Check for full text: Check for full text

Help with using Check for full text, the Library’s link resolver


Check for full text is the Library’s link resolver.

It connects Monash users from databases and discovery tools to the Library’s Search where they may find full text.

It has been enabled in many electronic resources licensed by the Library.

It appears as  button or Check for full text link in search results and/or individual records.

Check for full text is powered by the Ex Libris Alma U-resolver.

How to use Check for full text

Not all electronic resources licensed by Monash University Library provide access to full text content.

If a database does not provide the full text of a required item, locate and click on the  button, or Check for full text link. This will take you to the Library’s Search page where you may locate full text.

If the full text is available, click View it tab and then “Available at… “ link to access the full text (Authcate sign in required)

Note:  If there are multiple “available at…” links listed, select the link with the required date coverage.


If the full text is not available,  check Get it tab for more options which include

  • Document delivery services for eligible users (sign in required)
  • physical holdings of the journal or book, if available in the Library collection.
  • a link to Search tips explaining how to search the Library collections via the Library Search.



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Siaw-Wan Chong
Electronic Access Librarian