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Curatorial Studies: Articles in Databases

A resource guide for curatorial studies.

Key Databases for Curatorial Studies

In 2015, Art Source replaced both Art Full Text and Art & Architecture Complete.

Multidisciplinary databases

Use Search or individual databases

You can search most databases at once using Search:


Or, for a more specific search, search one database at a time through Databases A-Z:

Developing a database search strategy

An interactive online module. Approximate duration: 10 minutes.

Search on a topic

To find items on a topic go to Advanced search and select in subject from the drop-down menu:

Try searching for these subject terms:

  • Archives
  • Art and anthropology
  • Art and globalization
  • Art and society
  • Art criticism
  • Art critics
  • Art - Exhibition Techniques
  • Art galleries
  • Art Museums
  • Art museum curators
  • Cultural Property
  • Curators
  • Curatorship
  • Documentary
  • Ethnographic turn
  • Ethnology in art
  • Historical Museums
  • Material culture
  • Museum Visitors
  • Museum exhibits
  • Museum Techniques
  • Museums
  • Museums curatorship
  • Museums philosophy
  • Museums - Management
  • Virtual museums