Classics: Citing and referencing

A guide to resources at Monash University Library for Classical Studies

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Reference style

Citing and referencing in Classics

The Classics department is not prescriptive about a particular reference style to use but recommends the MLA reference style for simplicity. You can use either an in-text / author-date OR a footnote style. Consistency of style is most important. If you start with in-text, be sure to stay consistent to this style throughout the assignment.

The Library provides information on styles with specific examples in the citing and referencing tutorial.

The MLA handbook for writers of research papers is one of several resources available at Monash libraries.

EndNote: How to keep tabs on your references

Keeping track of what you have read for the different subjects, from a variety of sources can be time-consuming.

There are bibliographic software packages available which help with these tasks.

The University supports the EndNote software package which can be downloaded and used freely by students and staff at Monash.

The programme is a sophisticated system aimed at postgraduate and research needs, however undergraduate students are welcome to use it if they wish. The Library offers classes throughout the year on EndNote which can be booked online. If you have a group of at least 5 students it is also possible to request a class directly from the History librarian.

Online tutorials are available to help you get started.