Archaeology: Key resources

A guide to resources at Monash University Library for Archaeology and Ancient History

Books in the library

Ancient world 913
Ceramic arts 738
History of the ancient world     930
History of ancient Egypt 932
History of ancient Greece 938
History of ancient Italy 937
History of ancient Palestine 933
History of Mesopotamia/
Iranian Plateau   
Minoans (inc Knossos,
archaeology, customs)
Mycenaeans   938.8
Minoan and
Mycenaean art
Social customs, ancient    394

Primary sources

Primary sources for Archaeology and Classics, in online, print and microform formats can be found in:

Primary sources for humanities guide


Consult the guide to find ancient sources including images, archeological data, original classical works, artifacts, newspapers and more.

Secondary sources

Databases are essential for uncovering research published in scholarly sources in your area of interest. Consult several

Key databases for Ancient Cultures, Archaeology and Ancient History

to find journal articles, books, theses, conference papers and much more on your area of interest. 


Newspapers often report new archaeological findings around the world. The Library subscribes to major newspapers around the world through databases such as Factiva and Newsbank.

Online copies of selected sections are available via the internet at the newspapers web address, for example, Access to these is usually available for 1-2 weeks.

The Library provides archival access to many newspapers in microfilm. The details are available in the catalogue and there is a country approach on the Library newspapers guide