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Curatorial Studies: Journals

A resource guide for curatorial studies.

  What is a journal?

This is the forum where researchers and scholars first report their findings and ideas. Theories and ideas circulating in contemporary visual culture will be discussed in journal articles. Journals are ongoing publications also referred to as serials, periodicals, magazines or newspapers.

Some journals are peer-reviewed or 'refereed', this means articles published in these journals have been critically evaluated by specialists or experts within academic fields.


Use 'eJournals A-Z' or 'Search' to find journals

You can find eJournals in eJournals A-Z:

You can find both print and electronic journals in Search:


Caulfield Library subscribes to a range of Museum & Curatorship journals; most are available electronically, but a couple are print only. You will find print format issues on level 3 of Caulfield Library. Issues can be borrowed overnight by staff and postgraduate students. You can scan and copy on library photocopiers (A4 and A3).

Online open source journals