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A guide to resources at Monash University Library for Classical Studies

Selected reference works

Reference works such as handbooks and encyclopedias are useful for definitions of terms and for brief factual information. The dictionaries and encyclopedias will provide you with:

  • definitions of classical myths
  • key writers
  • ancient figures

This is just a selection. To find other dictionaries and encyclopedias use the library 'Search'. Type your topic keyword/s and the term 'dictionaries', for example: greek mythology dictionaries.

Copy and paste the titles below intoSearch.

  • L'Année philologique, bibliographie critique et analytique de l'antiquité gréco-latine v 1-76 (1924-2005)
    Indexes all aspects of classical studies in an annual volume. Includes books and journal articles, (also Electronic resource)
  • Ancient Greece : a handbook
  • Barrington atlas of the Greek and Roman world 2000
  • A bibliographical guide to classical studies vol 1-3, 2000
  • Biographical dictionary of ancient Greek and Roman women, 2000
  • Brill’s New Pauly : encyclopaedia of the ancient world, 6 vols., (also Electronic resource) Includes the major reference works of Brill's New Jacoby, Der Neue Pauly, Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker.
  • Cambridge dictionary of classical civilization 2006
  • Cambridge encyclopedia of the world’s ancient languages 2004
  • Cassell atlas of world history Vol 1 : the ancient and classical worlds, 2000
  • Cassell dictionary of classical mythology, 1998
  • Classical and medieval literature criticism, vol 1-128
  • Concise dictionary of classical mythology
  • Concise Oxford classical dictionary 2003
  • Dictionary of bibliographic abbreviations found in the scholarship of classical studies and related disciplines, 2003
  • Dictionary of classical mythology, symbols, attributes and associations, 1982
  • Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman mythology, 1998
  • Goddesses in world mythology, 1993
  • Greek and Latin authors, 800 B.C.- A.D. 1000 : a biographical dictionary
  • Greek and Roman authors: a checklist of criticism 2nd ed,
  • Harper’s dictionary of classical literature and antiquities
  • Oxford companion to classical literature, (also Electronic resource)
  • Roman games: a sourcebook, (also Electronic resource)
  • Routledge handbook of Greek mythology 2004
  • Women of classical mythology: A biographical dictionary, 1991

Greek and Latin dictionaries

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