will remain in Previous Searches until you log out of MultiSearch.

  1. Click on a Query to redisplay results in this query.
  2. To view your saved searches, select My Space, then History from the menus.

Setting up email alerts

Searches saved in History can be run as Email alerts. To set up an email alert,

  1. Select My Space and then History from the menus.
  2. Click on the 'Alert' icon  to open the Add Alerts window. Ensure all mandatory fields, marked with asterisk, are filled and then click Submit.

Following the alert setup, an 'Edit' icon will appear allowing you to edit or update the alert.